Manzano European Bakery

Restaurant: Manzano European Bakery
Cuisine: Bakery/Desserts/European
Last visited: March 19, 2010
Location: Burnaby, BC (Burnaby South)
Address: 4820 Kingsway – Inside Metrotown Mall
Price Range: $10 or less

1: Poor 2: OK 3: Good 4: Very good 5: Excellent 6: Tres Excellent!!

Food: 3
Service: 2
Ambiance: 2
Overall: 2.5

Additional comments:

  • Located inside Metrotown Mall
  • Specializes in European desserts/pastries
  • Variety of individual sized desserts to go
  • To go  desserts
  • Small table for eat in
  • Freshly baked breads
  • Whole cakes available
  • Not all pastries made daily
  • Sandwiches available

**Recommendations: Pear Tart

Manzano European Bakery is located inside Metrotown Mall in Burnaby BC.  They specialized in European baked goods and they also offer some savoury items like freshly baked breads and sandwiches to go.

I’ve walked by it many times before but haven’t been tried anything until this day. Being in Burnaby the after dinner dessert places are really limited. There’s a bunch of bubble tea places and then nothing else that’s open past 6pm.

I showed up just before closing time (9pm that day) so the selection was limited to about 8 items and the desserts were sitting in a display case for the whole day by now (I wouldn’t be surprised if they were from yesterday). I saw them wheeling trays of cakes to the back so I know not everything is made in house. Overall the bakery is good, but nothing amazing. I need to go again earlier in the day because the desserts I had were pretty “end of the day” meaning a bit stale and dry. For a bakery in a mall I’d say it does the job and it’s decent but it’s not something I’m eager to go back for.

on the table:

Almond Amaretto3/6

  • $1.99
  • I love almonds, so it was natural for me to make this as one of my options.
  • The top layer – the almond cream part was good. It had a strong almond flavour and I could taste the amaretto but it wasn’t boozy. There were tons of slivered toasted almonds folded into it. It’s super creamy and almost mousse like.
  • The bottom layer – the cake layer was not good though. It was really dry and crumbly and almost stale. It was sitting in their display case for the whole day so I can’t say I was too surprised.


  • $2.50
  • I was surprised there was Tiramisu left. It’s such a popular dessert I thought they would be sold out by the end of the day.
  • I can’t say it was great… party because it was a bit stale. The lady fingers weren’t soaked enough and I couldn’t taste much Rum of even espresso.
  • It wasn’t a real Tiramisu for me because it was only one layer of lady fingers.
  • The couldn’t taste much marscarpone in the cream part. It was a bit too dense again and not creamy enough either.

**Pear Tart 5/6

  • $2.50
  • My main intentions on visiting Manzano European Bakery was because of their pear tart – I love pear in desserts.
  • This tart was actually delicious! Since it’s a pie it can afford to sit in a display case for a couple days and still taste okay without drying out too much.
  • The pears were layered and sliced nice and thin. Underneath the pears was a marzipan (almond paste) layer.  It’s almond paste mixed with butter, sugar, flour and eggs and after it bakes it makes a dense custard like filling. It’s not creamy though but chewy. Delicious!
  • The crust was thin and crispy around the edges and chewy were it held the pears. It was perfectly sweetened and there was a little cinnamon to combine all the flavours.


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