Vancouver Hosts the 48th Annual 2011 National Chefs Conference – Ticket info!

Vancouver Hosts the 48th Annual 2011 National Chefs Conference

National Chefs Conference, CCFCC 2011, June 10 – 16, 2011

Oh god! I am seriously so excited for this! I’m refraining from using a million exclamation marks. Imagine some of the world’s best chefs and best food all coming together in one room. Welcome to the 2011 National Chefs Conference!

If you haven’t heard already, Vancouver is hosting the 48th annual National Chefs Conference from June 10-16. These are a series of culinary events that are not to be missed by any foodie, food lover, gourmet, or food and wine enthusiast. Tickets are open to the public, so yes, you should come! For ticket info and event listings see here.

If you want to mix and mingle with some of Canada’s and the world’s greatest culinary chefs I strongly suggest this event. It’s a celebration of food and incredible talent and it’s a great opportunity to submerse yourself with industry professionals. The opening reception features 19 chef stations with CCFCC Junior Chefs and their Chef Mentors and tickets are available here.

The events range from exquisite buffets, 3, 5, 11, 12 course lunch and dinners, breakfast with Rob Feenie, breakfast with Robert Clark, chocolate demonstrations with Thomas Haas, molecular gastronomy demonstrations, competition dinners with up and coming chefs, a National Juniors Chef Challenge, nutritional seminars, an Aboriginal Potlatch Supper, a woman in the industry luncheon, a Chinese Chefs Luncheon, a golf tournament and last but not least, an extravagant President’s Ball on the last day. I know! Don’t you want to attend them all? There are actually many more events than this too, so for full details see here.

The conference is going to attract hundreds of people who are all passionate about food. Expect to see top celebrity chefs and of course some of Vancouver’s best. I’m certainly going to go to as many as I can so I hope to see you there! I’m so excited I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas! This is definitely one of the food festivals of the year and it is not to be missed!


  • Jane says:

    i knowww. i reeeally wanna go, but the tickets are too expensive for a student who doesn’t have a job like me.. =(

  • Mijune says:

    @Jane – hmmm.. hello mommy and daddy? Or boyfriend? Or older sibling who loves you? 😉 I know though.. tickets are on the higher end, but it’s once in a lifetime kind of thing… cheaper than a Canucks game! 🙂

  • Jane says:


  • Linda says:

    wow the breakfast with robert clark sounds great – not too sure about feenie – i’ve met him a couple of times and he’s sort of a d-bag lol i’d love to go these events but they all land on a work day! boooooooo! are you planning on going to a lot of them?

  • Mijune says:

    @Linda – some evenings!! Yes I’m going to hopefully 3 at least!

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