Scoop! – Frozen Yogurt

Restaurant: Scoop!
Cuisine: Desserts/Frozen Yogurt/FroYo
Last visited: August 2, 2010
Location: Vancouver, BC (Kitsilano)
Address: 2050 W 4th Ave
Price Range: $10 0r less

1: Poor 2: OK 3: Good 4: Very good 5: Excellent 6: Tres Excellent!!

Food: 4
Service: 2
Ambiance: 4
Overall: 3
Additional comments:

  • Since July 2008
  • Locally owned
  • Self-serve toppings
  • Pay by weight
  • Blended flavours
  • Best homemade mochi – available in flavours & to go
  • Smoothies available
  • Good for hanging out
  • Boardgames/Foosball table
  • Samples available
  • A bit expensive
  • Kid and family friendly
  • Stamp card available
  • Sun-Thurs 12:30-10pm, Fri-Sat 12:30-10:30pm

**Recommendations: Original Tart, homemade mochi

Scoop! is a locally owned frozen yogurt shop located in the heart of Kitsilano in Vancouver, BC. They specialize in frozen yogurt, but also offer a small selection of smoothies, Belgian waffles, brownies and some other baked goods. The atmosphere is fun and cozy and it’s a nice place to hang out since they have a games room with a Foosball table, boardgames and magazines.

The highlight at Scoop! is that it’s the only place in Vancouver, so far, that allows you to scoop you’re own toppings and I am a huge fan of that. You can take as many topping as you like and you pay by weight at the end. It makes so much more sense and I hate how other places charge almost $1/topping and you get only 1-2 spoons. At Scoop! they offer 30+ toppings including fresh fruits, homemade mochi and 8+ syrups and sauces as well as fresh hot fudge sauce from a fondue pot. Self-serve topping is a start, but I can’t wait until I see self-serve frozen yogurt and exotic flavour like at Yogurt Planet.

The home made mochi is the best topping and they highly recommend it in the store. You can even buy a container to go. The didn’t ogger than mango pudding and taro flavours on the self-serve toppings counter though. This is the softest mochi I’ve had in Vancouver thus far and the only frozen yogurt place offering the homemade version. It reminded me of the mochi from Yo Mama Frozen Yogurt in Hong Kong. These mochis from Scoop! are just as soft as the ones I tried from Japan.

It’s actually NOT fat free – if you look at the nutritional chart it says 0.2g/100g. Qoola and Tuttimelon have fat-free frozen yogurt, but the mochis aren’t as good as Scoop!

The frozen yogurt itself is very good, except the “blended flavours” come in syrups and they’re blended into the original tart flavour upon order. This made for slow service and the frozen yogurt ends up melting faster since it’s tossed in a blender first. It’s so much better when flavours come from dispensers, so next time I will just order their original yogurt just so it doesn’t come melted.

On the table:

**Original – 5/6

  • The original flavour is tart and sweet and it’s sweeter than the original flavour at both Tuttimelon and Qoola. 
  • The texture is more icy rather than creamy and it’s actually not even that tart at all. It’s an icier lighter texture and it tastes more frozen than other yogurt places.
  • Since it’s the original flavour is the base for all the blended flavours, all the flavours will have the same texure.

Green Tea4/6

  • Small $3.49 (they charge for the size and then you pay the rest, with toppings, by weight.)
  • The green tea flavour is actually very good, but I really hated how it was executed. The blender doesn’t even allow for equal mixing.
  • I actually like the original tart and the green tea flavour better here than at Tuttimelon. The green tea flavour is much stronger here and it’s very natural tasting since it’s made with actual green tea leaves that you can see. They’re very ground up though so you don’t bite into them or anything.

Of course the made in house mochi bites are not to be missed! They’re very sticky though and they clump together so you get a chunk rather than a scoop. They’re super soft and squishy pillows and very lightly sweetened and not too powdery in texture. They only take a few chews and they’re just perfect!

My sister and I have very different taste buds when it comes to yogurt toppings. She’s older than me and hers is the one on the left with Malteasers, gummy bears, M&M’s and sprinkles. The only topping we have in common was the homemade mochi. I also had almonds, coconut, and mango, but they used the Mexican red mango rather than the Philippine mango and it didn’t work as well.


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  • KimHo says:

    When I was in Tacoma, there were also several similar self-serve yogurt shops so, I guess it is slowly starting to creep up here. The problem is that people can’t control themselves: if you happen to over serve yourself, the $$$ can be quite high!

    As for nutrition, based on law (country dependant, that is), if the amount of fat is below certain threshold, it can be called fat-free. That’s why, even with 0.2 g per serving, it can still be called fat free. However, the one part that really piss me off is that all these places touts on the “benefits” while overlooking what those substitutions results on. In the example above, while it is “fat-free”, it has a truckload of sugar. 98 calories??? A 100 gram serving of plain whole milk yogurt has 3 g of fat, 5 g of sugar for a whooping 61 calories. Of course, it is loaded with saturated fat. That’s why there is alternative B which is skim milk yogurt, with 2 g of fat, 7 g of sugar for 63 calories. Yeah, a guilt-free pleasure… (Oh, we aren’t taking into consideration toppings yet!) Sorry, I guess I am digressing here… >_<

    (I am not singling out Scoop! Pretty much all frozen yogurt places follow the same lines of "benefits" while not disclosing the rest).

  • Mijune says:

    KimHo – EVERYONE over serves themselves!! It really benefits the business and they save money on employees and time etc… they should REALLY have on in Vancouver! I over did mine, but it came out to $3.50USD and I got a lot! So I was happy!

    Thanks for clarifying all those nutritional facts! Didn’t know the “fat-free” part. It’s a marketing thing so I don’t expect the business to be responsible for disclosing everything in order to make their product look “the best”…. as long as they stay honest in what they do claim… up to the consumer to do his/her own research. Smart dining!

  • Angel says:

    The Qoola in Metropolis is self-served, including the yogurt itself.

  • Nicole Taddei says:

    I ended up going to Scoop for the first time because I bought a Groupon for it. It’s great!! The best part is I didn’t feel guilty after – I got a smaller frozen yogurt and loaded on the fruit toppings. This is a much better option than stopping by Dairy Queen which is usually what I do when a feel like a cold treat. Also, I’m really picky with my toppings (which is my favorite part) so this place is perfect for me.

  • Mijune says:

    woohoo! Can’t wait to get more than I need 🙂

  • Mijune says:

    Hi Nicole! Welcome to my blog! 🙂 The guy in front of me was using a Groupon too! I could have had 2 for myself! Yes frozen yogurt is a good alternative… or go for gelato if you’re really craving ice cream… that’s healthier than ice cream, but more indulgent than frozen yogurt. Thanks for commenting!

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