2011 Richmond Summer Night Market: The Food Vendor Reveal

2011 Richmond Summer Night Market: The Food Vendor Reveal

A sneak peek of the food vendors at the Richmond Summer Night Market 2011

I got this photo early, but it was packed later on.

It’s that time of the year again and the Summer Night Market in Richmond, BC has begun. And what part am I interested in? Well the same part you’re interested in! The food of course! I mean that’s why you’re on here right? I doubt it’s to look for recommendations for cell phone covers, fortune tellers, socks or stationary. But I can tell you those are all still available this year.

I actually wasn’t on planning to write this post, but I randomly ended up at the night market on Monday night (Victoria Day) and just started snapping photos in case. I then tweeted if anyone would be curious to see the food vendors before actually having to go down themselves. I mean I knew I wasn’t the only one who was trying to avoid the $5 parking and 10 minute walk, let alone the potential brutal traffic just to get there. Anyways there was a demand, so in the law of economics, here is the supply!

This might be “ruining the surprise” a bit, but I’d like to think of it more as saving you time and money… and gas, which in the end is money… and I guess the environment too. I also didn’t get a picture of every single vendor, as there were about 3 potato torpedoes, 3 bubble teas and 3 takoyaki stands, and there were just too many that I didn’t want to fight the crowd for them.

For me, the food is the funnest part of the night market… but of course it is! However I’m actually surprised with how pricey it’s gotten, for some of the same stuff I could be sitting down and eating it at a restaurant. But that’s the Asian in me talking, and I guess “value” isn’t really the point… even though it really should be if we’re talking about “street food”. Regardless it doesn’t really matter because everyone needs to make a living and everyone needs to eat… so let’s eat!

Most of it was the same old same old, but there were a few new places and a couple surprises. The Indian egg waffle guy (apparently he’s Portuguese) isn’t there though! He’s food and entertainment! So without further anticipation (unless you’ve scrolled down already) let’s B Line to the food… like you normally would upon entering the night market anyways. C’mon, nobody can deny the smell of curry fishballs, but on the other hand sticky tofu is another story.

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Bubble tea, of course there’s bubble tea. There’s at least 3-5 stands of bubble tea as always.

Mollie’s Minis Designer Donuts – this was new! These were “grown up” or gourmet mini donuts. The flavours are playful and they’re pretty and cute! They also serve fresh pie.

The classic curry fish ball place. They also serve shrimp dumplings, pork siu mai, fish siu mai, and soy sauce chow mien.

This is something you should always get, because it’s typical night market food. Sure restaurants will do it, but I just find them better at the night market.

A competition curry ball dim sum place next door… I don’t know who’s curry balls taste better… yeah there’s no way escaping any jokes there.

Siu Mai – Pork dumplings. It’s just a pork meatball. I’m a snob in this category, but these cheapy ones aren’t for me. They don’t taste bad, but they’re just not real siu mai.

I actually bought from these guys. How can you deny the smell of grilled squid and especially when they’re grilling them in tons of garlic. These were delicious. Tender, garlicky, savoury and moderately spicy. The marinade is fantastic!

Dragon’s Beard Candy. Chinese style cotton candy stuffed with sugared ground peanuts. I like! For more about what they taste like see my post here.

This was the only Egg Puff (Waffle) place I saw. I miss the Indian (apparently he’s Portuguese?) waffle maker guy (see him here), although his waffles I never found actually that good. He made a good show and it was a fun novelty though!

This was 1 out of 4 Takoyaki places and almost in a row too. It sucks for whoever is at the end!

I don’t remember seeing this last year, but speaking of pho… go try Pho Tam.

These guys were making pretty enormous sticks of Malaysian BBQ meat skewers. These smelled really good and they had quite the line too.

I’m pretty sure this is new. This looked like the Japanese version of Fritz European Fry House on Davie Street. You can choose onion rings or yam fries and then select your own flavoured mayo: Honey Garlic, Hot & Spicy, Teriyaki or Wasabi sauce.

I love mango and I love these mango desserts, but I haven’t tried them from here yet. It’s one of the few Asian desserts that I like. It reminds me of Hui Lau Shan in Hong Kong.

This is one of the few Korean stands. Topokki and Kimmari are pretty substantial and filling, but I like them.

