Korea – Korean BBQ Restaurant #2

Restaurant: Korean BBQ Restaurant #2 (I don’t know the name b/c I can’t read Korean)
Cuisine: Korean
Last visited: April 10, 2010
Location: Seoul, Korea
Address: n/a
Price Range: $20-30CAD

1: Poor 2: OK 3: Good 4: Very good 5: Excellent 6: Tres Excellent!!

Food: 4
Service: 2.5
Ambiance: 3
Overall: 3.5
Additional comments:

  • Local
  • Popular for Korean BBQ
  • Spacious. ample seating
  • Self-serve appetizer buffet table
  • Powerful exhaust system
  • Casual
  • Prices are affordable and standard for Korean BBQ

**Recommendations: BEEF! What else?

I’m so happy that I had locals bring me here. I apologize that I don’t know the name of the restaurant. I had to take photos of the outside so hopefully you can get someone to translate it if you ever plan on traveling to Korea. This place is good for Korean barbeque but not as good as the place I posted on yesterday. Korean BBQ Restaurant 1.

Rest assure that neither are tourist traps because I had locals bring me here both times. Both offer authentic and traditional Korean BBQ. This place is just more causal, affordable and not as gourmet. I did like the beef better at the first Korean BBQ Restaurant I went to though. The grill at this restaurant wasn’t as good either because the beef kept sticking and burning easily. However I do love the powerful exhaust systems they have…my clothes didn’t stick as bad as usual afterward.

On the table:

Korean Pickled Radish Appetizer

Korean BBQ Beef Sauce

  • This is the standard sauce they serve you at Korean BBQ restaurants.
  • It’s raw green onions and onions in a sweet soy sauce marinade. This one was heavier on the green onions.
  • You dip your beef into it or use it to make your own lettuce wraps.

**Korean BBQ Beef4/6

  • There’s different cuts and grade of beef so the price depends on what you order.
  • This came pre-marinated as opposed to the high quality prime beef we had the night before at Korean BBQ Restaurant #1.
  • The cuts we ordered was thick so the marinade definitely helped to tenderize it before barbecuing.
  • I definitely found this place to be more fatty than the other restaurant. The fat was obvious and a bit chewy sometimes but they like it like that in Korea.

  • The type of grill was different and the beef kept sticking to the wire grill so that was a bit annoying. I must have had 4 steaks this night.

Korean Cold Buckwheat Noodles4/6

  • These are the same noodles I ordered at the 1st Korean BBQ restaurant.
  • I don’t know why, but in Korea they serve things in these big metal mixing bowls…it makes me feel like a pig…the bowls are huge!!
  • It’s tradition and necessary to order these chilled noodles after Korean BBQ. It helps with digesting all the grease you just ate.
  • The ones at this restaurant had black noodles as opposed to the white ones from the 1st Korean BBQ restaurant I went to.
  • The soup it comes with is a sour vinaigrette and it tastes like Japanese sunomono.
  • The noodles are made from buckwheat and they’re stretchy and quite chewy.


  • Sherman says:

    It’s nice to see the actual food in the actual country at an actual eatery. Gives a baseline for comparisons’ sake here. At the very least you have the expertise and knowledge to confidently say a certain Korean restaurant is good or not. I do find it interesting that the meat is so thick. The grill looks so simple. Did they replace it when it got black and burnt?

  • Mijune says:

    Sherman: I know right!? That was my purpose too! At the Japan airport (short lay over) I had to order a bowl of ramen just so I could compare…mind you it was at airport…but at least I still have a comparison now.

    Yeah the meat is actually thicker….it was thicker here than at the first Korean BBQ restaurant I went to though…I think they have other cuts as well.

    Yeah they give you a few of those wire grill racks but you change it yourself…it was annoying because you have to be really good at it. You put the new wire rack on top of everything your cooking (it often burns while food is still on it) and flip everything over to change grills….does that make sense?

  • Elaine says:

    This place looks so spartan and industrial – you know people come only for the food, not the ambiance!

  • Mijune says:

    Yeah the ambiance is almost like Korean BBQ….IN PRISON….but we did sit in a part of the restaurant where we had to take off our shoes and sit on the floor…we thought that was nicer than what is shown in the photo above. It was actually busier too…but the place is huge!

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