Martini’s Restaurant

Restaurant: Martini’s Restaurant
Cuisine: Pizza/Greek/Burgers/American
Last visited: May 15, 2010
Location: Vancouver, BC (Mount Pleasant/Main Street)
Address: 151 W Broadway
Price Range: $10-20

1: Poor 2: OK 3: Good 4: Very good 5: Excellent 6: Tres Excellent!!

Food: 2.5
Additional comments:

  • Since 1973
  • Family owned (Greek)
  • Popular for whole wheat pizza
  • Greek food/family recipes
  • Home made dough/sauces/dips
  • Big portions
  • Affordable
  • Budget friendly/Cheap eats
  • Casual/neighbourhood pub
  • Monthly specials
  • Dinner/Drink specials
  • Lunch/Dinner/Late night eats
  • Dine in/Take out/Delivery

Business Hours

  • Mon-Thurs 11am-1am
  • Friday 11am-2am
  • Saturday 2pm-2am
  • Sunday 2pm-12am

**Recommendations: Whole wheat pizza, Kalamari, Souvlaki

Martini’s Restaurant is a casual neighbourhood pub specializing in whole wheat pizza. The owners are Greek so they offer a selection of Greek food as well, but the majority of the menu is still pub food and I wouldn’t call it a Greek restaurant. The kalamari and souvlaki are classic local favourites though and they’re actually good too, but not the best in the city. It all sounds a bit random, but they’re busy and they attract local and late night diners in the area.

The food comes in massive portions and the prices are cheap and the quality is decent for the most part. The sauces and dips are all home made which is quite impressive for an eatery of this style. It’s better than typical pub food and a good place for late night eats, but people seem to love it and I just didn’t. You’re guaranteed to get full at a very reasonable price, but it’s not somewhere I’m planning to revisit. There are dishes I would re-order, but it’s not a priority.

To be honest, I came to this restaurant a long time ago and I haven’t written the post until now. Thus my recollection of each dish is vague so I won’t be going into my usual essay with the details or “rating” of each dish. However I remember a good dish when I have it, and there are details that do stand out which I will mention.

On the table:


  • Served with tzatziki. For one$9.65 For two $10.95
  • The kalamari is a local favourite and it’s crunchy, crispy, tender and not greasy.
  • The portion is huge for an appetizer and I think this was even a small. It’s enough for 3-4 people for sure.
  • The tzatziki sauce was a major highlight for me. It’s the thickest creamiest tzatziki sauce I’ve had and it was awesome! It’s made with real Greek yogurt and it’s very tangy, garlicky, lemony and simply perfect.


  • Home cut Kennebec fries, cheese curds & gravy $5
  • The portion is massive, it’s cheap, and it’s smothered with gravy and cheese. It’s a typical pub style poutine.
  • I’m very poutine picky – see my quest for The Best Poutine on Davie Street.

Chicken Wings

  • BBQ, Cajun, Red Hot or Spicy Honey-Lemon sauce. Served with creamy dill $7.95
  • The wings seemed deep fried first and were a bit inconsistently covered with sauce. It was nice to have the house made creamy dill included as a condiment. There were no complaints on this.

Steamed Garlic Mussels

  • Sauteed with garlic, dill, white wine & tomato-cream sauce. Served with garlic bread $10.45
  • Mussels at a pub? Yup, and they don’t butcher it. It was swimming in a rich and tangy sauce that was quite strong in the garlic and dill department.

**Chorizo Sausage, Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Mushrooms Whole Wheat Pizza

  • Small 10”: $13.65 Medium 12”: $17.95 Large 14”: $20.95
  • Very good, and you can’t tell it’s whole wheat pizza crust, except for the fact that it has a crunchier texture. It’s not exactly thin crust, but it’s not that thick either.
  • Lots of toppings and very cheesy, but I wish the ingredients were on top of the cheese.

**Cajun Chicken, Zucchini. Onions Whole Wheat Pizza

  • Small 10”: $13.65 Medium 12”: $17.95 Large 14”: $20.95
  • Nice and crunchy whole wheat crust again, very cheesy too, but I wish the zucchini weren’t thin slices.

Martini’s Burger

  • Ground top sirloin, broiled and topped with grilled onions, lettuce and tomatoes $9.95 Add cheddar $1.25  Add bacon $1.25
  • I didn’t get to try this, but just looking at it – the patty looks a bit small for the bun. It does look like a fresh hand made patty though, but I can’t confirm if it is. Apparently it’s 100% ground top sirloin though.

