Malaysia – Mohamed Nazar Curry House (Indian)

Restaurant: Mohamed Nazar Curry House
Cuisine: Indian/Mamak/Malaysian
Last visited: April 27, 2010
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Address: No.6 or No23? Jalan Walter Granier off Jalan Imbi
(small street behind the Marriot Hotel)
Price Range: CHEAP! RM 2-6 – about $2CADor less/person

1: Poor 2: OK 3: Good 4: Very good 5: Excellent 6: Tres Excellent!!

Food: 5
Service: 5
Ambiance: 2 (for what it is)
Overall: 5 (food and service can outweigh it all)
Additional comments:

  • Hole in the wall
  • Authentic Indian food
  • Mamak specialties
  • South Indian/Malaysian/Muslim food
  • Small buffet
  • Fresh mini bananas on the table
  • Ample seating
  • Extremely local
  • No tourists
  • Eat like a king for dirt cheap
  • Very budget friendly
  • Very busy/packed/crowded
  • Small television for entertainment
  • Honest service
  • Indoor/outdoor seating
  • Vegetarian options
  • NO air con!
  • No English, not really any prices listed either (but they will give you receipt and they’re honest, you can confirm with a local/regular)

**Recommendations: Plain Roti Canai, Chicken Roti Canai, Roti Pisang (with Banana) and Kaya (Coconut) jam, mini bananas on the table (I’m not 100% sure of the names – there’s no English)

Other recommendations: I didn’t try but almost every local was ordering chicken biryani or lamb biryani. I didn’t notice until after I ordered. Also Awsom Boi (drink) seemed popular and Roti Tisu (not as popular, but a must try in Malaysia anyways).

Mohamed Nazar Curry House Restoran is a real hole in the wall in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I think I was the only tourist in there and I had the hardest time communicating. I discovered it randomly, getting lost in small streets. I posted on Devi’s Corner also in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, but this place was more authentic and local.

I seriously hit a local favourite and I’m so glad I did because the food was fantastic! I’m giving a lot of 6/6 for the food; because I still think about it and it’s been well over a month since having it. It was some of the best Indian/Malaysian/Mamak food I’ve ever had!

I was so scared to get ripped off but the people running it are the nicest people ever. I couldn’t understand the menu and they obviously knew I was a tourist (not that taking pictures was the only thing giving it away) and they still didn’t rip me off. It was packed at lunch and was filled with regulars and locals in no time.

See my video of Making Roti Canai in Malaysia.

The Indian/Malaysian bread making station. See my videos of this art in Malaysia.

We ate RM17 for 2 (about $5.50CAD for 2!) and this was ordering and eating like kings! I would 100% come here again and recommend it to anyone visiting Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was the best Indian bread and Mamak flat breads I’ve tried to date.

On the table:

They serve mini bananas at every table and I think it was $0.10CAD if you ate one. Eat one! Or at least take one to go. They’re very sweet and fat free!

**Plain Roti Cannai – 6/6

  • Probably about RM 1.20 – $0.40CAD
  • It’s the most popular Malaysian flat bread. Roti Canai dough is made from butter, eggs, sugar and flour. It’s a sweeter stretchy, chewy, flaky, and crispy bread and it’s delicious!
  • This is the best roti cannai I had in Malaysia. I love this stuff.
  • They served it with potato curry sauce which was not spicy and a yellow lentil sauce that was almost like soup. There were barely any lentils and that wasn’t spicy either.
  • The sauces are rather ordinary but the roti canai is great!
  • I liked it better here than at Devi’s Corner – where it was still amazing.

**Roti Chicken Cannai6/6

  • Probably about RM 6 – $2CAD
  • I don’t even know if that’s what it’s called but I didn’t know what to order and I said “give me the best thing or what your most popular is” – and he looked confused and said “chicken? beef? or lamb?” So I said “chicken”. I don’t even think he understood me though.
  • It’s a flaky and crispy yet soft flat bread (roti cannai) stuffed with chicken curry and an egg that’s sort of half scrambled, partly fried and partly poached.

  • It’s AMAZING! I wish we had this is Vancouver, BC.
  • It’s not spicy, but it’s savoury and sweet from the onions. It was like a fluffy pancake/crepe stuffed with curried chicken, onions and an egg. It was almost like an omelette wrapped in a crepe, or even a souffle stuffed with chicken because it was so fluffy with the egg acting as a binder.
  • The curry chicken was already good alone and it was even better served like this.
  • Very moist and juicy and just perfect in flavour and texture.

