Your Dessert

Restaurant: Your Dessert
Cuisine: Chinese/Dessert
Last visited: Oct. 14, 09
Location: Richmond, BC
Address: Unit 2103 – 8700 McKim Way (In the Admiralty Mall food court)
Price Range: $10 or less

1: Poor 2: OK 3: Good 4: Very good 5: Excellent 6: Tres Excellent!!

Food: 4.5
Service: 3
Ambiance: n/a in a food court
Overall: 5
Additional comments:

  • Family owned and operated
  • Specializes in Traditional Chinese egg batter desserts
  • Fresh, made upon order homemade desserts
  • Relatively healthy dessert – very light not as much sugar
  • Eat as dessert or snack
  • Gift boxes available
  • Cash only

** Recommendation: Chinese Eggballs, Seaweed Phoenix Roll with Pork

This is the only dessert place in the food court. They specialize in Chinese desserts that are egg batter based like eggballs and egg rolls. They also make waffles and crepes, but I’ve never ordered it or seen anyone order it. I’d stick to the traditional Asian desserts – which are more like snacks than desserts. Not really sweet at all, very light.

Everything is homemade and made fresh daily. They don’t have much business considering how small the food court is. But I think they make reall good Chinese eggballs.

It’s a husband and wife operation – he usually makes the eggballs (looks easy to make when you watch them, but it does take skill to make them really good) and she makes the Phoenix Rolls (takes skill and technique).

I order the Phoenix Rolls when I actually see her making them, she does it randomly throughout the day.

On the table:


This is my perfect ratio for a soft chewy middle and crispy exterior. Airy, light and cripsy. Some people like them more full.

**Chinese Eggballs4.5/6

  • This is the Chinese version of a waffle. It’s made of flour, eggs, milk and sugar.
  • They put it in a special eggball waffle maker and it comes out like the above.
  • It’s better than a waffle to me. Not as bread like, but more soft and chewy.
  • They make it upon order and it’s the perfect texture – they use more egg and and less flour. Perfect amount of sweetness too.
  • Besides the flavour of the batter, the trick is to pour the perfect amount into the waffle maker. It’s great here because they pour just enough batter to keep the perfect balance between crispy outer shell and chewy soft middle.
  • It’s light and airy and the inside kind of springs back.

**Phoenix Roll with Pork Floss4.5/6

  • This is a fresh crispy Chinese egg roll crepe with dried pork floss wrapped inside.
  • They make them daily so they’re really fresh.
  • It’s really light. Very flaky and crispy paper thin layers of fresh egg roll pastry that are very slightly sweet.
  • It’s crispy and crumbly and very delicate. Then you get a salty bite with the fluffy pork floss. Amazing texture and unique flavours!

  • Pork floss is dried pork – it’s almost like jerky but shredded and made really fluffy – almost like a rougher cotton candy. It’s marinated in soy sauce and then dried, so it’s savoury but has a slight sweetness (like soy sauce naturally does). Asian kids grow up with it.
  • It works really well in this dessert because of the slight sweetness. I know it sounds really weird to put meat into a dessert.
  • I guess it’s more of a snack than a dessert, although Chinese people would call it a dessert.
  • If you know what to expect I think you’ll like it. I love them! I just wish they put more pork floss in these Phoenix rolls.

The Cooking Process for Pheonix Rolls with Pork Floss

Preparing the crispy egg crepe and adding the pork floss.

Adding the pork floss and making sure the crepe doesn’t stick.

Folding the Phoenix roll, must be done quickly before it hardens and becomes crispy.

Setting aside to cool.

    • They also offer Seaweed Phoenix Roll with pork where they wrap the Phoenix rolls in a thin sheet of seaweed.
    • Seaweed and pork floss go hand in hand. It’s a great combination that’s commonly seen in Chinese cuisine.
    • They both have that salty taste and kind of sweet taste at the same time. I like these ones, but that’s because I’m already acquired to the taste.
    • Work up to these ones, try the ones without seaweed first if you’re not as adventurous.
    • You might want to try each ingredient separately and then try it altogether.


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