Happy Easter! The Beauty of an Egg… YOLK!

Photo from Simply Chicks

Happy Easter!

A Tribute to the Egg Yolk: “The Egg Yolk Series” – featuring 12 eggs and where to eat them!

I wanted to do a special Easter post and I was debating between Easter chocolates and goodies or an Easter recipe. Last year I reluctantly decided to “eat the Easter bunny” with friends at Bistrot Bistro – see here. Well that’s what they like to call it, but I just rather say I ate rabbit… I feel less guilty.

This photo (from Blog Chef) won’t make me feel less guilty, especially after the photo of the cute baby chicks, but…

Since it’s also the year of the rabbit I decided to lay off the rabbit (bad karma), and just celebrate the egg! So here’s my tribute to the runny egg yolk!

Give it a bit more time and I predict the use of eggs becoming quite the trend. It almost already is, as chefs are coming up with innovative ways to feature them in more than just breakfast and brunch. I must state that almost any Asian culture embraced this secret long before it ever got (or gets) popular.

I assumed in my C Restaurant brunch post that 70% of Follow Me Foodie readers appreciate the runny egg yolk, so I will assume 70% of you will be drooling at your screens after what I call “The Egg Yolk Series”. I personally think it’s one of the most naturally beautiful things to look at and delicious things to eat.

If the thought of runny egg yolks makes you want to gag, I suggest maybe not continuing. But, if you can get through the gorgeous golden flows of luscious silky egg yolks, then there are some recommendations for other amazing egg dishes that I love (that are non-runny).

PS: Please don’t count my cholesterol levels, I already have a doctor who reminds me… but thank you! Without further ado, and listed in no particular order, let’s hop to it…

I introduce “The Egg Yolk Series”

“The Pretty Egg Yolk”

C Restaurant – House Special Eggs Benedict

“The Golden River Egg Yolk”

(Name courtesy of @cwistal)

Cafe Medina – Fricassé

“The Egg Yolk Waterfall”

The Well – Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict

“The Grand Canyon Egg Yolk”

Giraffe Restaurant – Giraffes’ Eggs Benedict

“The Deep Fried Egg Yolk”

The Refinery – Southwest Kicka** Benny

“The Egg Yolk Puddle”

Auntie Pesto’s Restaurant – Pasta Carbonara

“The Contained Egg Yolk”

Tapenade Bistro – Kelowna Morels

“The Lake of Egg Yolk”

Tapenade Bistro – “Chanterelles and Toast”

“The Egg Yolk Surprise”

Nove Italiano – Raviolo

“The Random Egg Yolk”

Nove Italiano – Onion Soup

“The Asian Egg Yolk”

Phnom Penh – Filet Beef Luc Lac on Rice with Egg

“The Bashful Egg Yolk”

L’Abattoir – Poached Egg

“The Egg Yolk Lava”

Delicious Cuisine – Sweet Crystal Egg

“The Egg Yolk Sprinkles”

Delicious Cuisine – Deep Fried Shrimp with Salted Egg Yolk

“The Gun Powder Egg Yolk”

The Jade Seafood – Sauteed Pumpkin & Prawn with Salted Egg

“The Misinterpreted Egg Yolk”

The Jade Seafood – Fresh Crab Meat Sauteed with Egg Yolk & Soy Milk (I think they meant egg white)


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