A Follow Me Foodie Apology & Vancouver’s 1st Foodie Feast SURPRISE VIDEO

A Follow Me Foodie Apology & Vancouver’s 1st Foodie Feast SURPRISE VIDEO

A BIG apology, an even BIGGER thank you, and the Vancouver Foodie Feast SURPRISE video!


Thank you to the production crew Justin @ThreeSixtyPhoto & Steve @SteveTan with assistance from Melanie, Susan Chow & Katie Lin.





**Added note: I swear to god I was not expecting to be able to make it back for this event. Thank god everything worked out!! So I actually DID make it and this video was made in preparation in the event that I couldn’t make it.


  • laura says:

    Hope everything went really well tonight! Just to let you know that the video is not running.

  • Gahz says:

    Loooooooooooove! What a great thing you’ve done for the Food Bank with the event, donations, fundraising, and raising awareness for such an important cause and organization. Proud of you!!

  • Diana says:

    I love how you were actually at the event!
    It was a great event and I’m glad I finally got to meet you!

    *nom nom nom* The Nature Path goodie bag is now my late night snack!

  • Linda says:

    awwwww i love this vid! you’re so natural with the camera and that opening scene with your heels getting stuck is hilarious! i’m glad you were able to contribute so much to the food bank – you really should be very proud of yourself, i heard your event was a complete and utter success! three cheers for mijune! 🙂

  • David says:

    Good to see this video on the big screen last night. It’s so sweet of you and the organizers to raise money for the Food Bank. Good food was good enough for me, but other aspects of the event exceeded my expectations.

  • Josh says:

    The video is so awesome and funny at the same time! I hope our donation helps lots of ppl!! Thanks again Mijune for putting such an amazing event together!

  • Mijune says:

    @laura – oh no! I think it just needed time to load… should work now 🙂 Everything went beautifully!!

    @Gahz – thank you!!! Couldn’t have done it without the team and support from sponsors and guests!

    @Linda – aww I wish you were there!!! I knew this was going to happen so I didn’t want to make you feel guilty for not being able to make it initially… but now that I did end up making it… I REALLY WISH YOU WERE THERE!! LOL xox thank you for your support and words regardless!!

    @David – Aw thanks David! I’m glad we met your expectations and it was great to see you again!

    @Josh – Open Road Canada is AMAZING! Thank YOU for the generous donation and thank you for helping me help the food bank! Couldn’t have done it without you. You guys are a wonderful team, brand and family. Much love!

  • 4SlicesofCheese says:

    I wish I could have made it down, next year!
    Very nice of Lexus and Natures Path for their generous donations.

    That was an epic jump in high heels at the end, good job.

  • Linda says:

    i will definitely be there next time! i’m glad your event did so well! what a great team!

    o yeah, i was meaning to tell you on twitter but your dad MCs all of our company’s staff dinners! he’s such a nice and funny guy lol

  • poop says:

    YOU ARE THE CUTEST HUMAN BEING EVER!!! love Love LOVE this video and love Love LOVE YOU!!

  • Ivy says:

    Great video Mijune. Kudos to your production team.

    Love that poop loves you so much 😛 haha…

  • Mijune says:

    @4SlicesofCheese – lol thanks!!! Yes I hope you come to the next one!!

    @Linda – what?!?!? omg!!! lol hahahahha really?!?! Yes, dad does tons of MC-ing… I’ll never ace it like he does though! What a small world!!!!

    @poop – awww poop!!!! you’re so sweet!! YOU are the cutest!!! Thank YOU!!!!!!

    @Ivy – lolll yes I love that poop loves me too!! lol… yes, Justin, Steve and the rest of the crew is so talented… I’m seriously so lucky to work with them. Anyone would be though, they’re so supportive!! thank you!!

  • Carly says:

    Love the video! You’ve got spunk!

    So glad you made it anyways! It was a great surprise when you walked in the door right behind our table! I’ve got a great pic of you and I from the night. The LONG and the SHORT of it!

  • Linda says:

    no no no i can totally see your personality through his – definitely runs in the family!

    yup he does the sunrise staff dinner every year! you should ask him – we had it at fraser court seafood restaurant this year and i think sun sui wah last year for a big olympics extravaganza! see: http://bit.ly/h2wMr4 haha can you see me in the background? i’m wrapped like a mummy by my bf.. haha it was a game we played for prizes!

  • Gahz says:

    omg LOL at the pic of Dad that Linda posted. awesome. I love it.

  • Mijune says:

    @Carly – lol!!! Carly you’re so awesome!! thank you!! People loved you presence and macarons! I’m still getting feedback and I must say a BIG congrats to you!! I gotta see the pic! Hilarious!

    @Linda – lol really!?! thank you!! Dad’s much funnier than I am though! I’m more random though. Omg for some reason I KNEW you were going to say Sunrise.. I remember you telling me you worked in food and I was like it MUST be sunrise! I’ll get him to bring me next time just so I can meet you lol!! ok I was so excited to see the pic and I just clicked on it… whoa and it’s pretty much just my dad! lol I can’t even see you!!! Next Sunrise event it is!.. i’ll just be a lurker 🙂

  • Linda says:

    nah you totally won’t be a lurker! ppl would recognize you for sure 🙂 plus you can always use it as an excuse to do a restaurant review 🙂

  • Tom House says:

    Dear Mijune: I am in L-O-V-E with your class and integrity. Not to mention you are clearly one of the most beautiful and dedicated food bloggers on the planet. I am honored to call you my friend. Sorry I haven’t been around much lately… been traveling for http://www.dinnerreviews.com. Vancouver is on my list of destinations.

  • Mijune says:

    @Tom House – Happy to see your comments back on here 🙂 You’re being far to kind sir… I’m just happy that I was able to give back and share my passion with everyone… I’m very lucky to always have food. Let me know when you’re in town!

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