Triple O’s & Follow Me Foodie Contest!

Dear Follow Me Foodie readers,

On behalf of  Triple O’s, Follow Me Foodie is hosting a contest!

2 Winners will be selected to win 5 gift certificates each for a FREE Burger Combo to share with friends and family.

This contest is to help raise awareness for the Triple O’s campaign to support KidSport. From June 14-27 diners will be asked to donate $1 or more to their bill to help support the cause. Money raised will help underprivileged children participate in organized sports this season.

  • KidSport has enabled 300,000 children to participate in sports activities across the country.
  • Money raised at each of the 30 Triple O’s locations will go to the nearest KidSport chapter, ensuring that local children will benefit from their community’s fundraising efforts.
How to enter:

1) Leave a short comment (50 words or less) on this blog post of your favourite Triple O’s burger!

**Contest closed.

Please visit your nearest Triple O’s to help support this cause.
Thanks for entering and good luck!


  • Robert says:

    I liked the pirate pak as a kid. The cardboard box that came with, the fun of pretending to be a pirate while chowing down on the fries 🙂

  • Elliott says:

    totally the chicken strips pirate pak. You get the little boat and the gold coin, duh!

  • Lesley says:

    I have so many fond memories of White Spot as a kid. Definitely the pirate pak, as Robert mentioned – it was so fun and so yummy! I’m a little sad I can’t get it now that I’m an “adult”, but you can apparently still get it if you order take out – minus the paper boat. Which isn’t the same!

    I remember going to White Spot with my mom in the mornings to enjoy a bagel and some mom & me time. I miss those days. Oh to be a kid again.

  • merilee says:

    my favorite meal was the fish and chips and i always remember getting chocolate pudding for dessert!

  • Mijon says:

    the mac’n cheese pirate pak! i’d order it again now if i could

  • Elaine says:

    the chicken strips and fries pirate pak hands down!! 😀

  • Jeff says:

    My favourite White Spot meal as a kid was the Deep Fried Golden Mushrooms with cool ranch dip. They would always burn your mouth but were so good! So wish they could bring them back to the menu!

  • Jeremy says:

    nothing beats the orginal burger combo at Triple Os, it puts all the other burger joints to shame.

  • Anne says:

    Monty Mushroom burger!!! It’s the only burger I order whenever I go to White Spot.

    PS – Awesome site and initiative 🙂

  • Alice says:

    My favourite Triple O’s burger is the Spicy Ultimate Crunch because you can tell it’s made from real chicken breast, it doesn’t taste greasy and most of all, its spicy!!

  • Kevin says:

    My Fav is the Monty Mushroom burger, extra cole slaw, onion rings and honey mustard.

  • Kym says:

    Wooohoo! Count me in please 🙂 My fave is the Monty Mushroom, hands down!!!

  • Monica Ng says:

    I used to hate mushrooms. They’re black, slimy, and just overall disgusting.

    But that was before I tried the Monty Mushroom burger! It was actually my mom’s plate, and she forced me to try a bite… and then the bite turned into another bite, and in the end I ate half of her burger. Juicy, succulent, and mouth-waterimg….. YUM 😀

  • Jenny says:

    favourite kid meal has got to be the french fries and a mini burger? love food 🙂

  • Charles & Steph says:

    Triple O’s Spicy Ultimate Crunch hands down! A Spicy Chicken Burger is the best cure for an appetite from Triple O’s at the PNE and on Ferry Rides. Can’t wait to try the combo with their new poutine this summer!

  • Sue says:

    I just had original Triple O this Tuesday. It tastes so good!

  • Charles & Steph says:

    The Spicy Ulitmate Crunch is my fav Triple O’s burger Hands Down! Triple O’s is my choice to cure an appetite after a day at the PNE or on long Ferry Rides. Now I’m craving one with their new poutine!

  • Lyndsey says:

    Who could say no to the mac n’ cheese pirate pak? haha I loooooove a good mac n’ cheese, but now imma big kid so -> Lifestyle Chicken Burger Combo with Poutine =) !!!

  • Joseph says:

    If I were a kid, I would definitely go with the pirate pak plus a glass of vanilla milkshake.

