Hong Kong – Good Luck Thai Restaurant – Rat Alley

Restaurant: Good Luck Thai Restaurant
Cuisine: Thai
Last visited: April 21, 2010
Location: Central, Hong Kong (Rat Alley)
Address: Metro Station: Central
13 Wing Wah Lane, Rat Alley (off Lan Kwai Fong), Central, Hong Kong
Price Range: around $80-110HKD/person (easily $20CAD/person)

1: Poor 2: OK 3: Good 4: Very good 5: Excellent 6: Tres Excellent!!

Food: 4
Service: 3
Ambiance: 5.5 (for what it is)
Overall: 4
Additional comments:

  • Very touristy, but popular for locals too
  • Specializes in Thai food (not very authentic though)
  • Extensive menu: Thai/Malaysian/Singaporean
  • Busy, late night
  • Lunch/dinner
  • Indoor/Outdoor seating
  • Popular for home made roti canai
  • Somewhat dirty
  • Extremely casual
  • Menu in English/Thai/Chinese
  • Known as “cheap eats” but not really cheap at all (touristy prices)
  • 10% service charge

**Recommendations: Roti Canai, Pomelo Salad, Larb Moo, Sauteed Morning Glory

Good Luck Thai Restaurant(s) actually have a few restaurants located within Rat Alley just off of Lan Kwai Fong in Central, Hong Kong. Rat Alley is a popular spot for tourists to grab a quick and casual bite before heading out for a night’s worth of partying (Lan Kwai Fong is party central for tourists). While it is a tourist spot it still attracts a decent amount of locals. There’s really only a dozen or so restaurants in Rat Alley but the Good Luck Thai Restaurant(s) are most popular at the ones to visit.

The food is pretty good, but it’s very greasy and it’s not exactly cheap or authentic Thai. It’s relatively affordable for the area, although for the atmosphere you expect it to be cheap…but it’s actually not. It’s quite expensive and adds up quickly and easily. It’s really “a thing” to do in Hong Kong so for that I will call the experience a must try and not necessarily the food.Most people love it…unless they’ve had the authentic stuff.

The name “Good Luck Thai” suggest Thai food but I think it’s more “Asian mix”, not even fusion. It’s also almost like Vancouver’s popular Thai House – Chinese style Thai. The chefs/cooks are almost all Chinese except for the Indian bread makers who are Indian.

The menu is extensive with seafood, meat and vegetarian options however it offers a mix of cuisine from Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore..and then Indian breads…?

I guarantee you’ll see this man before entering Rat Alley. He’s THE FACE of Good Luck Thai Restaurant(s) and has been working here since I remember…I came here when I was 13! Before entering Rat Alley you will be bombarded with menus and servers saying “their restaurant is the best”…but this man is the one to follow!

On the table:

Thai Iced Tea – 4/6

  • $22HKD – about $3CAD
  • It’s milky, sweetened with condensed milk but not too strong as the really authentic Thai iced teas.
  • It’s very good, but tastes like Cantonese milk tea with condensed milk.

Por Pia Tod1.5/6

  • Vegetable spring rolls with sweet chili sauce $55HKD – about $7CAD
  • I thought this was a rip off.
  • They’re home made, very crispy but very oily.

  • The filling is vermicelli noodles, mushrooms, cabbage and carrots but all the veggies tasted overcooked.

Satay Gau, Neua, or Moo4.5/6

  • Six pieces of chicken, beef or pork satay with peanut dipping sauce $72
  • We ordered 3 chicken and 3 beef.

  • It Thailand and Malaysia they alternate pieces of meat and pieces of fat…these ones were all meat. Not authentic, but still very good.
  • Crunchy peanut curry sauce that was a bit runny with coconut milk.
  • The skewers are juicy and well marinated with a hint or curry powder.


