Vancouver Granville Foodie Tour – On Granville Street

Event: Foodie Tour on Granville
Date attended: June 24, 2010
Location: Granville Street, Vancouver BC (Downtown)

Foodie tours seem to be the new trend hitting Vancouver and it’s about time! Food tours have been dominating food cities all over the West Coast as well as New York and Chicago so I’m thankful to add Vancouver to the list.

Foodie Tour Granville Street is part of Downtown Vancouver’s Business Improvement Association (DVBIA) incentive to revamp Granville Street and re-brand it as a “place to be”… or “be seen”. It takes you around 4-6 restaurants on Granville Street and is meant for locals and tourists who are passionate about food or that just like to eat… and who doesn’t?

Our host and founder of Foodie Tour, Michelle Ng, walked us down Granville Street as we popped into previously selected restaurants to sample some of their specialties and features. The participating restaurants highlight what Granville Street has to offer, but some are also the restaurants with the bigger marketing budgets. The marketing speeches were a little lengthy at some places, but overall I still thoroughly enjoyed the event and would recommend it to locals and tourists.

The food tour is $60/person and this includes all food and alcoholic drinks. Warning: Pace yourself! I didn’t, and I was stuffed and slightly buzzed by the end of the tour.

Added note: There’s a few food tours happening around Vancouver and I participated in Foodie Tour Granville Street as part of their media tour. Thus I won’t highlight the food too much.

Participating Foodie Tour Granville Street restaurants: Creme de la Crumb, Culinaria at the Art Institute, ShuRaku, Cinema Public House, Granville Room, Dougiedog, Cafe Barcelona, The Edge, Refinery, SIP, Twisted Fork and Wings. (4-6 restaurants/tour)

Cost for Foodie Tour Granville Street: $60CAD/person Purchase tickets here.
Cost for Downtown & Richmond Foodie Tours: $60CAD (?)/person Purchase tickets here.

On the table:

Restaurant 1:
Twisted Fork
1197 Granville Street

Cured Duck Breast on Brioche Crouton with Blueberry Compote & Green Bean

Roasted Beet, Grilled Pear, Goat Cheese and Arugula

Strawberry and Basil cocktail

Frozen Chocolate Terrine with House Made Raspberry Sorbet and Fresh Wild Mint
(I’ve actually come to Twisted Fork for dessert and the desserts are really good. Don’t let this sample be a representation of what they can do.)

Restaurant 2:
The Refinery
1115 Granville Street

Gorgeous restaurant design. Great for drinks/appies.

Drink: Ginger Beer w/house made bitters – probably one of the best ginger beers I’ve had.

Southwest Kicka** Benny – This is a deep fried eggs benedict! It’s a panko-crusted deep fried egg with chorizo, served on deep fried home made jalapeno corn bread, and topped with chipotle chardonnay hollandaise. This was my favourite on the tour and I would definitely go back and order this.

It’s on the brunch menu which isn’t advertised on their website. I think it’s $10 and I can’t wait to go back and order it. It’s nice and spicy – so good. I have to make a shout out to it.

Restaurant 3:
The Edge
1100 Granville Street

White Sangria (Orange)

Grilled Vegetable Gazpacho

Flatbread with Beef Tenderloin, Blue Cheese
Flatbread with Smoked Salmon & Goat Cheese
Grilled Vegetable Gazpacho
Chocolate and van Goh Espresso Vodka Truffles

Restaurant 4:
Granville Room
957 Granville Street

Mr. Pink – Belvedere Vodka, Muddled Watermelon, Mint Syrup & Lime Juice

Seared Sesame Crusted Ahi Tuna with Cucumber and Tomato Salsa on Flatbread Crisps

Restaurant 5:
ShuRaku Japanese Bistro
833 Granville Street

Part of the Granville Foodie Tour was to promote the patios the Granville Street Restaurants will be opening for the summer. Finally!

Angus Beef Wrap – stuffed with mashed potato and corn

Ebi Mayo Harumaki – Spring roll stuffed with shrimp, veggies, cheese & chili mayo.

Zuke Aburi – Seared tuna served with lemon sauce and black lava salt. Another one of my favourites on the tour.

Restaurant 6:
Culinaria Restaurant at The Art Insitute of Vancouver
609 Granville Street

They really went all out and spoiled us!

Crab ravioli with smoked salmon sauce and home made potato chips. Served with Sandhill Pinot Blanc.

Duck Confit with Szechuan Pepper Jus, Asparagus, and Toasted Hazelnuts. Served with Cedarcreek Pinot Noir.

Chocolate Decadence – Chocolate cake served with strawberries, rhubarb compote, and freshly baked lady finger cookie.

Restaurant 7:
Creme de la Crumb
466 Granville Street

I know the owners of Creme de la Crumb. Husband and wife team Ryan and Lydia recently opened Creme de la Crumb – a small coffee/sandwich/home baked goods boutique/cafe. To see my post for Creme de la Crumb click here.

Freshly Baked Vanilla Bean and Pear Scones

Freshly Baked Coconut & Lime Scones

Carrot Cake with Vanilla Bean Cream Cheese

Cinnamon Bun with Vanilla Bean Cream Cheese – I don’t even like cinnamon buns and I loved this one!


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