The RUSH: Race & Urban Scavenger Hunt! Checkpoint: Follow Me Foodie

Congratulations to all RUSH participants!

The RUSH is over, but the race to beat lung cancer is still going strong!


The RUSH: Race & Urban Scavenger Hunt!

On your mark, get set, RUSH!

Good Morning Vancouver Rushers! Today (Saturday June 25) is game day! As a mandatory checkpoint for this year’s race I am dedicating today’s post for those that have already been selected to participate in RUSH.

The RUSH: Race & Urban Scavenger Hunt is a fundraiser by and for the BC Lung Association. RUSH is inspired by the popular television show Amazing Race and it follows a similar format.

Teams of 2 will scour the city of Vancouver, deciphering clues to help them complete a predetermined number of Checkpoint Challenges at unknown locations. The challenges are designed to test teams’ limits, both mentally and physically, while also being fun and entertaining.

The first team to complete the race wins a trip for two around the world; but The RUSH is about more than crossing the finish line – it is about the journey and the chance to save lives and change your own!

Wait so how is Follow Me Foodie involved? Well I’m incredibly honoured to be part of The RUSH this year. What challenge am I? I guess it’s no secret that I’m the food challenge, or as we call it the “Dine and Dash” Challenge! Below are images and clues I am leaving for the pre-selected teams participating this year.

To Rushers (Pre-selected participants): I hope you Follow Me Foodie, but if the images aren’t a dead give away I’m sure my written clues are. As one of your mandatory checkpoints I look forward to seeing you today! Find these clues at their specific locations and then find me! But where am I?! That’s a secret I’ll never tell… 😉

Thank you for playing and supporting BC Lung Association!

Good Luck Rushers!

xoxo Mijune of Follow Me Foodie

Clue # 1 – I’ve never blogged about it, but I sure have tweeted about it!

The answer was: Hazelnut Sparkle Sandwich (Gluten Free) from Everything Cafe

Thank you to Everything Cafe for generously sponsoring Sparkle cookies for the Follow Me Foodie “Dine & Dash” Challenge.

Clue #2 – I’ve blogged about this, but where is it from?

The answer was: Cinnamon Knot from BG Urban Cafe (Formerly Bread Garden)

Thank you to BG Urban Cafe for generously sponsoring Cinnamon Knots for the Follow Me Foodie “Dine & Dash” Challenge.

**Note: These clues are intended for only those that have already been pre-selected to participate in this year’s RUSH.

RUSH is now over. Looking forward to next year!


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