CBC Radio – Follow Me Foodie goes “On the Coast” with Stephen Quinn

Chinese New Year kicked off to a great start!

CBC Radio invited me to go on air LIVE with Stephen Quinn at Aberdeen Centre in Richmond, BC.

For those who missed it…

[wpaudio url=”http://www.followmefoodie.com/wp-content/uploads/audio/CNY2011_Aberdeen_Interview.mp3″ text=”Interview with CBC’s Off the Coast Stephen Quinn”]

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My 4 Part Chinese New Year Series featuring:

Part 1 – Chinese Tea 101

Part 2 – Chinese New Year Candy 101
Includes one of the candies I gave Stephen Quinn

Part 3 – Chinese New Year Dinner at Fisherman’s Terrace
Includes the dish I introduced to Stephen Quinn

Part 4 – Chinese New Year at Saint Germain Bakery
Includes the turnip and “new year” cake I introduced to Stephen Quinn

And for the sake of staying true… there are lots more options besides Kirin & Jade Seafood – please see all my dim sum posts here.


  • Frank says:

    It was fun listening to you on CBC. I wish I was a DJ and you can bring all these foods to try.
    Very informative!

  • Tom House says:

    I listened to how confidently you handled yourself on the CBC 88.1 Radio show. You’re in control in this segment, and even leading the host most of the time. When someone is a natural talent (teacher) it shows. For you, this type of scenario is effortless Mijune…you are so full of food information on a cultural level. If I was creating a TV food show, you would be the star. Of course I can see the future, and it is very clear that your dreams are taking shape and coming to fruition rapidly. I like when you said, “I’ll take over your show.” …and there was silence from the host. He might have been chewing, but he also knew he was in the presence of a shooting star.

  • laura says:

    Great interview! What a nice compliment from Tom and by the way, I would totally watch your show!

  • Oh, I actually listen to the CBC, and do catch “On the Coast” from time to time. Too bad I didn’t catch you live. Although, it’s better hearing all your segments all together like this. You have a very nice voice, by the way! =)

    LOL: “This hairy stuff is pretty good.” Too funny. I actually had that exact same dish at Fisherman’s Terrace on Chinese New Year’s Day.


  • Mijune says:

    @Frank – lol thanks!!! The DJ’s did get to eat everything I brought down! I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

    @Tom House – *BLLUUUSSSHHHHH* Tom!!!!! You always give me so many words of encouragement. PRAISE! You give me so much of that and now I will work harder to meet your expectations and expectations of earning my 5 Star Blog Award 🙂 I I don’t even know what to say… I don’t even know how to handle your comments because I’m so overwhelmed by your thoughts. To have your support means a lot. Thank you for supporting and believing in my passion.

    @laura – Oh my!! Laura!! You too!!! I’m so red right now!! (but you can’t see)… thank you X1000!!!

    @TS of eatingclub vancouver – awww thank you for the compliments!! Too sweet! lol… I wonder what non-Asian people were imagining when they heard that =p

  • Gahz says:

    So awesome — you’re a star!

  • Mijune says:

    @Gahz – you’re the most supportive sister ever!! As long as I’m in a star in your eyes… I couldn’t care about the rest 🙂

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