Tenku Bakudanyaki

Tenku Bakudanyaki Trailer
Tenku Bakudanyaki Trailer

Restaurant: Tenku Bakudanyaki

Cuisine: Japanese
Last visited: August 22, 09

Area: Richmond, BC
*New Location – 12381 Clarke Place (by Jacombs Road)
Price Range: $10 or less1: Poor 2: OK 3: Good 4: Very good 5: Excellent 6: Tres Excellent!!

Food: 4
Service: 3
Ambiance: 5…what can I say? It’s a trailer…part of the novelty!
Overall: 4
Additional comments:

  • Specializes in Bakudanyaki – a large Japanese fritter (grilled on iron griddle, not deep fried)
  • Stuffed with: cabbage, mochi, hard boiled quail’s egg, shrimp, squid
  • 7 options available
  • $5 each
  • Served from a trailer – outdoor
  • Made upon order
  • Stand and eat – outdoor, tent and small counter available
  • Open everyday

**Recommendation: I’ve only tried one, so I can’t recommend yet.

The first trailer style eatery I’ve seen in Vancouver! This trailer idea is quickly becoming a trend – I noticed tons in Texas last year. You can’t miss this Japanese trailer – it’s a novelty. You order, you eat, and you leave. The bakudanyaki is about the size of a baseball, a bit smaller. It’s like eating a giant octopus ball aka takoyaki. You probably don’t want to eat more than one because they are quite rich, especially with the sauce and mayo they drizzle on top. The bakundanyaki is all the same, it just depends what sauce you want to eat it with. If you ask, you can add whatever sauce/mayo to your order and custom make your own…I just don’t think you’d want to mix say curry mayo with pizza sauce…? Who knows…it could be good? Tourist or local, this trailer is something to check out!

On the table:

  • Wasabi Mayo 4/6
    • Stuffed with cabbage, mochi, hard-boiled quail’s egg, shrimp and squid with wasabi mayo.
    • This is yummy! Tastes like a giant octopus ball aka takoyaki you find at Richmond night market and some Japanese restaurant. The filling is different though, I really enjoyed having the hard boiled quail’s egg in there. I kind of wished all the ingredients were a bit more chopped up though – like they are in takoyaki.
    • Everything was whole, so it was hard to get some of everything in one bite – especially with chopsticks. I had to break the stuffing apart with my chopsticks to get good filling to skin ratio. It is a little bit mushy because it’s not deep fried so the skin and everything tastes a little soggy near the end. It takes like 5 min. to eat though so you don’t really notice it. I’m excited to try the other ones.
  • Chili Mayo
    • Haven’t tried it, but everyone says it tastes like ebi mayo. So if you like ebi mayo you’ll love this!


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