Follow Me Foodie’s Christmas Flavours Gelato NOW AVAILABLE!

Follow Me Foodie’s Christmas Gelato NOW AVAILABLE! (Dec. 8 – Jan. 8 )

Dear Follow Me Foodie readers, friends, followers, tweeters, voters, sponsors and loyal supporters,

Thank you so much for your incredible support in making Follow Me Foodie’s Christmas Flavours Gelato event a sweet success! I am seriously overwhelmed with the turnout and people that bared the pouring rain just to attend this special event. People even showed up at the door! You have no idea what it means to me. Uh oh… I feel my Oscar tears coming on…

After hosting Vancouver’s 1st Cupcake Challenge and now this, I hope to prove to you foodies and Follow Me Foodie supporters that I am dedicated to bringing you the best. If you missed out on the event, here’s a quick recap of what happened.

My Follow Me Foodie Christmas flavours will be available only at Bella Gelateria until January 8… (or as long as there’s demand :)) Go get your free samples! As always feedback is always appreciated and valued.

Happy Holidays!

xoMijune from Follow Me Foodie

Follow Me Foodie’s Maple Cinnamon Creme Brulee
Easily one of the favourites of the night.
Ultra creamy, rich and velvety smooth. The perfect balance of maple and cinnamon.

Follow Me Foodie’s Pistachio & Cranberry Pound Cake
Pistachio base and loaded with dried cranberries and actual pieces of moist pound cake throughout.
Some people really loved this and others would have liked more pistachio.

Follow Me Foodie’s Honey Graham Cracker
Made with all natural honey and actual pieces of graham cracker. This was one of my favourites, but food is so personal it just depends.
The graham cracker pieces just soften up in the gelato and it was almost like dipping cookies into milk.

Follow Me Foodie’s Caramelized Marshmallow
Made with real pieces of marshmallow. To be honest, it was a bit mild for me, and I have to start off with this one otherwise the marshmallow flavour was a bit faint.
@MightyVanilla suggested caramelizing the marshmallow first, which is a recipe I agree with! *Ahem* Hi James! Please? Thank you!! 🙂

Introducing the stars of the show! The one on the left is a GELATO S’MORE! What?! I know!! First EVER!

Follow Me Foodie Christmas Flavours are available until hopefully end of January 2011! DEMAND IT… or just go try it 🙂

Let the party begin!

Most tweets for #FMFGelato receives a Nature’s Path Grand Prize gift basket worth $100+!

Amazing supporters.

Full house… and a turn over!

FREE Nature’s Path all organic FOODIE bags for each and every person that came to support the event! I told you they were MASSIVE!

Nature’s Path “Get on the Path” recyclable FOODIE bags included: 6 variety of granola bars, 1 box Ancient Grains cereal, 1 box Maple Sunrise Crunch cereal, 1 Eco Pac Heritage Flakes, 1 Pomecherry Toaster Pastry, Munch Money + more!

It really was a sweet deal from beginning to end!

@Miss_Isti + Me + @missvitamindee

More supporters!

Thanks for coming!

Some of the most amazing friends you could have.

Sports Tweeter @westcosta79 took home the Nature’s Path grand prize (value $100+) with 13 #FMFgelato tweets!

A big thank you to James and the Bellagelateria staff, Reach Magazine, and of course Nature’s Path for sponsoring the event with generous foodie bags!

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