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Restaurant: Amy’s Ice Creams
Cuisine: Desserts/Ice Cream
Last visited: July 26, 2010
Location: Austin, Texas (South Congress – SoCo)
Address: 1301 South Congress Ave
Price Range: $10 or less

1: Poor 2: OK 3: Good 4: Very good 5: Excellent 6: Tres Excellent!!

Food: 5
Service: 4.5
Ambiance: 4
Overall: 5
Additional comments:

  • Since 1984
  • Locally produced, local favourite
  • One of Austin’s favourite ice creams
  • Austin’s version of Marble Slab or Cold Stone
  • Multiple locations in Austin
  • Signature flavour: Mexican vanilla
  • 7 standard flavours
  • Seasonal specials
  • Big portions
  • Known for quirky/witty staff
  • Open late
  • Free sugar or cake cones
  • Extra for waffle cones
  • Fruit ice (non-dairy sorbet) available
  • Shakes/smoothies/sundaes
  • Kid-friendly

**Recommendations: Mexican Vanilla

Amy’s Ice Creams is a privately owned ice cream chain in Austin, Texas. Along with Blue Bell Ice Cream it’s one of the top and best local favourite ice cream chains in the Austin area. There are a few locations in Houston and San Antonio, but the hub is definitely Austin as it remains an Austin tradition. Amy’s Ice Creams is an Austin brand and definitely a local favourite that everyone there is very proud of. Amy’s Ice Creams offers a standard 7 flavours, with the most popular being their famous Mexican Vanilla. The other flavours will vary depending on season and location and they allow you to try the flavours before ordering so it’s makes things easier… or harder.



It’s basically the Austin version of Marble Slab and Cold Stone Ice Creamery where you can select your ice cream and then select your mix-in’s or in this case your “crush’ns and toppings”. Everything is the same except Amy’s Ice Creams tastes way better and they actually don’t mix the ice cream on a cold stone. It’s mixed on a regular board because owner Amy believes that mixing her ice creams at room temperature brings out their optimal flavour.



The atmosphere is random and wacky and the staff at Amy’s is also notorious for being “weird”, quirky or witty and it’s all part of the marketing and Austin character. They also do entertaining stuff with the ice cream and a whole bunch of tricks like tossing it in the air (the guy in my photo did that and caught the ice cream in my cone), so Amy’s Ice Creams is really a whole experience. Apparently the way they hire is giving a white paper bag to the individual and asking them to do the most creative thing with it.

It’s a fun place for kids and families and it’s also open late so it’s definitely worth a stop, or several stops if you’re in Austin, Texas. Amy’s Ice Creams has been voted 8 years in a row for being Reader’s Ice Cream by The Austin Chronicle so it’s not to be missed. On the whole the ice creams are very enjoyable although it does melt very quickly. Thank god there was a location at the airport because I got to have it one more time before getting on my flight!

On the table:

**Mexican Vanilla6/6

  • Prices: Tiny $2.75 Small $3.25
  • Crush’ns are $.85 + waffle cone $.90
  • This is a small and it was huge! It pretty pricey at $5USD, but at least it was delicious.
  • The ingredients are really fresh and it’s quality you can taste. It tastes way better than Marble Slab Creamery or Cold Stone for some reason, but it does melt faster.
  • The ice cream is thick and creamy, but not too creamy where it tastes fake and it’s hard to eat. It’s not frozen hard and it almost has a chewy like texture and it reminds me of the Turkish Ice Cream I tried in Korea.
  • The Mexican vanilla is the signature flavour and it’s the best one! It’s very rich and the most aromatic vanilla and it almost tastes florally. It’s unlike any vanilla flavour you’ve tried before and it had a very potent and distinct vanilla taste.  It’s the perfect amount of sweetness that makes it very addicting to eat. I got mine with granola, but I suggest getting it with a fresh fruit.
  • This flavour is famous for a reason, so don’t miss out!


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  • Jenny Martinez says:

    So happy to hear you had a wonderful and delicious Amy’s experience! I’m an Amy’s employee and always love to hear about people’s Amy’s experiences 🙂 I work at a location just a bit further south of the store you visited and I know your scooper Ramon to be an excellent dude and worker, I’m sure he gave you stellar service. Glad we could make your day!

  • Mijune says:

    Oh how cool is your comment?!! Awesome!! Thanks for commenting! You just made my day lol. I love that I have a name to my scooper! He was so nice! I really want to see other locations for Amy’s because I heard some other locations are even “whackier”! I’m from Vancouver though so I guess I’ll have to wait 🙁

  • Mijune says:

    Also – I’m really happy to here you like working there… that says a lot about Amy’s Ice Creams as a company.

  • nena says:

    OK, I guess I’ll have to try the Mexican Vanilla now. My personal favorite since I arrived in Austin has been the Belgian Chocolate — again, like no chocolate you’ve tasted. Delicious.

  • Mijune says:

    Nena – thanks for visiting and commenting! Oh! I also tried the Mexican chocolate at the airport, but the Vanilla was better. Belgian chocolate was good too – I actually really like Nutter Butters as the crush’n topping as well.

  • Tommy Rules! says:

    Hey! I manage the Amy’s in San Antonio. Thanks for the great blog about our gelid awesomeness! It’s wonderful to hear about good experiences at the company, we are all always glad to hear about it. Swing by in you’re ever in San Antonio, we have really high ceilings so we can do extra high ice cream tossing and tricks. We also appreciate you stating the cold hard truth about our superiority over Marble Slab and Cold Stone. 😉

  • Mijune says:

    Tommy Rules! – Thanks for stopping by! I’m a Vancouver, BC local so I’m a bit far from you…. however I would love to see your location when I’m back in Texas one day! I never saw many tricks and I heard so much about them!

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