Capstone Tea & Fondue



Restaurant: Capstone Tea & Fondue

Cuisine: Dessert/Bubble Tea
Last visited: December 3, 09
Area: Vancouver, BC (Robson Street/West End/Downtown)
1429 Robson Street

Price Range: $10-20

1: Poor 2: OK 3: Good 4: Very good 5: Excellent 6: Tres Excellent!!

Dessert: 4
Service: 3
Ambiance: 3
Overall: 3.5
Additional comments:

  • Specializes in bubble tea and fondue
  • Classic/herbal/bubble teas
  • Chocolate fondue & cheese fondue available
  • Large selection of drinks, large menu
  • Real fruit drinks
  • Real milk, not powdered
  • Brightly lit
  • Good for groups
  • Attracts young Asian couples/groups (ages 17-25)
  • Minimum charge $4.45/person
  • Accepts Visa

**Recommendation: Chocolate fondue in a pot, Dipping Ice-Cream Chocolate Fondue

This is an experimental post. I’m trying something new so your comments and feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

It was never my intentions to make a visual blog entry…but my friend was taking pictures of me eating so I’m just testing the idea. So rather than writing out what I thought of the food, I’m going to post pictures so you can observe for yourself. You’ll be able to tell by my facial expressions if it was enjoyable or not.

Of course I will include some descriptions and details…that’s the foodie in me, I can’t rely on photos alone to describe the food and experience.

On the table:

  • Dipping Ice Cream Chocolate Fondue w/side fruits 6/6
    • Served with 20 assorted ice cream balls and dark chocolate $19.95
    • Flavours include: Strawberry, Mango, Green tea, Cookies & Cream
    • Side order of fresh fruits: strawberries, bananas, apples, mandarins, pineapples, grapes
    • Let the series begin…

  • The verdict…
    • Okay these ice cream balls is the BEST thing here. I LOVE those! There these mini ice cream balls made with extremely frozen ice cream and you dip them into the fondue pot. It’s almost like a Purdy’s ice cream bar and the chocolate just hardens before you eyes. It’s so good!
    • The brand of ice cream can always get better and the chocolate fondue can always be a more expensive brand of chocolate…but for what it is, what they serve does the job fine. I have no problem.
    • Get creative too! I did! Green tea ice cream ball + strawberry…yum!
    • Strawberry ice cream ball + banana dipped in chocolate
    • You can get additional toppings ($1.45/topping) like coconut, walnuts, almonds, sprinkles etc With toppings this would have been even better!….Next time…there’s always next time…
  • Matcha Bubble Tea Slush 5/6
    • I really liked this, but it’s because it’s not too sweet as a lot of other places. I’m in a Matcha slush phase right now so I’m always ordering it to see the difference. They use real milk rather than powdered milk and you can tell. They don’t use as much Matcha powder as Pearl Castle, but you can still taste it. It is quite light though.
    • It really is a personal thing for why I gave it 5/6. I think they use less sugar, so it’s really refreshing and it worked perfectly with the sweet fondue. I wouldn’t want something sweeter than the chocolate fondue.
    • The pearls are nice and chewy and not too soft.


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  • Daniel S. says:

    Great post and pictures! And this place looks really good! I can't think of anything like this near me in LA. Green tea + chocolate looks yummy, and that bubble tea looks refreshing. It looks like (literally) you enjoyed this place =)

  • KimHo says:

    I don't know… Based on the expressions (and because I have met you previously), it would tell me:

    1) You are really interested in trying it.
    2) Either looking carefully at that piece of dipped morsel or look bored.
    3) The to-be-eaten piece of dipped ice cream.
    4) Eating experience.
    5) Disappointment.

    I have walked past this place countless amount of times (well, I work close by!) and, as you mentioned, it is not for me. A single person will look eating there will look *really* strange. But, good to know you liked it! 🙂

  • Follow Me Foodie says:

    Yea it's definitely more of a large-small groups social gathering type of place.

    lol i look bored huh? I was actually very inrigued and impressed with the ice cream balls…I idn't knowif I should bite it half or if I should pop it whole.

    they were good though. it's so simple, but it worked so well!

  • Steph says:

    Icecream balls, yes. But the chocolate fondue at Capstone is really crappy quality… Great for a late-night snack or if you have a sweet tooth craving but I would actually recommend Chocoatl Chocolatier in Yaletown if you want a real, authentic chocolate fondue!

    The cheese fondue at Capstone is good though. Mmm, cheese.

  • Follow Me Foodie says:

    No I totally agree with you. The chocolate could be better for sure! But the ice cream balls…don't know where else to find those guys! Those are the best things.

  • Laura says:

    I'm personally not a big fan of pictures with people eating (I have edited a lot of wedding photos) so I don't think it is necessary for your blog. You do an excellent job of describing the experience without us having to see you in the moment.

  • Follow Me Foodie says:

    Hi Laura, thanks for your comment and feedback.

    As you can tell it's hard for me not talk in detail anyways….even with photos my review is still pretty long.

    Just thought it might be a fun idea. Thanks again.

  • s says:

    Just my 2 cents…,

    I think it is a good change, perhaps even a transition for your blog…, it takes courage to post your pic on the net.

    The reviews and pics of the eatery / food are worth its weight in merit but sometimes, it's nice to put a face to the "voice."

    As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand word…, (for example, I could describe the chaos at Pearson but a picture of ppl shouting, pushing would be more vivid)

    Words can only "paint a picture" to a certain point for the reader but a genuine picture will always be gold.

    Simon (rambled on again…, must stop)

  • s says:

    whoops…, forgot to mention that while it is a good idea, you may get unwanted attention.

  • Follow Me Foodie says:

    Hi Simon!

    I appreciate your feedback and thoughts. It helps me improve my blog. And you can never have a comment that's too long so go ahead and "ramble" =)

    Yes, when I first started the blog I was really hesitate to put up photos becuase I want my reviews to stay as neutral as possible. I write in the interest of readers and diners rather than the restaurant. But when I felt a demand for people wanting to "know" the reviewer…I decided to put photos up.

    Thanks for the support and I will keep all your comments in mind! They're all really helpful.

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