Tuttimelon – Premium Frozen Yogurt – Review 2

Original Tart: Small $2.98 Medium $3.98 Large $4.98
Other flavours: Small $3.28 Medium $4.48 Large $5.48
Toppings: One $0.98 Two $1.48 Three $1.88 Extra $0.38
Parfait $5.98

Sorry! Restaurant is now CLOSED.
Restaurant: Tuttimelon – Premium Frozen Yogurt
Cuisine: Frozen Yogurt/Gelato/Desserts
Last visited: November 10, 09
Area: Multiple
#2110 – 8391 Alexandra Road, Richmond
Price Range: $10 or less1: Poor 2: OK 3: Good 4: Very good 5: Excellent 6: Tres Excellent!!

Food: 4.5
Service: 4
Ambiance: 4
Overall: 4
Additional comments:

  • Frozen yogurt franchise originating from San Francisco
  • Healthy frozen yogurt, with a tang
  • Non-fat (0% fat) yogurt
  • Gluten free
  • Yogurt cultures exceeds 8X’s the National Yogurt Association requirement
  • “Tutti” means “all together” in Italian and “Melon” resembles “freshness from fruits.”
  • Also serves crepes, gelato & smoothies
  • Sampling available
  • Amazing gelato!
**Recommendation: Green Tea, Taro, the gelato is great as wellThe 2 constant flavours are original and green tea. This month they’re featuring Rose and Taro! Very unique flavours – they change flavours quite often so you might want to call in first if you’re desperate to try a certain flavour. If you can’t decide, like me, they allow you to do a combination of flavours – I love that and didn’t know they had that option until my recent visit there.

I increased the food rating to a 4.5, whereas the 1st review I wrote I gave it a 3. The reason is because I’m a regular there now and see how often they change their flavours. The have unique flavours that other places don’t offer, so I think they deserve a 4.5. They still don’t recognize me or anything, so the review is still as neutral as I can make it.

To see my review #1

On the table:
    • Rose 3/6
      • It really depends on what you like. The rose doesn’t necessarily taste better than the other flavours, but it’s something different.
      • It’s very aromatic and tastes like rose flavoured tea, without the bitterness tea naturally has. It’s a very floral flavour.
    • **Green Tea &Taro 4.5/6
      • Toppings: Coconut
      • I did save taro as my last bite, which could mean it tastes better than the green tea. It’s sweeter than the green tea so maybe that’s why. It tastes like taro ice cream or a taro bubble tea – so it’s not real taro – which is fine with me, I like the powdered taro in bubble teas better than real taro anyways.
      • I wish their coconut flakes were softer, I feel like they’ve been exposed to air for a while and they’re a bit crunchy or just harder.
    • Rose & Taro 4/6
      • Toppings: Coffee Crisp & Almonds
      • Yummy! This was good too. Very girly I admit.
      • The taro is sweet than the rose so it almost overpowers any flavour it’s matched with.
      • The chocolate was actually good with the taro, but a little off putting (not necessarily in a bad way) with the rose. The coffee and rose flavour did have some sort of match though.
      • The almonds went great with both flavours. I like it with the rose better. So actually I wish she had put the Coffee Crisp on the taro side and the almonds on the rose side. I’ll ask them to do that next time.


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