I think this was a Vietnamese place selling fried shrimp on toast or garlic bread. I don’t know why I took a photo of this, but they intrigued me… maybe because I needed a break from all the Asian stuff.

And then there was this! The only Italian vendor and he made a pretty tasty tiramisu! He’s also selling home made lasagna and beef meatballs.

Curry beef brisket and tripe stew. Probably one of the most traditional and classic Chinese street food items. I can’t say I’m too keen on it.

I don’t know what is up with these Twister potatoes, but there were 3 stands of them! Those “Korean Waffles” aren’t really Korean either, they exist in a lot of Asian cultures.

These were Japanese dessert crepes and they had mochi as a topping and they were serving them with ice cream too.

These were pan fried vegetables (green peppers, lotus root, tofu) stuffed with fish paste and served with fish sauce.

There were easily 5 satay stick places, but they specialize in different styles. These guys also offered roti and Tom Yum soup.

Satay pork skewers.

This place had one of the longest lines, even though 3 people were selling these “Hurricane Potatoes Fries”. I don’t know, maybe they make them best… or offer them cheapest?

I’d wait until corn is really in season…

These were traditional Taiwanese snacks and desserts and they were also selling those candy coated fresh strawberry skewers, deep fried stinky tofu and Taiwanese pork burgers.

This is a very popular Taiwanese snack or dessert. They call them “Wheel Cakes” and they’re really light and fluffy tender cakes that are almost made with crepe batter and the fillings include peanut butter, red bean, custard and Nutella. Peanuts at Richmond Public Market also sells them and offers more flavours.

Probably the only other Asian man doing Western BBQ in Richmond next to the Hog Shack Cook House.

Smoked Turkey Drumsticks! These were huge.

As I mentioned above, I didn’t get all of the food vendors. But I can tell you that the deep fried ice cream place, Mini Melts, and dried squid jerky place were missing in action. However the deep fried cheesecake and deep fried chocolate bar trucks are still there and they’re also making Butter Chicken Poutine and Pulled Pork Poutine. I’m waiting for the Sweet & Sour Pork Poutine and the Chicken Chow Mein Poutine… o_O

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  • Elaine says:

    I want to try the deep fried cheesecake!

  • Thanks for previewing for us! We’re planning on checking it out on Friday on our way up to Whistler for the weekend. My favorites from last year were a xinjiang bbq stand and a squid guy.

  • Linda says:

    OMG i love night market@!!!! all my fave stands are back – the korean fishies, the squid ppl, the bbt!! everything! i’m so excited! 🙂 🙂 i can’t wait to try the new stands though – the pho, the shrimp toasts, the korean food! ahhhhhhhhhH!!!!

  • Jess says:

    Oh nice review! Great way for people to plan out what stalls they want to hit up at the night market now. By chance, did you see if they still have the Taiwanese fried chicken stall? One of my favourites so I am hoping it came back again…

  • hamsup says:

    Elaine, the cheesecake (if its the same as last year) tastes horrible. Do not spend the $$$ on it… it’s expensive and taste like a block of melting philly cream cheese.

  • Rabbie says:

    Awesome! Thanks, this is much appreciated!
    I cannot wait to try Dragon’s beard.

  • Anne N says:

    I went to the night market a couple of days before you and it was packed! Awesome review with a variety of previews. As for those crazy, twisty potatoes, the vendor with the longest line up (Hurricane Potato) is actually the original stand for this concept. The others this year are copycats because these potatoes were all the rage last summer. They’re fun to eat and pretty good, too! You can choose from a bunch of different seasonings. Worth the wait.

  • Mijune says:

    @Elaine – I’d recommend sharing it… I heard one is brutal to finish lol
    @The GastroGnome – no problem! Love the squid guy!
    @Linda – lol I love your excitement!! Hopefully weather is good!! For seom reason those dessert fish dont’ do it for me… but maybe it’s the red bean thing.
    @Jess – aw thanks! Hmm like the popcorn chicken? I they they ha the popcorn fried chicken, but not like KFC 1/4 chicken fried chicken.
    @hamsup – ewww… they had a contest for eating deep fried cheesecake and winner ate 2 slices and got $10 gift certificate to Anna’s Cake House… 🙁
    @Rabbie – oh you haven’t tried?! It’s good! No problem!
    @Anne N – yeah I’ve had them before in Calgary before they got popular in Vancouver. Yeah I guess they are good an fun, but didn’t know those guys were the original makers 🙂 thanks for the tip!

