West Coast Chocolate Festival 2010 – Opening Night at Panache

Event: West Coast Chocolate Festival
Event Date: October 15 – November 10

The West Coast Chocolate Festival launched last Friday October 15 on the roof top of the Renaissance Hotel Harbourside. The event is hosted by The Société West Coast Chocolate Festival Society which is a non-profit organization. Their initiatives are to empower youth by providing them with mentored work experiences through chocolate inspired events, in this case it’s the annual West Coast Chocolate Festival.

There are several events for people of all ages, including children. What better and easier way to support youth then by biting into a piece of chocolate. For a list of more festivities and events happening up until November 10 please visit http://www.chocolatefestival.ca/en/ for more details.

Rubens Chocolate – Liquor filled chocolates

Chocolate Festival. Music to my ears… as well as my drool on the floor. What a fantastic concept! I was invited to attend the launch and it was chocolate heaven. I was able to mix and mingle with chocolatiers in Vancouver and the lower mainland and indulge in all their chocolate treats.

Rubens Chocolates

The evening featured chocolate and chocolate desserts from Barry Callebaut Chocolate, Rubens Chocolate, Xoxolat, Dulcinea Spanish Café, Hagensborg Chocolates, Chocolatier-Pâtissier Thierry Busset, and chocolate gelato from Bella Gelateria Gelato. It continued with all things that go with Chocolate too, like beers, wines, martinis, teas, Bisol Presecco and more! I literally had chocolate for dinner and I left feeling like Agustus Gloop!

Follow Me Foodie Highlights of the Night!

Rubens Chocolate had some amazing tea-infused chocolates like lavender, Chai and Earl Gray. My favourite was the hazelnut praline that has a crispy crunch.

XOXOLAT does one of the best chocolates ever. This Cardamom Creme Brulee is an all time favourite of mine. They melt in your mouth and they’re not too sweet and just so aromatic with the perfect amount of cardamom, creamy custard like centre and thin chocolate shell. There’s also a crispy praline topping with maybe some cardmom seed and a little bit of dried coconut too. Delicious! They’re only available by order or at Atithi Indian Cuisine Restaurant (served at the end of the meal).

You knew it was coming! Of course I had to try all of the 4 chocolate gelatos from Bella Gelateria. My favourite was the white chocolate and the 80% dark chocolate, which is weird because I like dark chocolate way better than white. The white was nice and light though. There was also a chocolate sorbet which was surprisingly sweet and rich.

This was probably THE favourite of the night for me… and for a lot of others. To Mr. Thierry Busset of Thierry chocolate and pastry shop (formerly pastry chef of fine dining Italian restaurant CinCin as well): You are responsible for any cavities I may have received from overeating your gourmet chocolates. The chocolate macarons were insanely delicious and every single piece of chocolate from this table… I can’t even exaplin… I’m literally salivating as I write this.

It was this one in particular! It was creamy, crispy, nutty, sweet, slightly bitter and just delicious! I don’t remember the name of it! I’ve tried Chef Thierry Busset’s other dessert masterpieces at CinCin Ristorante and Bar, such as his Caramelized Apple Tarte and Amarena Cherry Creme Brulee, and they were equally as orgasmic. To see my post on his new chocolate and pastry shop Thierry – see here.


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