Hong Kong – Tuk Tuk Thai Restaurant

Restaurant: Tuk Tuk Thai Restaurant
Cuisine: Thai
Last visited: May 1, 2010
Location: Central, Hong Kong (SoHo/Hollywood)
MTR: Sheung Wan station
30 Graham St. (Hollywood Rd.) Hong Kong
Tel: 2542-2760
Price Range: $80-150HKD – about $10-20CAD

1: Poor 2: OK 3: Good 4: Very good 5: Excellent 6: Tres Excellent!!

Food: 5 (maybe not in Hong Kong, but compared to any Thai food in Vancouver)
Service: 3
Ambiance: 3
Overall: 4
Additional comments:

  • Thai operated/owned
  • Popular to tourists/expats (maybe some locals) but still very good!
  • Specializes in authentic Thai cuisine
  • Extensive menu
  • Busy/line-ups/crowded
  • Seats 30-40
  • Casual
  • Reasonable portions and price
  • Affordable
  • Thai/Chinese/English menu
  • Zagat Rated restaurant
  • Take-out
  • Cash only
  • No service charge
  • Lunch and dinner
  • Open Mon-Sat 12-3pm, 6-11pm

**Recommendations: Everything I ordered was good, but the best was the larb moo and the pumpkin curry. I would reorder everything if I came again, plus more!

Tuk Tuk Thai Restaurant is located in the very touristy and popular area of Central, Hong Kong. Despite it’s touristy location, the food is actually very good and well priced. Sure it’s probably not the most traditional and authentic Thai food in Hong Kong, but it’s still delicious. For the area the prices are really reasonable, and I would rather come to Tuk Tuk Thai for Thai food than Good Luck Thai in Rat’s Ally (also a very popular destination for Thai food in Hong Kong).

Tuk Tuk Thai Restaurant is arguably the best Thai food in the Central area of Hong Kong. I question the authenticity considering almost all the diners were expats and tourists. However compared to Thai restaurants in Vancouver, BC the Thai food was already much more traditional and authentic than what we’re served here. Basically if it were in Vancouver, it would easily be the best Thai restaurant there. They don’t hold back on the spices here and everything is packed with flavour. I thought they did a solid job and I would come back again. I can’t say it’s the best because I haven’t explored Thai food in Hong Kong fully yet.

Added note: I don’t’ remember the exact prices of some of the dishes, but it came out to $250-270HKD (about $33-36) for 2 people. It was well worth it and we had some leftovers.

On the table:

**Larb Moo/Nuer/Gai – 6/6

  • Minced pork, beef or chicken with shallots, chili powder and lime juice. Around $40HKD I think? About $5CAD
  • Order it with pork (moo), it’s the most flavourful.
  • This is my favourite Thai appetizer of all time.  It’s a very traditional Thai salad that’s almost like a Thai lettuce wrap. This was the best larb I’ve ever had to date.
  • The way they make it here is so flavourful and so good! They mince the pork to the to point of it almost being like powder and I’ve never had it done like that before. It just absorbs all the flavours so much better. It’s very juicy and there’s lots of chili, onions, fish sauce, lime juice, basil leaves and toasted rice.
  • It’s nutty, salty, tangy, spicy and very aromatic. This was better than the larb at Good Luck Thai and better than the larb I had at Khai Thai in Vancouver, BC.

Tom Yum Kung4.5/6

  • Famous Thai spicy and sour prawn soup. Small $55HKD ($7CAD) Large $80HKD ($10.50CAD)
  • We ordered a small and it was plenty for 2. It would probably feed 4 small bowls plus a bit more.
  • This was delicious! Unlike the Tom Yum Kung’s I’ve had in Vancouver. It was very flavourful and very spicy, but still enjoyable.

  • It was home made with coconut milk and freshly chopped lemongrass. There were slivers of lemongrass which were very juicy and soft to eat. It gave it such a lemony fresh taste. It was savoury, sweet, slightly creamy, and just rich in flavour. It was loaded with ingredients such as mushrooms, 3 prawns and fresh herbs like cilantro and basil.

  • There was also lots of red Thai chilies (see photo above). The sweet and juicy grape tomatoes helped make everything taste a bit more mild and added a tomato flavour to the broth.
  • It was such an aromatic soup and it hit my taste buds with a million flavours. It was really spicy though, but I really like spicy. Just make sure you don’t bite into the red chillies because you’ll need at least 15 minutes to recover.

Khao Phad Ka-Prao5/6

  • Stir-fried rice with chili and basil, with your choice of chicken, pork, or beef $59HKD about $8CAD
  • The portion isn’t that big, but it’s definitely shareable for 2. I loved this as well!
  • A lot of people had pineapple fried rice, but I figured that was the “touristy” option so I got this instead.
  • We got it with minced pork which is usually the most flavourful with Thai food and it was the recommended choice.
  • It’s incredibly flavourful with crispy fried basil leaves throughout. There were some red chillies and red peppers too. It wasn’t overly spicy, but just very peppery in flavour.
  • It was not dry or greasy and just so well fried. I wouldn’t normally eat JUST fried rice by itself, but this one would be easy to eat alone.
  • This Khao Phad Ka-Prao was no side – it was good enough to be an entree.

**Hor Mok Fak Tong Talay – 6/6

  • Steamed seafood curry served in a whole pumpkin about $69HKD I think. About $10CAD
  • I don’t know how traditional Thai this is, but I don’t really care because it was delicious! I’m biased though because I love anything to do with pumpkin or squash. Just look at it! AMAZING!
  • It was a whole steamed pumpkin overflowing with rich and aromatic creamy seafood curry.
  • Inside the curry were chunks of pumpkin and you could scrape the edges of the pumpkin for even more. It was so melt in your mouth, soft and tender.

  • There was also tender squid with legs (not chewy at all), some ring squid (the tiny ringlets), deep fried cod, a couple prawns and of course pumpkin.
  • It’s sweet from the pumpkin, savoury and spicy from the curry, but not overly spicy. It was topped with a coconut milk drizzle and it added the perfect sweetness and coconut flavour.
  • It was almost stew-like and tastes like they had egg whites in it because it had a silky texture. It was a spicy red curry base and it was very creamy and saucy. I was eating spoonfuls of it alone. It was a delicious hearty pumpkin stew with seafood.
  • It was thick, rich, velvety and just so smooth! I still crave this and that’s why it’s a 6/6!



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