Follow Me Foodie to Pies! For the Love of Pie!

Follow Me Foodie to Pies! Why Pie?

If you missed my bi-weekly Foodie Friday segment on NEWS 1130AM this morning at 11am, the topic of discussion was pies! Here’s a quick recap of what you missed! And, to listen to it, click here!

Forget the 3.14, when it comes to pie I only understand it in one language, and that’s the kind you can eat! I come in peace, or should I say “piece”, as I speak only Foodie.

Photo: Becky Styaner at Southern Living

Food is like fashion. As I said, cupcakes were hot over two years ago, but now it’s the revival of the pie. It doesn’t mean that both aren’t still delicious, but if there’s going to be one that steals the spotlight this year, I’d cheers to the pie. Whether it’s the summer or the winter, pies are in during all seasons.

Photo: Tasty Trials

The $2.99 grocery store pies (or the “cheapest dessert for a potluck”) have their place, but honestly they’re not hard to make yourself. They’re easy and affordable to make, freeze well, and are good sweet or savoury. From sweet fruit pies to steak and Guinness pies, and even unusual pies like my Maple Bourbon Apple Pie with a Bacon Pecan Crust, pies are being reinvented from all angles.

It’s a nostalgic food that never left the scene, but it tends to take the back seat. Now it’s time for its comeback, just like J-Lo after American Idol.

Follow Me Foodie at Metro Vancouver Pie Baking Competitions!

On that note I also want to remind you that this Sunday September 18 from 10am-4pm is the 6th Annual BBQ on the Bypass in Langley, BC! It’s a free event all day with BBQ samples, concessions, live music and wait for it… the 2nd Annual BC Bake Off! This contest feature pies made by amateur bakers and I’m honoured to be one of the judges! I have my sweet tooth ready so I hope to see you there.

 Follow Me Foodie to Pies!

Here are just a few spots featuring delicious and innovative pies. I haven’t tried all the pies in Metro Vancouver, and these are not necessarily the “best places for pies”, but they’re just memorable and enjoyable. I’ll also suggest Aphrodite’s Organic Cafe and Pie Shop, Tartine, and the Airport Cafe in Chilliwack for great pies.

1. Savary Island Pie Company

Photo: Sherman

Pie Highlights: Buttermilk Pie, Apple Pie and Chicken Pot Pie

2. OrganicLives

Pie Highlights: The OMG

3. Gorilla Food

Pie Highlights: Avocado Pie

Easy Follow Me Foodie Tips/Ideas for Reinventing Pies

1. Traditional Fruit Pie: Add thyme to your fruit pies for extra aromatics.

2. Traditional Apple Pie: Add ground salted pretzels to your crust and caramel sauce to the filling for a Salted Caramel Apple Pie with an extra crunch.

3. Traditional Key Lime Pie: Add rum or amaretto to the custard and use half coconut and half fortune cookie crumbs for the crust.

4. Traditional Pear Pie: Use half pears, half beets, crumbled goat’s cheese and a bit of rosemary for something savoury.

5. Traditional Chicken Pot Pie: Swap the filling for a Thai curry chicken and make a crumble topping with cashews, shredded wonton wrappers and panko.


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