Recipe to Riches – Follow Me Foodie’s CANADIAN PIE!

Because having supportive parents & friends makes a difference.

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Happy Valentine’s Day! And HAPPY I AM!

And can you feel the love tonight?! It is where we are… it’s enough, for this wide eyed wanderer… that we got this far!! Did you get that?! That was from The Lion King soundtrack! And by “this wide eyed wanderer”… I mean me!! And I have no idea how I got this far… but guess what Follow Me Foodie readers and supporters?! With a kick in the butt from friends, I made a last minute decision to apply for Recipe to Riches and had my audition Saturday. AND I got my golden ticket!

Recipe to Riches is a Food Network show that gives Canadian home cooks the chance to have their recipe become a product available to the entire country via President’s Choice. There’s a $25,000 prize for every winner in each 7 categories and a grand prize winner will win $250,000. Money is money, but I’m totally in it for the love of food and the passion for this blog! I also got to meet Laura Calder who was one of the judges!!

Anyways, I really wasn’t going to apply but I found myself getting distracted as I was trying to write a blog post. I felt the pressure from friends and somewhere in my head of random thoughts was the message of “don’t miss out”. To be honest, it was a real challenge for me to think of a recipe because Follow Me Foodie is based on the philosophy of cooking without a recipe. It had to be original, but yet still something they could mass produce. I’m also a restaurant blogger more so than a recipe girl, however I’m rather comfortable in the kitchen and I can usually work out flavours and “recipes” in my head… so I wasn’t too nervous. Now I just have to wait for them to call me back to tell me whether or not I made it to Hollywood… I mean Toronto! Wish me luck!

The 7 categories are: Appetizers, Entrees, Sweet & Savoury Snacks, Savoury Pies, Frozen Treats, Cakes and Sweet Pies. And guess what category I entered? You got it! Sweet pies! Bye bye Miss American Pie… because Follow Me Foodie is introducing the CANADIAN PIE!

Introducing CANADIAN PIE… in a JAR!

Canadian Pie for the Recipe to Riches judges… and hopefully someday for YOU!

CANADIAN PIE: It’s more exotic North of the border.

Canada is known as a melting pot of cultures, so I created the melting PIE of cultures. It’s an almond crust, with cardamom and Mexican vanilla bean spiced Bartlett and Asian pears, topped with a maple cinnamon creme brulee crust, and 24 carat gold leaves.

It was also a combination of the Follow Me Foodie favourite gelato flavour: Maple Cinnamon Creme Brulee and the Follow Me Foodie favourite drink: Pear & Almond Matte.

The pie (North American), cardamom (seeds are from Africa, but it’s a flavour common in Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine), Mexican vanilla bean (Mexican), Asian Pears (Asian), maple (Canadian), cinnamon (Latin/Indian/Spanish), creme brulee (French or European), and 24 carat gold… uhhh cause CANADA IS GOLD!

And can you feel the love tonight?! YES WE CAN. Just like Obama!

Check out what my friends did for me morning of my audition! Best people ever, and so are YOU for reading!


Geez, with friends and support like this just for the auditions… I feel like I’ve won already. There’s no Valentine’s Day dessert that can beat this! xo


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