Gyo-O Kaisen Shokudo Japanese – Dessert Review

Restaurant: Gyo-O Kaisen Shokudo Japanese – Dessert Review
Cuisine: Japanese/Izakaya
Last visited: February 6, 09
Area: Richmond, BC (Continental Plaza)
Address: Unit 2137-3779 Sexsmith Road
Price range: $20-30

1: Poor 2: OK 3: Good 4: Very good 5: Excellent 6: Tres Excellent!!

Dessert: 1.5
Service: 4
Ambiance: 4
Overall: 5
Additional comments:

  • Japanese chefs
  • Authentic Japanese dishes
  • Specializes in udon & dons
  • Most meals are for one
  • Some izakaya/tapas style fusion dishes
  • Portions are decent, a bit bigger than most izakaya places
  • A bit expensive, unless you go with lots of ppl
  • Extensive menu
  • Lunch specials
  • Part of Gyoza King family
  • Small, casual, and trendy
  • Crowded and narrow atmosphere
  • Complimentary green tea
  • Gyo-O Lunch/Dinner post here
  • Cash only

Recommendation: Goma Miso Gyoza, BBQ Salmon Skin, Shoyu Mayo Takoyaki, Bukkake Udon

Of course I can never skip out on dessert…no matter how full I am. There is somehow always room. Unfortunatley the desserts weren’t fresh so they didn’t taste as good as they could and should have been. The mochi was hard and the macarons are stale. They sounded and looked so good too! πŸ™

Gyo-O Kaisen Shokudo Japanese – Lunch/Dinner Review

On the table

Mochi Ice Cream1/6

  • Mochi with vanilla ice cream $1.50 each
  • I was really disappointed by this. It’s made in house, but it’s pre made and tastes like it’s been sitting in the freezer for weeks.
  • The mochi skin is very hard and not chewy at all. It’s almost bitty and breaks apart in pieces in your moth. It’s like eating frozen rice.

  • The ice cream was just vanilla and it was good, but it was not real vanilla bean ice cream either. This part didn’t bother me though.
  • I prefer the frozen ice cream mochis from T&T Supermarket.
  • These would have been good if they were only fresh! Maybe they need to individually wrap them before freezing them, that would prevent them from getting that hard mochi skin.

Assorted Macaron2.5/6

  • Pack of 6: 2 Matcha, 2 chocolate, 2 strawberry, $4.50
  • This is not really a restaurant dessert as much as it is a baked good to-go.
  • The macarons are from their sister dessert cafe, Chicco Cafe located on Robson. They serve overpriced parfaits that are pretty small.
  • Anyways the macarons were a bit stale so they didn’t taste as light or delicate as they should be.

  • They’re still the French style macarons which to me are way better than the American macaroons.
  • I couldn’t taste the almond flavour in these ones and they weren’t that nutty at all.

  • Matcha: was the best of the 3 and they used a lot of Matcha powder but it was a bit masked because they added quite a bit of sugar to it too.
  • Chocolate: was definitely not delicate. It was almost like an Oreo cookie not a macaron. The quality of the chocolate wasn’t as great so it didn’t taste as chocolate-y as it could have.
  • Strawberry: was too fake tasting for me. It tasted like strawberry flavored Pocky sticks but in macaron form.


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