  • Deep fried savoury pastries stuffed with peas and potatoes. Served with mint chutney $55HKD – about $8CAD
  • This was totally Indian food, not Thai at all.
  • It was samosas catered for Chinese taste buds so they weren’t spicy.
  • They were stuffed with potato, corn, carrot, creamy potato, some curry powder and lots of cumin. They nice and crispy but very oily.

**Larb Gai, Neua, Moo 5.5/6

  • Minced meat in lettuce (chicken, beef or pork) $72
  • Always get it with pork, it’s the best this way. They’re pretty much Thai lettuce wraps.
  • This is what Thai people order. It’s a dish that gets overlooked by people unfamiliar with the cuisine. I was introduced to it at Khai Thai in Vancouver by my Thai friends.
  • It’s minced meat in chili, fish sauce, red onion, green onion, lime juice and toasted rice. It’s very flavourful, but the authentic Larb is very spicy and this one is not.

**Yum Sum-O (Pomelo Salad) 6/6

  • Pomelo salad with sliced shallots and cashew nuts $60HKD – about $8.50CAD
  • This was my 1st time trying this salad and I loved it! It’ not common in Vancouver, but common at Thai restaurants in Hong Kong. It’s a savoury fruit salad that tastes amazing!
  • It’s quite floral tasting and aromatic with toasted fresh coconut, toasted cashew nuts, and juicy pomelo (Chinese grapefruit which is sweeter).

  • It’s slightly spicy with red pepper, green onion and red onion.
  • It almost tasted like a fruit ceviche with a sweet, tangy and slightly spicy dressing made from fish sauce, chili and sugar. It’s crunchy, juicy, and perfect!
  • Flavours may sound like the clash, but they go together SO well!

Gaeng Khiew Waan Gai/Neua/Moo/Puk Ruammit – 4/6

  • Green curry with coconut milk and your choice of chicken, pork, beef or mixed vegetables  $66HKD – about $9CAD
  • Perfect with roti canai – most popular item to order here.
  • The curry was thick, sweet, not spicy and almost tasted like yellow curry – but it was still good. They give a lot of chicken and vegetables too.

  • It was made with basil leaves but there wasn’t as many spices as the authentic Thai green curry. The paste didn’t seem home made, but bought.
  • There was also green beans, peas, and chilies, but it was very mild in spice.
  • I actually like the green curry from Thai Kitchen in Richmond, BC.

**Roti Canai5.5/6

  • Plain $28KHD – about $4CAD
  • That’s expensive for roti, but it is authentic, fresh and made upon order…actually made outside on the spot and you can watch them!
  • It’s 6/6 here and most popular, but I had even better ones in Malaysia that were even softer so I had to give these ones 5.5/6.
  • It’s crispy on the outside, super flaky, fluffy, chewy and soft on the inside. Delicious with curry sauce!

**Pad Kana Pla Kem (Morning Glory)5/6

  • Sauteed morning glory with shrimp paste $58HKD – about $8CAD
  • It’s excellent, but it’s damn greasy!
  • It’s sauteed with these pungent soy beans that are quite salty, but I love them!
  • It’s slightly spicy with lots of garlic and some chilies.
  • There was barely any shrimp paste though and I missed that.
  • It was executed in a very Chinese style, but still good.
  • I’d say it’s the best simple sauteed vegetable dish to order here though.


Banana Roti2/6

  • $28HKD – about $4CAD
  • We got these for free and I actually wanted to try them so we were lucky. I also wanted to try the mango roti, but these weren’t so great so we just passed.
  • I had this in Malaysia and it was 1000x’s better than this!
  • It wasn’t great because they tasted stale and there was barely any banana inside…that’s probably why they were free though…beggars can’t be choosers though so whatever.

For desserts the restaurant recommends:

Tak Goh – Sago with coconut cream wrapped in pandanus leaves (4 pcs) $23HKD – $3CAD

Khao Niew Mamuang – Fresh mango with glutinous rice and coconut milk $38HKD – $5CAD



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