  • Elaine says:

    I am glad that I read the comments before rushing to the night market for it then hahaha!

  • wyn says:

    Thanks for rounding up the eats! We only really go for the food as well, but yet seem to have missed some of the items you mentioned. Really want to find the deep-fried cheesecake and butter chicken poutine next time around!

  • Gloria says:

    I believe the Waffle maker guy, correct me if I am wrong, is named Sam & is Portuguese.
    He has/had a store selling waffles in Richmond as well.
    I miss him! He was one of the few vendors using the gas egg waffle machines and let the waffles cool and were crispy!

  • Erwin says:

    @ Gloria @ Mijune
    “Waffle Sam” may be still at the Vancouver Chinatown Night Market, which is way smaller, but features at least one stall of each of your fave food standbys. I remember he was there before and always puts on that show.

  • Mijune says:

    @Elaine – lol me too!! Save you $5? +$5 parking… $10 is pretty good! 😉

    @wyn – those deep fried trucks and butter chicken poutine are located just outside of the food area. It’s just outisde of that section on the right.. you can’t miss the 2 giant silver trucks 🙂

    @Gloria – oh really?! Portuguese it is then! My bad! I have another post and pictures of him here http://www.followmefoodie.com/2009/09/richmond-night-market-dessert-highlights/ – you really liked his egg waffles though? I found them so wimpy and thin with barely any batter… but I guess it’s personal preference. 🙂

    @Erwin – Oh yay! glad to know he’s still in business! Thanks!

  • Miss Jane says:

    I was just in Beijing last week. They had an area with lots of food vendors selling scorpions, spiders, other rodents. The street food vendors all started at 9am in the morning. Mmmmm…nothing like a bit of protein in the morning. I am behind the great firewall of China and I cannot post anything on Facebook or WordPress. Otherwise you can see exact what they have in the night/day food markets in Beijing. 😀

  • Donna says:

    Like most people I LOVE the Richmond night market for the food also! Thanks for the review – can’t wait to check it out. There’s so much tasty stuff – will have to pace myself ;o)

  • hamsup says:

    There is always street parking if you are willing to walk a few blocks 🙂

    Mijune.. thanks so much for taking pictures and for going before prime summer weather hits.. Onion cups.. here i come !!! 🙂

  • Mijune says:

    @Miss Jane – hahahahah I’ve seen I’ve seen! I haven’t had the rodents.. and I wouldn’t, but I’ve had the bugs… yucky.

    @Donna – lol yes! Get all the good things first and go with a group so you can have a bite and pass it off and proceed with next! Strategy!

    @hamsup – Aw no problem! Free street parking possible, but not if you go late though.. street parking is so hard to find now! I couldn’t find any last year either lol Mmmm Onion cups appeals to me too.

  • Dilara says:

    mmmm I’m so hungry after reading this! thanks for doing the preview for us =)

    Hubby and I LOVE going here and we try to go a few times every summer… can’t wait!!

  • Mijune says:

    @Dilara – My pleasure!!! Have fun!! I love your foodie dates w/hubby 🙂

  • Ivy says:

    Love this post Mijune. thanks for posting. I’ve not been to the nightmarket in a long time because I felt the merchandise got boring when it went “legit”. the food is always tempting, but the parking, walking situation is almost to much effort. After reading your post, you’ve whet my appetite enough that I’m willing to make the trip!

  • Mijune says:

    @Ivy – my pleasure!! aww great!! yes I know what you mean and the “effort” to get there gets to me too especially with the $5 parking now… so I thought this might be a good post! Thanks for reading!

  • simon says:

    It’s been awhile since I visited your blog and even longer since my last layover in YVR. I’m really looking forward to visiting the night market this wknd, even if it’s only for a couple of hours. Thanks for this review; it was something I had wanted to see for the first time.

  • Mijune says:

    @simon- hi simon! welcome back!!! Missed your comments! Enjoy your night there 🙂

  • Annie says:

    Hi! Thank you for posting this review for us, the Summer Night Market is still located at 12631 Vulcan Way, and we are behind Home Depot! Hope to see you again soon!

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