Asakusa Sushi

Restaurant: Asakusa Sushi
Cuisine: Japanese/Sushi
Last visited: December 17, 2011
Location: Burnaby, BC (Burnaby South)
Address: 4729 Kingsway
Train: Metrotown Skytrain
Price Range: $10 or less

1Poor 2OK 3Good 4Very good 5Excellent 6Tres Excellent!!

Food: 3
Service: 2
Ambiance: 2
Overall: 3
Additional comments:

  • Vietnamese owned/operated
  • Popular for sushi
  • Cheap bento boxes
  • Cheap lunch combos
  • Casual/quick
  • Family friendly
  • Budget friendly/cheap eats
  • Limited free parking at rear
  • Accepts credit cards
  • Mon-Sat 11am-10:30pm
  • Sunday 5pm-10pm

**Recommendations: Spicy Chopped Tuna. The rolls seemed decent and the bento boxes and lunch specials are cheap.

Basically it’s the cheap sushi restaurant you go to when Sushi Garden turns you down. It’s only a block away and when the line ups are unbearable or Sushi Garden is full, you come here. It’s somewhat plan B, but for many locals it’s often considered as their secret neighbourhood favourite that is still unknown to most.

For me I like the variety and menu better at Sushi Garden, but the execution is a bit more presentable here. Sushi Garden is Korean owned and operated and Asakusa Suhi is Vietnamese owned and operated. It doesn’t really matter who runs it, but it’s not Japanese people in case you’re curious. They’re both cheap hole in the wall sushi joints that aren’t particularly amazing, but they’re good for the price.

I’d say it’s steps up from all you can eat sushi and a step up from Samurai. I can’t really think of anything better for the same price in the Metrotown area, but at the same time it doesn’t necessarily make it good. It’s no fuss, bang for your buck sushi, and it does the job on a dime.

On the table:

**Spicy Chopped Tuna 4/6

  • $5.75
  • This was my favourite of what I ordered.
  • The portion was very generous.
  • The spicy sauce tasted different than most spicy tunas I’ve had though. It was almost like a yellow brown peanutty coloured sauce rather than a red one.
  • The sauce tasted like the apple and onion Japanese vinaigrette/salad dressing they put on top of the basic Japanese “garden salad”.
  • There was some Shichimi (Japanese chili pepper seasoning) mixed into it for heat.
  • The tuna was nice and chilled and cut in random pieces and the sauce was sweet and almost seemed like gommae with some sesame seeds too.
  • The spiciness takes a while to kick in and it was a mild-medium spicy if anything.

Sashimi & 1 Roll Combo B (BC Roll & Salmon Sashimi) – 4/6

  • $8.25
  • I added 5 pieces of Toro (Tuna Belly) sashimi $7.25
  • You only save $.50 ordering a combo and I just realized that now. I would rather order a la carte.
  • I don’t really order combos, but the lunch combos and bento boxes are really popular and cheap here.
  • The portions are also bigger than normal, which isn’t authentic, but it’s almost a given at places like these.

BC Roll (Salmon skin) 3.5/6

  • $3.25 a la carte
  • The BC Roll was actually pretty good for what it was and the price.
  • It was fairly large (2 biter), but not just all sushi rice.
  • The rice was moist and sticky, but slightly on the blander side and the seaweed was a bit chewy.
  • The salmon was crispy and grilled and the fish was slightly dry, but kind of what it is usually like too.
  • I actually don’t order BC rolls often, so I don’t have much to compare to, but I tasted crispy salmon and the rice was passable.
  • It was drizzled with a bit of Teriyaki sauce and it was good with clean presentation and pretty cheap.

Salmon Sashimi – 3/6

  • 5 pieces $5.50 a la carte
  • It was a step up from Samurai, so it’s not great quality, but it’s cheap.
  • I would say stick to the rolls, but it’s okay for cheaper kinds of sashimi like salmon and tuna.
  • It was huge slices and I prefer the more delicate thinly sliced salmon, but it was edible and still not bad.

Toro (Tuna Belly) Sashimi2/6

  • 5 pieces $7.25 a la carte
  • I love toro and it’s one of my favourite sashimi, but it was only okay here.
  • I wasn’t keen on the quality and flavour of this one and it was served almost too chilled, but not frozen.
  • You can get away with “okay” salmon sashimi and not have it taste bad, but not really with toro.


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  • Linda says:

    ahhh asakusa reminds me of tokyo the minute i read its name.. i’m glad the sushi here is decent because i actually saw this place and wondered about it – so sad that the toro was just ok though, it’s my favorite too! i’m kinda surprised that their combos are this expensive – i thought it was a total deal when i saw what you got and then realized that you paid extra for the toro sashimi – were their bento box selections better?

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