Happy Thanksgiving! Follow Me Foodie Candlelight Conservation Dinner Contest!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Follow Me Foodie Candlelight Conservation Dinner Contest!

Happy Thanksgiving and thankful I am! I’m thankful everyday for being able to share my passion with you! I’m also thankful to be in a city that’s full of energy and light. And now it’s time to save some of it. Follow Me Foodie to the Candlelight Conservation Dinner!

“Close your eyes, make a wish, and blow out the candlelight” (Boyz II Men lyrics), actually no don’t! That’s the only light we’ll have at this dinner! Yup! I’m proud to announce the 3rd annual Candlelight Conservation Dinner brought to us by BC Hydro Power Smart.

Mark your calenders for Thursday, October 27, and make your reservation(s) at one of the 110 participating restaurants across BC. On this one evening these restaurants will be dimming down the lights, lighting the candles and creating a unique dining experience to show how we can save energy. This is a team effort and we can do a lot collectively.

If supporting this cause isn’t enough of a reason already, the participating restaurants are even offering special offers and discounts for the event! So what are you waiting for? A contest?! Well I’ll give that to you too, but on this day of giving, I hope that you’re willing to give one dinner date in support of this cause. Make it October 27! See participating restaurants here.

Candlelight Conservation Dinner Contest!

Win a $75 gift certificate to either the newly opened The French Table in Vancouver, or fine dining restaurant Fraรฎche in West Vancouver. I’m actually pretty jealous because I haven’t been to either yet, but I plan to because I’ve heard great! If you win, I look forward to hearing your feedback!

Both will be participating in the Candlelight Conservation Dinner, so even if you don’t win, you can still go! See other participating restaurants here.

How to enter:

1) Comment on this post with how you plan to save energy.


2) Tweet: I entered the @followmefoodie Candlelight Conservation Dinner #contest! See details here http://bit.ly/neyQa3 and RT to enter!

Contest closes Oct. 24, 2011

Good luck! Oh and before you leave, turn off your monitor ๐Ÿ™‚




  • Alicia says:

    I always remind people to turn off the light in a room they are not using! And unplug all my kitchen appliances (mixer blender etc) when I’m not using it

  • mingc says:

    I unplug all the devices with built in clocks when I’m not using them (except for the one that’s supposed to be a clock).

  • Trevor says:

    I’m usually conscious about reducing my energy consumption, but hopefully on October 27, I’ll be dining by candlelight! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Sanaz says:

    You can save energy by taking small steps such as turning off computers and other electronics devices when not in use, unplugging unused appliances and switching light bulbs to low powered ones.

  • Alyssa Leung says:

    Opening the windows instead of a/c or fan! As well as unplugging anything that I’m not using. Will start dining with a candle and switching off the lines..

  • Mae says:

    It’s the little things that add up, right? Things I do: unplug portable electronic devices when not in use & are full charged up (laptops, iPODs, cell phones, etc.), do laundry in cold water, turn down the water temperature on the hot water tank, use a programmable thermostat, hang dry laundry when possible.

  • Xing says:

    Unplug appliances when not using them.

  • Putri says:

    I avoid using the heater as much as possible (think putting on sweaters + socks before turning up the heat) and also hang dry laundry whenever possible. Those two steps save me the most energy (based on the BC Hydro bill I get!). Other stuff I do: unplug stuff when not in use, including chargers.

  • Maggie says:

    I use a shower timer so that I don’t waste too much water, and I always hang-dry my clothes. I turn off all my appliances when I’m not using them and turn off the lights when I don’t need them. I also use energy saving light bulbs!

  • kelsey says:

    i try to turn the lights off every time I leave a room in my house. Also I try to hang dry my clothes!

  • Jenn says:

    Use cold water for the washing machine and hang dry my clothes! Makes clothing last longer too ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Grace Mok says:

    Mmmm even when it’s cold, I still hang up the clothes to dry instead of using a drying machine!

  • Jeannelle says:

    Save energy by hanging my clothes to dry and turning the heat down when i’m not home.

  • Shirley says:

    1. Try to avoid turning on the heat at night. Instead I put on more clothes or sleep with a thicker blanket.
    2. Wash clothes in cold water
    3. Unplug most appliances when going on holidays
    4. Turn the lights off when leaving a room
    5. Turn off computers when done using them

  • jane says:

    open my curtain in the morning when it’s bright outside instead of turning on my lamps

  • Erin says:

    Though it’s in large part a personal preference thing, I tend to use a lot of candlelight rather than lamps and overhead lighting. I think a candlelight dinner would be just my thing!

  • Dennis L. says:

    I plan on saving energy by reading more and watching TV less.

  • Gina says:

    There are numerous ways to conserve energy. Each and every little part of conservation counts. For example, instead of turning on the heat in the winter season, I tend to bake a lot of sweets and savoury dishes. Electricity from the oven is much cheaper than turning on the heat. At night time, I use my plug-in heater and my utilties bills have dramatically decreased.

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