Jamaica – Juici Patties VS Tastee Patties (Best Jamaican Patties)

Restaurant: Juici Patties
Cuisine: Jamaican/Caribbean/Fast Food
Last visited: October 8, 2011
Location: Multiple locations in Jamaica
Address: Multiple locations in Jamaica
Price Range: $10 or less

1Poor 2OK 3Good 4Very good 5Excellent 6Tres Excellent!!

Food: 5
Service: 3
Ambiance: 1.5
Overall: 5
Additional comments:

  • Since 1980
  • Restaurant chain/franchise
  • Famous for Jamaican patties
  • Authentic Jamaican patties
  • Some modern flavours
  • “Best in City”
  • Fast food
  • Some “healthier” options
  • Cheap eats/budget friendly
  • Eat in/Take-out
  • Open daily lunch & dinner until late

**Recommendations: Beef Patties, Beef & Cheese patties

Jamaican patties! It’s one of the more popular Jamaican foods in North America, and it’s nice to know that they are still just as popular in Jamaica. There’s a constant debate between Juici Patties and Tastee Patties, which are the two biggest Jamaican patty chains in Jamaica. Both claim to carry the best patties, but I probably came across more locals that took a liking to Tastee Patties.

I had tried Tastee Patties a few days ago at my visit to Belcour Preserves, but they were take out and reheated so it didn’t count. Therefore I can’t really say which I liked better since I had Juici Patties on the spot, but there are differences that I want to show. They’re both considered “creme de la creme” of Jamaican patties, so it’s really based on personal preference.

I was invited on a culinary bloggers tour in Jamaica and we had just finished lunch at Scotchie’s Jerk Chicken and a second lunch at the only Irish pub in Jamaica. Most of us were ready for a nap, but I was ready to try Jamaican patties!

Well actually, to be honest, I wasn’t planning on going for patties, what I really wanted was dessert! In particular Devon House Ice Cream, which is supposed to be the best ice cream in Jamaica. So technically I shared 6 softball sized scoops of ice cream before these Jamaican patties. *Oink*

It was after ice cream and we were on our way back to the Sandals Resort when our driver drove by Juici Patties. I couldn’t hold back and asked him stop. I had to make the pit stop to try Juici Patties before I left Jamaica. I was determined and still craving an authentic Jamaican patty experience since my Tastee Patties experience didn’t count. I was also curious to try Juici Patties for comparisons sake.

Juici Patties started in Jamaica and they have restaurants all over there, and their other factory is actually in Toronto, Canada. You may have come across Juici Patties in the freezer section of some specialty grocery stores, but I’ve never tried them.

I’ve only had a couple Jamaican patties to date, so my expectations were rather neutral. Nonetheless I was excited to try them fresh on the spot! This post is more for my self-satisfaction of having a point of reference to draw back to when I come across another Jamaican patty outside of Jamaica. Sure, it won’t be fair to really compare them, but as a “foodie”, I think it’s important to know the difference and what they should taste like.

On the table:

**Juici Jamaican Patties – 5/6

  • Jamaicans actually feel really passionate about their Jamaican patties, so it was nice to know it wasn’t an Americanized Jamaican specialty.
  • The traditional Jamaican patties are beef, but nowadays there’s a lot of non-traditional flavours and even patties made with whole what pastry and soy.
  • I think of them as Jamaican style “pop tarts”.
  • They’re served piping hot and I could barely hold them.

**Juici Jamaican Beef Patty5/6

  • $85 JMD = $.99USD
  • Beef is the traditional Jamaican patty.
  • If it was my first time trying these outside of Jamaica, I would think that they bastardized the recipe by skimping on the filling, but it turns out that’s how they are there too.
  • So there isn’t much filling and the beef and onions are really minced up that it almost seems pureed and more like a creamy meat sauce.
  • It was very saucy with some curry and spices and a bit spicy from perhaps scotch bonnet pepper sauce.
  • The pastry I was more impressed by.
  • It was super light, crispy, tender and flaky with multiple layers, and it was likely made with butter and shortening.
  • It was really good, but you’re not chewing into any beef and it could almost pass off as mashed beans with a little ground beef.
  • The filling seems like it’s made with a lot of fillers, but if that’s how it’s authentically made, then that’s how it’s authentically made, so I can’t complain.

