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I originally started Follow Me Foodie as a blog to show off my food pictures that I’ve accumulated over the last couple years. However as time goes by I realize that most of my posts are restaurant reviews. Specifically – Vancouver restaurant reviews. Vancouver is my home and also where I was born and raised so trust me when I say I’ve tried A LOT of restaurants in Vancouver.

I hope that diners, readers, or followers of my blog will find Follow Me Foodie as a useful restaurant guide for finding or trying restaurants in Vancouver and the lower mainland. I love to cook and bake so occasionally I will post a recipe. Traveling is also on my list so if you plan to travel check my site to see if I have restaurant reviews or recommendations for that destination.

Vancouver is a major city for foodies. Downtown Vancouver is a hub for international cuisines. With so much diversity and multi-culturalism there’s so many places to eat and different foods to try in Vancouver. Whether you live in Vancouver or plan to travel to Vancouver I hope that you find my Vancouver restaurant reviews useful. I rate the restaurant overall as well as each individual item so I’m able to make the best restaurant recommendations.

I’m always looking for the best restaurants in Vancouver, best foods, fantastic hole-in-the-walls, local gems and fine dining restaurants. Use Follow Me Foodie as an eating guide for the best Vancouver dining experience.

I am a Vancouver foodie, but also take it seriously as a restaurant reviewer and “critic”. I write for the interest of my readers and not for the interests of the restaurant. So have faith that I am honest about the food I try and what I recommend. If I get something free or if I know the owner, be sure that I will mention it in my review. I try to remain as neutral as possible.

Besides Vancouver restaurant reviews I will write restaurant reviews while I’m traveling. So you will also find restaurant reviews from around the world. No matter where I am, I am always looking for the best food (cheap eats or fine dining), the best places to eat, the local hole-in-the-walls, neighbourhood gems and the new restaurants to try in that area. I envy Food Network’s Rachael Ray because she does this for a living…I hope to do the same one day…I’m going to eat my way to this dream and I hope you will follow me on my adventure. I’m only excited to where it will lead me. All I know is that it’s some place tasty.


  • Bow Wah Liu says:

    Dear Followmefoodie,
    Discovered you by surfing for info on the Kayoda restaurant.
    I offer you: the new Chongqing at aRobeson and Jervis(the T an Tan noodles with deep fried pork is amazing at $7.99…better than the Tan Tan noodles at Lin’s but not as good as those at the Wonderful Shanghai which is one of the best Shanghainese restaurants in Richmond).
    Sushi Katsu in North Van has two unbelievable deals: one, the gyoza and a small bottle of sake come to only $7.50 !!! also their bento box is bigger and better than most. This place is run by Chinese so don’t expect authentic Japanese food but it is very good.
    The Golden Star Seafood restaurant(one block west of Nanaimo, on Hastings) offers terrific dim sum at $2.50 per serving, and incredibly cheap seafood. The $3.99/lb cooked crab was too cheap, so it went up to $5.99…yet at T&T it retails for $9.99 whole! Try it cooked with green onion/ginnger and noodles in a pot…funn see hai bow.
    That’s just some places I know. I blog on dinehere.ca under “mistraal” if you want to read some of my perceptions. Being in the food business for over 30 years, ate extensively with Chinese, Japanese and French leanings. Had the first gourmet fish market at Granville Island(1980) where I sold seviche, stuffed peppers with seafood, kabobs, soul paupiettes, etc., etc.
    Thank you for your beautiful blog.
    Sincerely yours,
    Bow W. Liu

  • Mijune says:

    Welcome Bow!

    Wow!! Thank you for such a lovely comment and all the specific dining tips. I really appreciate it and I will definitely check out your reviews. Wow, being in the food business for 30+ years…I can tell! This is really great and thank you for taking the time to write to me. It seems like you really know the value of food as well as the Asian food market, so I’m glad to hear which places are worth paying for.

    Btw the ceviche and soul paupiettes…I’m enticed! Is your fish market still there?

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