**Chicken Souvlaki

  • Lamb, Chicken, or Prawn Souvlaki. Marinated in extra virgin olive oil, garlic and spices. Small $12.95 Large $14.95
  • This is a small and it was massive. The owners are Greek and the souvlaki is one of their top sellers so I thought it was a safe bet. I would say it was too.
  • The chicken was moist and tender and well seasoned and the rice was also flavourful. I just love the tzatziki sauce here, it’s very thick and creamy.
  • The pita seemed like whole wheat pita bread and I wasn’t a fan of that.
  • The Greek Salad had a mound of crumbled Feta cheese, but other than that it was basic.

Lamb Souvlaki

  • Lamb, Chicken, or Prawn Souvlaki. Marinated in extra virgin olive oil, garlic and spices. Small $12.95 Large $14.95
  • I didn’t try the lamb.

Stuffed Neptune Chicken

  • Chicken breast stuffed with shrimp & crab meat, cream cheese, green onions, shallots, spinach & fresh dill then baked and topped with a garlic-cream sauce $15.25
  • The sauces here are pretty heavy on the dill and this garlic-cream sauce was no different.
  • The veggies looked like the frozen bag of mixed veggies.

Braised Lamb Shank

  • Braised with celery, carrots, onions, pancetta, tomatoes, herbs, red wine and spices. Served with green salad, garlic mashed potatoes and garlic bread $16.25
  • I bet you don’t expect to get this at a pub! I know I don’t.
  • It was apparently quite good but the meat could have been more tender. I’m not even a fan of lamb and I wanted to eat this. It’s huge too.

Braised Beef Short Rib (Monthly Special)

  • Served with green salad and garlic mashed potatoes $18 Add sauteed mushrooms + $3.65
  • It’s a massive portion for a pretty good deal in my opinion.
  • This was really disappointing and too bad because it looks pretty good. The meat was really tough and chewy to the point where it was inedible and had to get sent back.
  • The mash was good though.
  • I actually like the braised beef short rib from Encore Restaurant & Lounge.

Sauteed Mushrooms

  • $3.65

Caesar Salad (Side)

  • Romaine lettuce tossed with our homemade Caesar dressing, croutons, and Grana Padano parmesan,


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  • Miss Soo says:

    i also ordered food from here at 12 am at night! i love all night places! have you been to Lucy’s on Main street? they just opened, it’s neat diner style. The owner is the same guy as the whip

  • Mijune says:

    I JUST went to Lucy’s yesterday to grab a menu!! But I had diner food in the morning so I didn’t want to go for dinner.. however it’s totally on my radar! Thanks for the insider tip! Didn’t know it was owner of The Whip!

  • Inspector Stanley says:

    This is a good place for casual dining but after you eat here a few times everything seems to taste the same. Their house salad with pineapples is a favorite of mine. Watch out for the garlic in their tzatziki or you will leave the restaurant just reaking like garlic.

    Here we go:

    Please continue to implement an integrated pest management program on a daily basis to mitigate the rodent problem. 1. Remove the mouse droppings from the indicated areas and examine the rest of the premises for any further evidence of pests. Clean and sanitize these areas. 2. De-clutter and move all items (such as shelving) 6″ away from the wall and off the floor to allow for easier cleaning and pest monitoring 3. All food contact surfaces – counters, cutting boards, shelving, etc – must be cleaned and sanitized at the start of each day to prevent contamination of food and at the end of each day. 4. Check the premises for mouse droppings DAILY and clean up as required. 5. Seal all openings (>1/4″) to prevent entry of pests in food premises. 6. Increase the frequency of visits from the pest control company as necessary to eradicate the infestation 7.Keep all utensils and dishware covered and protected 8. All food items must be stored in pest proof containers with lids

  • Mijune says:

    Inspector Stanley –

    Oh man!!! Rat droppings??!?! really?!?! c’mon!!! pests!??! What kind of pests?!?! EWWW!!! Oiy…. how do you eat anywhere?!? Thanks for sharing though, I’m glad I know and I hope they’ve fixed the problems.

    I love that tzatziki sauce! It’s so thick and rich! Real Greek yogurt… but yes very sticky breath! Paaahhh! :O

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