Tastee Jamaican Beef Patties n/a

  • Just for comparisons sake, this is the Beef Patty from Tastee Patties which is the other local favourite for the “best Jamaican patties”.
  • I tried these reheated so it wasn’t the same as fresh on the spot, therefore I can’t rate them.
  • The beef was more like a beef stew and it was still very creamy.
  • I know the photo looks dry and more like beans, but it wasn’t the case.
  • This is apparently the best beef patties get in Jamaica, so it’s nice to have for reference.

**Juici Jamaican Cheese Patties5.5/6

  • $125JMD = $1.45USD
  • These are modern day Jamaican patties and the cheese is an Americanized twist.
  • Despite them being not traditional, I actually like them better than the authentic beef ones.
  • It was the same thin and flaky pastry with the rich spicy beef sauce, but with added cheese .
  • The cheese was almost like Velveeta. There wasn’t much, and it’s probably really bad for you, but bad stuff always tastes good, and this was really good!

Juici Jamaican Chicken Patties4.5/6

  • $110JMD = $1.28USD
  • This one definitely had a stronger curry flavour, but it was the same creamy pureed texture and it was more like a chicken sauce than a hearty chicken stuffing.
  • I was expecting shredded pieces of chicken with diced onions and veggies, but I guess that’s not how they’re authentically made.
  • However the chicken patties at Tastee’s Patties did have actual pieces of chicken in it, although not much.
  • It was perhaps even spicier than the beef ones, and there was some also potatoes in it so it came across as “filler” stuffing again, but I guess that’s just how they are.

Tastee Jamaican Juice Pattiesn/a

  • Again, just for comparisons sake, this is the Chicken Patty from Tastee Patties which is the other local favourite for the “best Jamaican patties”.
  • I tried these reheated so it wasn’t the same as fresh on the spot, therefore I can’t rate them.
  • They looked really different and they even tasted different than Juici Chicken Patties.
  • I could actually bite into pieces of chicken (thigh I think) and it also had some mashed potato, but less curry flavour.
  • It was moist, but not as saucy and kind of reminded me of chicken pot pie.
  • It definitely had more of a chicken flavour and stuffing, which I liked.

Juici Patti’s CoCo Bread4/6

  • $55JMD = $.64USD
  • The CoCo Bread was a last minute decision and it was because they looked like they were being freshly baked in house and I couldn’t resist.
  • I totally ate this wrong and I wish it came with a manual!
  • I thought it was a dessert bread, but it’s actually a sandwich bread!
  • You’re supposed to sandwich your Jamaican patty into this! That’s heavy!
  • To me that sounded like major carb overload and way too much bread, but now that I know that’s how you’re supposed to eat it, I want to try it again properly!

  • It was super fluffy and almost layered and it tasted just like those fluffy Chinese mantou buns.
  • I was almost peeling it and I thought it would be much lighter, but I don’t think there’s much sugar in it and it’s not dessert like at all.
  • It was a sweeter bread, but it was hardly sweet and it’s definitely milk based and made with white flour and likely some egg.
  • Apparently it’s made with coconut milk, but I couldn’t tell in this one and it just tasted like regular milk.
  • It looked better than it tasted, but I also ate it wrong.



  • May says:

    OMFG. My eyes popped out of my head when I saw this post. The first thing I do when I land in the carribbean is to go STRAIGHT to get my tastee patty!!!! I go to the factory that makes them fresh and line up outside with all the kids after school and construction workers to get my fix. My absolute favourite is the chicken patty… I’ve considered smuggling them back to Vancouver but it’s not the same fresh out of the oven. So freaking good…

  • Bow says:

    The Jamaican patties I had in Vancouver(some time ago)were pretty good.. Went to the Patty Shop, on MacDonald, it’s been around for years and it’s cheap. I think the patties are $2./ea., dunno how “authentic” it is but I think for the price, it’s pretty good.

  • Mijune says:

    @May – LOL! You’re hilarious!! I’m so happy I posted on this for you!! I didn’t even know you could line up at a factory!! I gotta try that! Sounds amazing!!! YES! I AGREE!! Totally not the same unless it’s fresh from the oven. You should try Juici Patties!

