Chop Restaurant+Bar+Lounge – Dessert Review

Restaurant: Chop Restaurant + Bar + Lounge
Cuisine: Steakhouse/Seafood/West Coast
Last visited: March 30, 2010
Location: Richmond, BC
Address: 10251 St. Edwards Drive (Inside Sandman hotel)
Price Range: $30-50

1: Poor 2: OK 3: Good 4: Very good 5: Excellent 6: Tres Excellent!!

Food: 4
Service: 4.5
Ambiance: 6
Overall: 4.5
Additional comments:

  • Same owner as Moxie’s
  • Steakhouse
  • Specializes in steak
  • Fresh seafood available
  • Restaurant & Lounge area
  • Spacious, ample seating
  • Luxurious modern fine dining
  • Fantastic heated patio – one of the best
  • Extensive drink/wine list
  • Decently busy, busy on weekends
  • Nicest washrooms
  • Open late
  • Lunch/Dinner
  • Unadvertised brunch offered
  • Ambiance better than food

**Recommendations: Top Sirloin Oscar, Mac n’ cheese, baked potato, desserts – Caribbean Rum cake

This post is based on the desserts offered at Chop Restaurant + Bar + Lounge. One is from my last visit and the other is from last summer. They have really good dessert here so I found it appropriate to highlight them. They changed the menu and now everything is made from scratch…like really made from scratch…you’ll see what I mean as you read my review.

My Chop Restaurant dinner review here.

On the table:

**Caribbean Rum Cake6/6

  • Drenched in Appleton’s rum, served with vanilla bean gelato, cinnamon anglaise and toasted coconut $8
  • This is sweet, but it’s good! It’s pretty big too so it’s definitely shareable.
  • There’s 1 oz of Appleton’s rum in it, but you can’t taste it because it gets cooked out in the baking. However the flavour it brings in the cake is what I can only describe as a golden syrup honeycomb and vanilla sweetness.

  • It’s a mini bundt cake served warm and they top it with a beautiful cinnamon anglaise (but could be thicker) and vanilla gelato that both melt into the cake. The cinnamon flavour is very mild.
  • The top of the cake is baked with big pieces of pecans and there’s some pecans throughout. It was so moist and just amazing in flavour and texture.

  • The cake is a cross between a sponge cake and a doughnut…like those mini doughnuts from carnivals, especially with the cinnamon taste form the anglaise.
  • Last but not least there’s toasted coconut which give it a Caribbean/tropical and nutty flavour.
  • It’s very sweet, but also had a lovely salty flavour. The gelato makes it not as sweet and balanced everything perfectly.
  • They serve it with cold silverware too. Great touch!
  • This was the server’s recommendation, and a good one! I would come back just for their desserts.

24 Layer Chocolate Cake (no longer available)

  • I had this in the summer of ’09 and it’s no longer on the menu.
  • The waitress said “it was just Betty Crocker boxed chocolate cake mix” when my cousin asked about it…yikes! Training should tell them to censor that kind of info.

  • It was still good though, as good as Betty Crocker cake mix is I guess. They just put chocolate butter cream layers in between.
  • It is 24 layers but they count the butter cream as layers…so it’s kind of cheating. Well it was kind of cheating using the boxed cake mix already…but I guess they did “make it their own”…a bit. This was a “Raechel Ray” style recipe. Short cuts!
  • They served it vanilla gelato and raspberry coulis – I love when places serve cake with gelato.
  • It was a big piece of cake for I think $12. Enough to feed 4 easily.
  • If you like chocolate go for the chocolate souffle, I heard that’s good and that’s available.


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