2011 Poutine Festival in Vancouver – Festival de la Poutine de Vancouver

Follow Me Foodie to the Festival de la Poutine de Vancouver & 2011 Poutine Crawl!

Follow Me Foodie to the 2011 Poutine Festival in Vancouver & The Poutine Crawl!

All you can eat poutine. I know! How much poutine can one eat?! Well there’s only one way to find out! If you missed my Foodie Friday segment on NEWS 1130AM radio this morning (11am every other Friday) here’s a quick recap!

I’m actually physically at the birthplace of poutine right now. I’m not in Quebec just for poutine (it’s really not a delicacy), but I’m sure eating some to prepare myself for poutine judging at the poutine contest held at the 2011 Festival de la Poutine de Vancouver!

I think almost every Canadian knows what a poutine is, but for those reading outside of Canada, a poutine is basically fries, cheese curds and gravy… all in one dish. Yes it’s as bad (or as good) as it sounds!

Whether it’s the ooey gooey melted cheese poutine (from Fritz) or the authentic squeaky, non-melting cheese curd poutine (from La Belle Patate), we all like it in one form or the other. Right?! Right! And if not, you just need to try it after a good night of drinking at 3am. Otherwise there’s also poutine pizza (from Brado), poutine eggs benedict (from La Brasserie), and probably poutine sundaes somewhere.

If you want to binge on this “Canadian fast food”, then I strongly suggest you come down to the festival or join the poutine crawl on Nov. 19! C’mon guys! Let’s work towards another layer of “insulation” as we prepare for the colder months.


  • Day (Adult): Free & Free for kids too (great deals on Poutine! With activities for kids & teens) 
  • Evening (Adult)$20 per person including All you can eat poutine!, *live* Music,  Animation, DJ Francophone & more. Evening starts at 6h00pm. Arrive early to taste all the Poutines in the contest!
  • Amateur Cook: (for those who make a poutine creation) Free, for your effort, no mattter what the results are.


Although the event is sold out, it is FREE ADMISSION during the day from 12pm-5pm on November 19. The event will feature French music, activities for children and teenagers, live music and affordable poutine!

Schedule of event:

Starting (12pm until 5:30pm):
Activities for kids & teenagers in the afternoon. Taste delicious home-made poutine with your kids. Poutine available for purchase.

Poutine Crawl (across Vancouver):
Participate this year to our poutine crawl, across the entire city of Vancouver with things to do and taste poutines throughout the day.

Evening (starts at 6pm until late):
Poutine Contest! All you can eat poutine! Try 10 poutines from amateur cooks. Francophone concerts in the evening.

For more details of the event – see here.


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