Korea – Korean Pumpkin Bread at Tous Les Jours Bakery

Restaurant: Tous Les Jours
Cuisine: Bakery/Desserts
Last visited: April 6, 010
Location: Seoul, Korea (and other parts of the US/Asia)
Address: Multiple locations – chain
Price Range: $10CAD or less

1: Poor 2: OK 3: Good 4: Very good 5: Excellent 6: Tres Excellent!!

Food: n/a
Service: n/a
Ambiance: 4
Overall: n/a
Additional comments:

  • Since 1996, opened in Korea
  • Famous Asian American bakery (chain)
  • Expanded to China, USA, Vietnam
  • 300+ stores
  • Popular to locals
  • Multiple locations and lots too
  • Home made/freshly baked daily
  • Whole cakes available

**Recommendations: n/a

Tous Les Jours is an Asian American bakery that started in 1996 in Korea. Since then it has expanded and it is now available in parts of Asia and part of the US as well.

It’s very popular to locals and Koreans take pride in the success of this well establish bakery that started in their hometown. There several locations so it’s easy to find if you plan on traveling to Korea and paying it a visit.

Koreans are also known for cake artistry – these are from Tous Les Jours as well.

I love going to bakeries when I travel – I don’t know why, but it’s almost an obsession. Bakery seems to be popular in every country so I’m always curious to see what they serve. It gives me an idea of what ingredients are popular and what the taste palette for that country is.

Of course the item that caught my eye was the Pumpkin Bread!

Yes I am obsessed with finding the best pumpkin bread – or at least trying every pumpkin bread I see. The best so far is still the Maple Castella Pumpkin Bread. It still reigns supreme and thank god because it’s the one that’s available in Vancouver, BC (technically Richmond) too! Also good, but quite sweet is the pumpkin bread from Bakery Nouveau in Seattle.

On the table:

Pumpkin Bread – 1.5/6

  • $2.60 CAD
  • Booooo!!! I wanted this to be SO good but unfortunately it looks much better than it tasted!
  • I can’t judge Tous Les Jours based on this one item I tried – but based on this one item I think Taiwanese do baked breads like this the best!
  • It was decorated with slivered almonds and black sesame seeds and it looks so soft and butter. It was a huge loaf too and the presentation was great…but that’s as far as it went for me.
  • It was quite dry and the bread looked so buttery with the shiny glaze and all. So deceiving. It wasn’t soft and fluffy, but more dense and bread-like.
  • The pumpkin tasted like beans and it was really thick. It reminded me of red bean paste. I was definitely not a fan because I don’t like red bean.
  • If you like red bean you might like this, but the paste is really sweet and in this case a little goes a long way. Usually the more pumpkin puree the better, but when it’s this sweet…I could pass. At least it wasn’t expensive so I don’t feel so ripped off. 😉


  • Daniel S. says:

    Ah too bad the pumpkin bread wasn’t good because it looks amazing. There was a Tous Les Jours just steps from my hotel in Beijing and I must have consumed a half-dozen items during my stay. Did you see any pastries shaped like little animals (turtles, rabbits)? Those were my favorite. I think it’s interesting that they show the calorie count on the pumpkin bread sign–like that would ever stop me :).

  • Mijune says:

    Lol! I know right!? They show the calories at Baskin Robbins too! And in the States they show the calories at Jack in the Box…what is up with that!?!

    I didn’t see the little animals, but are they pastries or cookies!?!? I wish we d Tous Les Jours in Canada…I’m sure the bakery has some delicious items, but the pumpkin bread was just not one of them unfortunately.

  • gayla says:

    Unlike some of the comments, my experience with the pumpkin bread was nothing short of delightful. The Tous les Jous bakery in Carrollton TX has not disappointed me as of yet. Everything I have tried has been soft and fresh. The pumpkin tasted like fresh pumpkin, the toasted almonds were fresh and crisp. The bread was so soft it almost melted in my mouth. Same goes for the sweet potato bread, coffee bread, cheese balls, etc. etc. etc. Tous les Jours Bakery is my new favorite bakery!!!

  • Mijune says:

    gayla – Welcome! Well like I said above… I can’t judge Tous Les Jours based on this one item I tried, however this one item just wasn’t for me. We have an excellent pumpkin bread here in Vancouver… so comparing it to the one in Vancouver I liked the one here better. Food is personal though so I’m glad you enjoyed it. I thought everything looked great and next time I hope to try more. Thanks for your input!

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