    @Bow – ohhh ok I gotta try Patty Shop! Now I have something to compare to at least… in the end if they’re good, they’re good.. it’s just personal satisfaction being able to have something “authentic” to compare to 🙂

  • Linda says:

    how did i miss commenting on this?! a bun to sandwich the patties with? that’s nuts! but i really do love bread.. especially if it’s good bread 🙂

    i first ate jamaican patties when i was in highschool and fell in love with them.. totally thought it was going ot be like pizza pocket but the distinct color of the dough and the flakiness of it paired with the delicious filling inside.. YUM! now i have to go to patty shop too to get my fix 🙂 thanks for the suggestion bow and thanks for tickling my tastebuds mijune 🙂

  • Mijune says:

    @Linda – lol I know!! I was surprised that’s how you ate it!! So many carbs lol! I love carbs, but that’s A LOT. yay so glad you like your patties!

  • jay jay says:

    i love Juici Patties Chicken Patty< Soy Patty amnd Loaf< I also enjoy their Banana Bread

  • Sharifa says:

    I must say, there is nothing to me like Tastee patties!!! YUMMMMMO

  • Drew says:

    Don’t know about you and your taste, but every time I eat a Tastee patty I get sick. No such problem with a Juici patty. All my friends who go with me comment how Tastee has less meat in it than Juici and how “slimey” the Tastee tastes. Next time you’re here try a compare in one location of Juici, Tastee and Mothers

  • Ayeshatalent says:

    This was amazing. I am researching how to make the patty. This was an excellent site and I’m so happy to see so many pictures of the crust! I think perhaps the filling will be easier to make now that you have identified that there are many fillers that probably makes the filling so juicy. The more natural ingredients you use the dryer the filling could be now I understand that with perhaps potato breadcrumbs and other ingredients then the filling will be much more juicy. Awesome tips no factory line for me i will test it out in my kitchen

  • Stanley Gordon says:

    i live and woprk in the Bahamas and i have not had a real pattie for years now,There are patties here but not like our patties in Jamaica. I am dying to eat one now….Juci Beef and Tastee anr just the best i grew up on Tastee but Juci is just as good..

  • Daniel says:


    Juici Beef crumbles like crazy and just isn’t good as a tastee patty to me. Most likely you friends go to Juici and make comments like that because that’s what they want. I like both Juici Beef patties and Tastee patties fresh. I would choose Tastee over Juici any day tho. The crusts are filling are vastly different. Though they both taste good.

  • monica taylor says:

    do you sell franchise? How can I become committee member?

  • Claudia says:

    I have been inquiring about a tastee franchise for quite some time. How come they don’t have those for people interested in opening a tastee outlet in the U.S? or at least sell the recipe or something…

  • Tiana says:

    I’m a huge fan of patties. Traditionally the pastry is made with beef suet- which gives an amazing flavour and texture. It’s also interesting that many patties are pale in colour, like that of a regular pie- I prefer the deep golden yellow of the ones with turmeric added to the dough. I wish you had a better experience! The texture of the beef is unique, but a perfect dough and hot, fragrant sprices should make a great patty a memorable experience.

  • Megan H says:

    While Juici and Tastee may be the two largest patty competitors in Jamaica, have you considered Stanley’s Patties? They have been around since the 1950s . They are truly maintaining an authentic Jamaican tradition as some of their products are still made by hand . Additionally, they’re crust is unlike Juici and Tastee ( which in my opinion have similar crusts); it is flaky and crisp. The filling they use has actual chunks of range fed beef and chicken and the seasonings used are sourced locally.

  • pat says:

    Patties are Jamaican fast food, it’s the equivalent of a McDonalds hamburger, except vastly more ubiquitous. A large segment of the population eat these everyday for lunch, so keeping costs down is a significant part of it. The thin filling isn’t particularly authentic or inauthentic, it’s just cheap out of necessity. There are some places in Jamaica where you can get a patty unconstrained by cost, I remember a place at Devon House making an extravagant patty. Also try the ‘meat loaf’ and ‘callaloo loaf’ you can get almost anywhere patties are sold in Jamaica… they are the patty’s less famous cousins.

  • keith rafferty says:

    with patties, the crust is the important thing, imo tastee has the best…there are a zillion recipies for patties out there, but trust me, getting the crust right is HARD…^5 to the guy who remembered stanlys, there is also , in toronto, a famous family bakery that makes lovely patties in their own style , allans

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