Prosciutto & Burrata Appetizer Recipe & Holiday Recipe Ideas!

Prosciutto & Burrata Appetizer Recipe & Holiday Recipe Ideas!

So Christmas is just around the corner and I’ll be bringing some recipes to the table. The holidays can be about sticking to tradition, but once in a while it’s nice to spice things up with a little creativity and perhaps something new. What better way is there to start than in the kitchen? Perhaps at the grocery store? Thanks to Bosa Foods for helping me out!

This Prosciutto & Burrata appetizer is totally inspired by Trattoria Italian Kitchen so I can’t take credit for it. However I do have some tasty twists to add to it. It was my first time trying Burrata at Trattoria and I fell in love with this appetizer and it’s incredibly simple to put together yourself. It brings “meat and cheese” to a whole other level and it’s easy to prepare, assemble and serve. It’s effortless; which is nice if you’re the host of the night or the guest bringing the appetizer.

I actually discovered the ingredients for the recipe on my invited visit to Bosa Foods, the European, especially Italian, gourmet foods supermarket. I was in heaven. Mind you, I am an intense foodie and long walks on the isles of any grocery store tops any long walks along the beach 😉

Prosciutto & Burrata Appetizer Recipe


Available at Bosa Foods

  • ____ g of Proscuitto di Parma
    • This particular prosciutto di parma is aged for 24 months.
    • It is a bit expensive so save it for the family. You can get the more affordable Prosciutto Di San Daniele for the office party 😉

Available at Bosa Foods

  • A container of Burrata Cheese
    • “Burrata” or buttered cheese is a fresh cheese made from mozzarella and cream. There’s a couple varieties, but I like the flavour and texture of the Okanagan Falls one. I have only tried a few versions though.
    • It’s almost like a poached egg and it’s very mild, yet rich and buttery in flavour without feeling heavy. It’s  incredibly creamy, soft and almost stretchy and stringy. It seems melted, but it’s not. It tastes like buffalo mozzarella and this brand is made from cow’s milk.
    • The authentic Italian Burrata cheese is made from water buffalo and it comes wrapped in leaves, but it’s pretty much impossible to bring to Vancouver because it would expire before it arrives.
    • Burrata Cheese comes alive with a drizzle of good fruity olive oil.


1. Nothing. Put it together on a tasty platter.

2. Sprinkle with some good quality olive oil and sea salt.

3. Serve with fresh Italian bread.

Follow Me Foodie Tasty Twists

Wrapped in Melon or with Fresh Fruit

1. Classic – Wrap prosciutto with cantaloupe. Great savoury and sweet balance.
2. Wrap around Turkish figs. Dried figs is an alternative, but it’s better with fresh because you get the juicy texture contrasting the drier cured prosciutto.
3. Wrap with avocado and a drizzle of balsamic glaze.


1. Serve platter alongside a variety of olives.
2. Create a mixed olive tapanade and serve on top Burrata cheese.
Casa Rinaldi Variety of Extra Virgin Olive Oils – 6 18mL mini bottles $9.99 (Bosa Foods)
Basil, Pepperoncini (Sweet Italian peppers), Lemon, Truffle, Balsamic, Olive

1. Prepare an olive oil bar and let people customize their own prosciutto & burrata appetizer.
2. I actually wouldn’t mind getting this as a stocking stuffer *hint hint*

Mediterranean Gourmet – Variety of Balsamic Vinegars – 250mL mini bottles $7.99 (Bosa Foods)
Fig, Orange, Wildberry, Strawberry, Lemon, Cocao, Truffle

1. It’s not really necessary, but you can arrange a balsamic vinegar bar. I wouldn’t want this to take away from the natural flavours of the ingredients though.
2. You might think I’m crazy, but these would actually be delicious if you drizzled a little onto some vanilla ice cream for dessert. I would use the fig, berry or cocoa one in particular.
3. Sautee some mixed berries or/and bananas, drizzle with balsamic glaze, roll in a crepe AND serve with vanilla ice cream… ohhh I like that idea even better!

Enjoy & Indulge!

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