This is what the Chicken roti looks like just before serving.

  • To make it:
    • It was roti cannai dough flattened, and then they crack an egg on it.
    • They half scramble the egg on top of the dough while it cooks on the griddle. (The roti canai acts as the pan)
    • Next they get chicken curry and onions from the buffet table and chop the meat up (no skin, no bones). They put the curry chicken with the cooked onions on top of the scrambled egg and roti.
    • They allow it to cook, fold it, and flip it over a couple times before serving.

**Roti Pisang6/6

  • Roti stuffed with banana probably about RM1.20 – $0.40CAD
  • Geeeezzzzzus…this was delicious! I actually made a special request to serve it with Kaya jam (Malaysian coconut jam) on the side. It’s not on the menu but they did it for me anyways πŸ™‚
  • It was SO GOOD! They use those sweet mini bananas on the table and fold it into the roti canai flat bread. I wanted them to put the kaya jam inside, but there was some communication problems.

  • It’s super hot! I burned myself so many times trying to eat it. But it was that good. The roti is nice and crispy and chewy and the bananas are soft, warm and so creamy. The bananas melt in your mouth!
  • With the kaya jam it’s even better! I used it as dipping sauce.
  • Perfect tasty twist! It’s way better than a banana pancake or crepe.
  • It is perhaps the oiliest dessert you will ever eat though. Seriously so much oil! Just look at the shine in the photo! But it’s so worth it!!!!
  • Other dessert/sweet roti offered: pisang (banana), planta (butter + sugar), milo (that chocolate milk powder), Kaya (Malaysian coconut jam)

Indian Buffet4/6

  • Probably about RM4 – about $1.30CAD
  • A great selection of traditional Indian curries, rice, and seafood.
  • I didn’t event know how to order really so I hit the self serve Indian buffet. I figured it would give me a nice sample.
  • There was a ton of selection! Chicken, beef and lamb curries, vegetarian curries, whole sauteed fishes, and deep fried Indian spiced seafood.
  • The chicken curry was amazing. I also grabbed a sambal egg which was good. The rice is fantastic as well.
  • It’s help yourself and you are charged based on what you put on your plate.

They used whole cardamom seeds in their curries and you could really taste the difference. It was so well spiced, but not necessarily spicy.



  • Rmd_Foodie says:

    So jealous reading your posts after posts of Indian food! Indian food is my absolute fave! I’ve been wanting to travel to India for the experience and the food, but everyone always tells me it’s too dangerous to go there myself. But now reading your Indian food posts in Malaysia…..maybe I’ll just go travel there to have my fill on Indian food! Thanks for the awesome travel posts! Will definitely hit up some of them while I’m in HK this fall!

  • Anita says:

    The only time I had really good Roti Chicken Cannai in Vancouver was at a classmate’s place working on some kinda project. Her mom made some of these for us and it was sooo good!

  • Mijune says:

    Rmd_Foodie! Welcome and thanks for reading! You know what?! I actually booked my ticket to India as well but it ended up getting canceled…you have to be extremely careful there b/c you can get really bad food poisoning from the water. I really hope to go there soon someday – hopefully with a local~ I have more HK posts this following week as well as some form Singapore so come back and visit! πŸ™‚

    Anita – Awesome!! but did you see the video?! Did she make it like that?! I’ve had home made roti as well but not made like that! That was so cool!!!

  • Simon Foo says:

    a very good to u all….
    just FYI,
    the ‘Roti Chicken Cannai’ we call it ‘Murtabak’ in Malaysia.
    we have chicken murtabak and beef murtabak.
    seldom have lamb murtabak.
    and for FYI too, its quite expensive if u order murtabak at ‘mamak stall’
    its cheaper if u buy it at night market here.
    but abit smaller…
    its cost about RM2.40-RM3.00

  • Mijune says:

    Simon Foo – thanks for your comment and insider info! I love hearing from locals or people more familiar with the type of food than me πŸ™‚

    Wow RM2.40-RM3 ?!!!? That’s like $.50CAD!!! I didn’t know it could get any cheaper!! I couldn’t read a thing on the menu, so it helps to know that’s actually called a Murtabak. Thanks!

  • Ali says:

    U know, I’m travelling to Malaysia on 30th Nov. 2010 and I was looking for something different to see and do there, SO, Thank you very much for the great information and this “Hole in the Wall” restaurant.


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