Follow Me Foodie to New York!

Follow Me Foodie to New York!

Honey I’m home! And I bet you didn’t even know I was gone! (Well despite the few days my site was down… sorry about that! I blame technical difficulties).

Anyways I am finally home from my gastronomical Follow Me Foodie adventure, and this time it was a bite of The Big Apple! I have said my good bye, or rather hope to see you again soon to New York, and I am back on my home turf in Vancouver, BC.

The famous Ladurée from Paris, France opens its first store in North America in New York. The 5th day of its opening.

Together with my lap top, camera, and appetite I played a little “Sex in the City”… or more like “Foodie in the City”, where good things end with dessert instead of a cigarette.

Lombardi’s Pizza

So roughly 58 restaurants later in about two weeks I have barely scratched the surface of the 23 500+ restaurants New York has to offer. It’s really a beehive swarming with restaurants and almost every one is “Zagat Rated”, “The Best in New York”, and “Award Wining”, so it was hard to trust anything.

I went to New York with a very long list of “must try” places and recommendations and I almost ended up trashing the itinerary on the second week. After meeting locals, exploring the city, and doing more research everything changed.

Rice to Riches serves just rice pudding.

The New York food culture is near impossible to define because they just have so much to offer. If anything I’d say it’s incredibly diverse and multi-cultural to say the very least, even more so than Vancouver. Pretty much every single nationality, and even specific menu item has some sort of representation in their dining scene.

Manhattan, NY

As one of the top food cities in the world I went in with high expectations and lots of research, but not everything blew me away. It’s funny because the words “New York” almost automatically generate that “everything is amazing” reaction. But just like every city there were hits and misses, however it’s more likely to come across a hit since rent is so expensive that “good” simply isn’t good enough in New York.

Vancouver, BC

Although New York was still certainly delicious, I must say that we are very spoiled in Vancouver. Not only in Vancouver, but just being on the West Coast where seafood and fresh local produce is easily available. The East and West Coast each have their own style and strengths, but nonetheless I’m already looking forward to my next trip back.

Chef JeanGeorges’ brother Philippe carving the pineapple for pre-dessert at flagship restaurant Jean-Georges in NY – see my experience here.

What you can expect on Follow Me Foodie in the next little while are delicious posts featuring everything from New York street food to Michelin Star restaurants and much more. So instead of an Empire State of Mind, I welcome you to the Follow Me Foodie State of Mind where all decisions are led by appetite. This is my Broadway musical and I invite you to eat along!

Here is just a small taste of things you can expect from Follow Me Foodie in New York!

From caviar

… to NYC hot dogs!

From Chef David Chang’s famous Steamed Pork Buns

… to the legendary Pastrami Sandwich at Katz’s Deli

Eleven Madison Park - New York, Manhattan 16… to the modern Pastrami sandwich at Eleven Madison Park!

From dainty Blue Hill bite sized tomato, ricotta cheeseburgers in an almond bun…

… to fast food cheeseburgers from a “Shack“…

ABC Kitchen New York Manhattan 10… to fancy ones from a “Kitchen“!

From celebrity chef Mario Batali’s restaurants (at Eataly)…

… to the one and only original “Halal Guys” food cart!

From a home made éclair cone with real vanilla bean gourmet soft serve ice cream (from ChikaLicious)…

… to a “Big Gay Ice Cream” known as a “Salty Pimp“!

And of course there was the ice cream cone with the Tiffany version of a cherry. Inedible, but still pretty!

My version of New York begins here… start salivating now.


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