Hong Kong – Starbucks in Hong Kong

Restaurant: Starbucks Coffee
Cuisine: American/Coffee/Tea
Last visited: April 17, 2010
Location: Hong Kong
Address: Multiple locations
Price Range: $10CAD or less

1: Poor 2: OK 3: Good 4: Very good 5: Excellent 6: Tres Excellent!!

Food: n/a
Service: n/a
Ambiance: n/a
Overall: n/a
Additional comments:

  • Multiple locations
  • Offers several savoury items
  • Offers gourmet style desserts
  • Catered to Hong Kong

**Recommendations: n/a

I’m done with Korea food posts for now and Follow Me Foodie is moving onto Hong Kong! This weekend I’m warming readers up for my series of food posts and restaurant reviews in Hong Kong!

The 1st real post is on Monday and here is a quick teaser. I’m starting off with Starbucks in Hong Kong so you can sample a taste of what Hong Kong’s culinary scene has to offer…although Starbucks is barely a teaser and won’t show you anywhere close to what I have planned!

Welcome to Hong Kong!

Get your chopsticks readybut you should have had them out for my Korean food posts already!

On the table:

**Black Sesame & Green Tea Latte – 2.5/6

  • There’s green tea latter available at Starbucks pretty much in all of North America…but BLACK SESAME & green tea latter?! I had to try it!
  • It was pretty much a green tea latte with a spoonful or 2 of black sesame powder…very simple concept and recipe.

  • I actually prefer the regular green tea/matcha latte better because I found this one on the borderline of bitter. The black sesame just enhanced the natural bitterness of the matcha powder so I didn’t like it so much. It’s kind of like what happened with the green tea mousse cake from Ganache Patisserie in Vancouver, BC

Black Sesame Dome4/6

  • I had to try the other item that looked quite exclusive to Hong Kong. There were lots of items, but this one seemed to fit the category best.
  • It was basically a Chinese bun and it reminded me of a Mexican bun with that crunchy baked topping…love that topping!

  • The topping was also made with some black sesame powder and sesame seeds. The bun had sesame powder in the batter as well. The black sesame taste wasn’t obvious but just slightly nutty. Very subtle.
  • The bun part was actually very soft and the inside was filled with this sweet custard. It was very creamy, but not too sweet. It wasn’t as eggy tasting as an egg tart either.
  • I really enjoyed this bun and it’s even better when you get them heated up in the microwave first…which I did.


  • KimHo says:

    Oh, boy, this is one of the instances where I ask myself “is it really necessary?” No, not referring to this post but the fact that there is also a Starbucks there. Oh, well, it is what it is… I don’t know, it does not look necessarily exciting… 🙁

  • Mijune says:

    Some other items included:
    – Black sesame Panini w/ham & pesto
    – Black sesame chocolate slice
    – Green Tea Tofu Cheesecake
    – Dark Cherry Yogurt Parfait

    We don’t have any of those….any of those excite you?

  • KimHo says:

    I recently had a breakfast sandwich from Starbucks. Based on that experience, I will have to say… No… 😛 (C’mon, you know I am not you, craving for sweets!)

  • Mijune says:

    yeah instead you crave meats!

  • Gladys says:

    You missed out on the lemon tart? Oh my. I’ve only seen it at Starbucks in HK. Must-try next time! It’s a favourite.

  • Mijune says:

    Really!?! I didn’t even SEE a lemon tart!! I just saw a bunch of muffins and fancy cheesecakes…..lemon tart next time! 🙂

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