Happy Halloween – Creepy Crawlers, “Scary Food” & Festival of Chocolate

Happy Halloween!

Follow Me Foodie to the Creepy Crawlers, “Scary Food” & Festival of Chocolate!

Eeewww! Why would you put those topics together?! I thought you were Follow Me Foodie, not Follow Me Ewie?! Well, life is about balance… and those topics are appropriate for Halloween so why not? Anyways if you missed my Foodie Friday segment on NEWS 1130AM radio this morning (11am every other Friday) here’s a quick recap!

Halloween is just around the corner so I decided to share with you some scary things I’ve eaten in the past. Now I don’t really think it’s good to “ew” food unless you try it, but I’ve tried all of these things and some of them were “ew”, while others were quite okay. I also want to be respectful of the cultures that do consume these foods, so just take this theme light heartedly. It’s meant to be for fun and fitting for the occasion!

Follow Me Foodie or Follow Me Ewie?!

1. Bugs

*Shudder*… and I do it while making shivering sounds. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen these photos and seeing them again just makes my whole body tense up. I seriously want to throw the monitor across the room right now. What you see are bee cocoons, meal worms, and water beetles.

GAHHHH!!!! Oh my freaking gosh… I’m the one who peeled and ate these 2 years ago… and I don’t know how I did it. And just in case you’re wondering, beetles have no juice! For the dissection of my full experience see here.

Follow Me Foodie Video – Part 1 – Me eating bugs in Hong Kong

Follow Me Foodie VideoPart 2 – Me eating bug in Hong Kong

Follow Me Foodie VideoPart 3 – Me eating bugs in Hong Kong

2. LIVE Octopus

Eating LIVE octopus and octopus head – see my full experience here.

Follow Me Foodie Video – Part 1 – Me eating live octopus in Korea.

Follow Me Foodie Video – Part 2 – Me eating octopus head in Korea.

3. Raw Cow’s Intestine

Eating raw cow’s intestine – see my full experience here.

4. Cod Milt/Sperm

Eating cod milt/cod sperm – see my full experience here.

5. Cow Foot

Cow foot seems like chicken compared to everything above. See my full experience here.

Follow Me Foodie to the 2011 Festival of Chocolate!

I wanted to show you the ‘bad’, so you could really appreciate the good! And boy is this good! I couldn’t end this post with a foot in your face, so let me help you get back on your feet! From October 15 – November 10 is the Festival of Chocolate! It’s Halloween for adults and it lasts longer than a day which is even better.

From chocolate cooking classes to chocolate wine pairings and chocolate high teas, there is an event for every sweet tooth. White, or dark, we don’t discriminate, we celebrate! After all we live in Canada… and Micheal Jackson told us not to. So leave the chocolate bars for the kids, or see if they’ll trade you for tickets to the kid friendly events at the festival! I already went to the Ruben’s Chocolate High Tea which is one of the all ages events. To see a list of all chocolate festival events happening around town click here.


  • Linda says:

    lol i still remember watching those videos of you eating bugs! you’re one brave girl 🙂 i’ve only had silk worms and they were delish! scorpions in beijing were ok but they really reminded me of chicken for some reason haha i can’t imagine eating beetles like you though! i would have to get someone to peel the wings for me and deep fry them or something lol

    the octopus looks interesting and if i ever go to korea, i’d probably have to try them too!

  • Mijune says:

    @Linda – The beetles were deep fried, but just no batter lol! I had scorpion too, but it was all shell almost lol. Peeling it was REALLY REALLY bad though lol. The octopus wasn’t bad, but just weird.. and creepy to pick them off the table ol!

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