21 Choices

Vanilla frozen yogurt with mochis and pecan pralines

Restaurant: 21 Choices
Cuisine: Frozen Yogurt/Dessert
Last visited: August 9, 09
Location: 4 locations – each location varies in flavours too!
Address: 85 W. Colorado Blvd. (Corner of Colorado & Delacey)
Pasadena, CA
Another location – 504 W. Las Tunas Drive
Price Range: $10 or less

1: Poor 2: OK 3: Good 4: Very good 5: Excellent 6: Tres Excellent!!

Food: 6
Service: 5
Ambiance: 2
Overall: 6
Additional comments:

  • Started long before Pinkberry
  • Made fresh daily
  • The frozen yogurt version of “Marble Slab” and “Cold Stone”
  • Only 6 flavours at a time, changes weekly
  • No powders, syrups or flavourings
  • Organic ingredients
  • Biodegradable utensils & containers
  • Choice of fresh fruit also changes weekly
  • Cultured yogurt
  • All fruit flavours are made with fresh organic fruits
  • Sign up for their mailing list and have weekly flavours e-mailed to you
  • Crowded, line-ups
  • Free samples

**Recommendation: Flavours change weekly. Vanilla is usually a constant and it’s delicious! All their flavours are fresh, unique, and delicious!

Ok this place is absolutely AMAZING!!! The frozen yogurt doesn’t have that tang and is not as creamy as TCBY. It’s kind of in between and it’s perfect!!! Pinkberry, Qoola… none of these have anything on 21 Choices.

21 Choices offers 6 flavours at a time and they change weekly. So if you’re a big frozen yogurt fan, sign up for their e-mailing list. Some of their flavours are SO unique too! Super fresh! For example: Strawberries & Watermelon made with fresh organic strawberries and watermelon, and they have flavours such as “50/50 Bar”: Made with Sunkist and vanilla. Yogurt flavours that you can’t find just anywhere.

You can also choose if you want to mix in the toppings, like they would at Marble Slab or Cold Stone, or you can ask to have the toppings on top like they do at most other frozen yogurt places. At the end they let you sample your creation and you have the option of adding more or changing it before you actually take it. GREAT service! The atmosphere is circus-like so it doesn’t have the strong/contemporary/cute branding Pinkberry has. Familiar to locals, this place is NOT the be missed!!

I’m going to add that their frozen yogurt flavours are not just toppings mixed in to create the flavour. The toppings are so finely ground up and incorporated into the frozen yogurt recipe. The frozen yogurt is the actual flavour… does that make sense? For example: If you order Oreo it tastes like an actual Oreo cookie in frozen yogurt form, and not just chocolate frozen yogurt with Oreo cookie crumbs.

The ingredients are so fresh that if you leave it out and let it melt (I don’t know why you would)… but if you do it just separates into water and milk. No preservatives, all natural and SO GOOD!!!

On the table: Vanilla Bean Frozen Yogurt 5/6

  • Toppings: Mochi, pecan pralines
  • I like having the chewiness of mochi and the crunchiness of the pecan pralines. However the pralines were a little too hard, and next time I would just get regular pecans…I am dreaming of the next time. Its just they were so sugared and almost had a toffee like coating on them, which made them really crunchy – brittle like. The frozen yogurt is so good on its own, you really don’t even need toppings.
Oreo Frozen Yogurt6/6
  • Toppings: Chocolate chip cookies cereal
  • Ok this is AMAZING! The Oreo flavour isn’t what you expect.
  • I thought it would be chocolate yogurt with ground up Oreo cookie crumbs, which it actually could be, but the high quality ingredients they use makes the flavour taste so much more intense and complex.
  • Other flavours I’ve seen, but they change weekly, so don’t miss out! I really really wished we had one in Vancouver!
    • Orange Cream Cake: Made with organic oranges and vanilla cake
    • Twix Sprinkle: Made with Twix, sprinkles, and Scor
    • Iced Caramel Latte: Made with coffee and caramel
    • Banana Moon Pie: Made with fresh organic bananas, banana moon pies, & marshmallows
    • Fresh Summer peach: Made with fresh organic peaches
    • Strawberries & Watermelon: Made with fresh organic strawberries & watermelon
    • Valrhona Chocolate: Made with semi-sweet chocolate, bittersweet chocolate, and Valhorna chocolate


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