  • KimHo says:

    I didn’t grow up in Vancouver so… No Pirate Pak for me! >_<

  • Kat says:

    Definitely the Spicy Ultimate Crunch! Great job Triple O’s for raising $$ for KidSport!

  • Geoff says:

    Double Double with Mushrooms. So good!

  • Tammy says:

    My favorite would have to be the Chicken Supreme Burger..and a choco milkshake with it please!

  • Frank says:

    My favourite Triple O’s is the Chadder Bacon Burger! Yummy!

  • Angel says:

    Oooh, the Monty Mushroom burger is nomnomnom. I get it with sweet potato fries.

  • Ben says:

    My favourite burger at triple o’s is the Cheddar bacon burger with honey mustard!

  • Wendy says:

    Chicken supreme burgers all the way for me!

  • Jeffrey says:

    Favorite just like Frank is the Triple O’s Cheddar Bacon Burger Nummy 🙂 I want to go down and make one now.. 🙂

  • patricia wan says:

    Fond memories of the Pirate packs and chicken fingers- best sauces

  • Eric says:

    My favorite’s the Deluxe Bigger Burger! Ahhh the juicy beef 🙂

  • Ryan says:

    Triple o burger with bacon and swiss cheese FTW! Their milkshakes are not bad either/

  • Chris says:

    My favorite burger would defintely have to be the B.C. Burger. Not only does it remind me of my homeland, beautiful British Columbia, but the combination of Bacon, Cheddar, and the special triple O’s relish just makes me want to squeel with glee.

  • Jean says:

    Triple O’s a great burger… and KidSport’s a great charity! When I was little it was cheeseburger Pirate Pack all the way (xtra pickles on the side) with a cup of chowder ~.~ I really used to love their hot chocolate with whipping cream too… ahhhh… fond memories of the Oakridge White Spot

  • Canido says:

    I like the monty burger! <3 them mushrooms. yummzzz

    whitespot has the BEST milkshake, i am drooling just by thinking about it. yumz

  • Canido says:

    lolz. please delete one of my post…i thought that my first comment did not go through.

  • Rachel says:

    The best white spot meal is the old school one, car hop in North Van, Cheese Burger Combo in your car, with the long tray stretched across from window to window. There or only a few left, fun to go for the nostalgia factor, and remember to turn your headlights on!

  • Edda says:

    I love Triple O sauce! I love the Monty Mushroom burger (add grilled onions) with onion rings! mmmMMmmm

  • laura says:

    Definitely the Monty burger! Yummm!

  • Yoori says:

    My favourite triple o’s meal has to be the spicy ultimate chicken crunch combo =)

  • Mijon says:

    the chicken supreme!!!!!!!! ooooooooooh that honey mustard and onions .. mmm

  • Jeffrey says:

    Simple for me 🙂 Its a Bacon Cheddar burger with fries and a blueberry milkshake 😀 Gotta enjoy the simple stuff. Though the original O is good too:) But for me its the cheese and bacon 😀

  • Ed Lau says:

    I had so many Pirate Packs as a kid when I was there as a kid with my family. Used to always get the chicken fingers with the electric yellow honey mustard, which I maintain is the best honey mustard around. Love the Grill ‘n Greens as well with a classic burger and…oh man, those zucchini sticks are awesome.

  • Vincent says:

    If their breakfast offerings count, I’d say the Breakfast Club is my favourite out of anything Triple O’s offers. Can’t go wrong with hashbrowns, eggs, bacon and cheese!

  • octavia says:

    i have fond memories of the pirate pak. =) my favorite is the monty mushroom burger.

  • Roger Simmons says:

    I think I can’t really answer this one since it’s been so long since I had a Triple O’s meal. Looking at all the replies they must certainly be good!

  • Richard Macdonald says:

    Origional Combo for me!

  • maggie says:

    best thing ever is the beu cheese buger or the pirate pack now those were good.

  • Lawrence says:

    My fave burger is the monty mushroom burger. Yummy!

  • rubai says:

    i like the the spicy chicken burger the best!

  • h88ch says:

    Double Double FTW!

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