Follow Me Foodie to the Vancouver Canucks Food! (Vanucks Food)

Follow Me Foodie to the Vancouver Canucks Food!

Taking a bite out of Boston is sure a sweet treat!

So who said foodies can’t be Canucks fans? Well actually nobody… anyways I’m a foodie and a fan, so here goes my post for two things I support. GO CANUCKS GO!

So by now you already know all the places with the best tv’s and I’m sure you already have a go-to hot spot to watch the game, so what else is there? Football and food seem to go together quite well, so why shouldn’t hockey and food? It’s not only Vancouverites that are getting into the action but restaurants are also showing their support. From changing their names to creating special Vancouver Canucks menu items, they’re taking it all the way… just like our boys will in the game. 😉

If I can show extra support by eating, I’m not going to hesitate. I’ve only discovered a few things so far and that’s what inspired this post, but I’ll continue updating as I see more. If you have any leads on “Vanucks Food” feel free to snap a photo, comment, or message and I’ll include it to this post!

Vancouver Canucks Candy Apple from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

Vancouver Canucks Candy Apple from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory… I’m not sure what the flavour is but I see an Oreo cookie.

Boston Cream Donuts at Tim Horton’s are now Vancouver Cream Donuts!

Vanilla Dip Vancouver Canucks Confetti Donut from Tim Horton’s

Boston Pizza is now “Vancouver Pizza”!

Victory never tasted so good! My sister and I chowing down on Boston Cream Donuts in front of “Vancouver Pizza”.

Canucks Sugar Art showpiece is made only with sugar by using different techniques like blowing, pulling etc. Made by chocolatier Christophe of Christophe Chocolat.

Thomas Haas ( L ) and chocolatier Steve Hodge put the finishing touches on their handmade chocolate Stanley Cup, in North Vancouver on Tuesday, June 14, 2011. Photograph by: GLENN BAGLO, THE PROVINCE – read more here.


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