Follow Me Foodie to Healthy & Cheap Eats in Vancouver!

Follow Me Foodie to Healthy & Cheap Eats in Vancouver!

Fat and broke from the holidays?

Yes? Well it just means you enjoyed yourself so don’t look back. It’s okay, we’re all in the same boat… or sinking the same boat? If you’re not in this category than pass this post on to your friends that could benefit. It may be insulting, but it’ll be a true test of friendship. If you missed my Foodie Friday segment on NEWS 1130AM radio this morning (11am every other Friday) here’s a quick recap.

Healthy and cheap are surprisingly hard to find, and healthy, cheap and good is even harder. Sure there are your salad bars and under 6 grams of fat Subway sandwiches, but eating healthy and cheap doesn’t have to be boring either. I’m not saying salad bars and Subway are boring (Jared Fogle ate it for how many years?), but there are more options and cuisines to explore.

Sure I could give you a list of vegan/vegetarian places, or you could just google those? Personally I’m a lover of rich, indulgent and heavy foods and could never really count a smoothie as lunch, but at this time of year, “healthy and cheap” is in demand. It’s okay, I get it, and who doesn’t want to save a penny?

I’m also not going to generalize everyone in one giant “fat and broke” category, so the following are just some suggestions for healthier and more affordable options. You decide which quote suits your current situation and bon appetit!

PS: I don’t think you’re fat… and I really hate that word.

Follow Me Foodie’s Healthy & Cheap Eats in Vancouver!

“I want something quick, healthy and cheap, and I’m not vegetarian or vegan.”

Photo from Something Healthy website

Try Something Healthy Wholesome Meals & Juice Bar – Menu items include whole wheat thin crust pizzas with skim cheese, baked sockeye salmon fillet with side of brown rice/quinoa & roasted veggies and freshly squeezed juices and smoothies. It’s quick healthy fast food, with items under 400 calories and less than $10.

Address: 660 Abbott Street, Vancouver, BC (Gastown)

“I ate one too many chocolate calenders and there was only December. I’m a step away from an acne commercial and I’m wearing elastic pants. I don’t mind having a smoothie for lunch and I still have cash for my gym membership… and/or yoga classes.”

Try The Juice Truck – It sounds like you may need a major detox. Menu items include The Pineapple Beat juice (Pineapple pressed with strawberry, apple, beet & ginger), The Strawberry Coconut smoothie (Strawberry blended with coconut meat, coconut milk, banana, raw cacao nibs, vanilla & agave) and there’s even a daily soup special if a drink just won’t cut it. It’s about $6-8 per drink, but the quality of ingredients are high. It’s not necessarily cheap, but who cares when you still have money for yoga!

Address: 200 Abbott Street, Vancouver, BC (Gastown)

“Eating turkey over the holidays is what I called “dieting”, I want my meat without feeling too guilty. Fries are vegetables because potatoes are vegetables.”

Bamboo-Charcoal Dark Miso Ramen

Try Motomachi Shokudo – Craving ramen and think it’s healthy? Not exactly, but here’s a healthier option for it. Motomachi Shokudo is a healthier take on ramen offering lighter broths. The Bamboo-Charcoal Dark Miso Ramen is a blackened soup made with powdered bamboo charcoal and miso ($9.75) and it’s the healthiest option on the menu.

Address: 740 Denman Street, Vancouver, BC (West End/Robson)

“Isn’t there anything more adventurous than brown rice and a salad? I don’t count calories, and my pants are slightly tighter than my cash… “

Photo from Dine Out There

Try Nuba –  It’s Lebanese and Middle Eastern healthy fast food at reasonable prices. It’s not really “cheap eats”, but it’s not expensive either. I’m sure if you count the calories, starches and fat it’s certainly not as healthy as a garden salad, but how many garden salads can you really eat? This is relatively healthy, a bit different, and full of spices and flavour.

Address: 4 locations in Vancouver, BC – see here

“I’m living in an apartment I can’t afford and went boxing day shopping on a line of credit… but I still fit my clothes!”

Try Ba Le Deli & Bakery or Au Petit Cafe – A Banh Mi (Vietnamese sub) is the ultimate in cheap eats. For around $3 it’s one of the biggest bangs for your buck! Ba Le Deli & Bakery and Au Petit Cafe are the two institutions and local favourites for them. The Vietnamese cold cuts, pate or dark meat chicken (depends what you choose) and the French baguette might not be healthy, but you still fit your clothes and are blessed with great genes… and probably look great in a pair of jeans! FYI you can’t use a line of credit for these because most likely the restaurants accept cash only.

Ba Le Deli & Bakery address: 701 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC, or 633 Main Street, Vancouver, BC, or #101A 15277 100th Ave, Surrey, BC

Au Petit Cafe address: 4851 Main Street, Vancouver, BC


  • joe says:

    whoa… I feel like you barely even scratched the surface of this genre in Vancouver. There are so many great places in the Lower Mainland that sell healthy good eats for under $10.

  • Linda says:

    mmm love the list 🙂 i guess nothing else really counts as healthy AND cheap – hard to conquer both! best is the banh mi i think 🙂

  • This is timely. My son lives in Vancouver and was just asking about affordable and healthy places to eat!

  • KimHo says:

    As somebody who eats out a lot (specially when on business trips), eating “healthy” is always a challenge. While a side salad might be a token of that borderline futile attempt to be healthy (and, yes, I do order salad without dressing), the major problem I have encountered is that, to suit the average North American tastebud, a lot of sugars, sodium or fat is used in the food preparation. After all, why McD’s french fries are so darn addictive??? 🙂 I have accepted that eating out is not necessarily healthy for you and, instead, accept for what it is: a pleasure.

    As for eating decently for cheap, there are options, it is just a matter of be savvy about it. The major mystery is though… How the !@#^!@#$ you eat you so often and still maintain that thin figure???? And don’t give me that “it is an illusion” excuse! 😛

  • Kristi says:

    Restaurants follow demand, not lead change! If we want healthy food, we have to demand it. There is nothing wrong with asking restaurants to omit fat, or otherwise tweak it to be healthier. The more people ask, the more they will get the point.
    I have embarked on a 100 day challenge and restaurants are really a challenge. There are hidden fats, in addition to the obvious. I vow — never to eat a burger again. Time for HEALTHY living.

  • Jayda Home says:

    I’m guessing good genetics….moderation…..gym membership and yoga…..running around from restaurant to another….wearing high heels (burns more calories since they take more work to walk in)…..running away from all her admirers……

  • LotusRapper says:

    A timely post, Mijune 🙂

    Not that I need any um …… slimming (looks in distorted mirror).

    May I add one healthy vendor, in City Square Mall on W.12 @ Ash):

  • Mijune says:

    @joe – Absolutely! I barely scratched the surface and I only had room to mention 3 on the radio! I could go on forever, but I only have room for so much to write 🙂 Please feel free to add your suggestions in your comments… or you can browse in the $10 or less section of my blog. I have tons! I didn’t even mention anything outside of Vancouver yet!

    @Linda – Healthy and cheap is the first place! But again it depends what you consider “cheap”. Nuba can be “cheap” to people, but my definition of REALLY cheap is banh mi 🙂 yum!

    @KimHo – lol oh please!!! i’ve gained weight since I’ve started this thing.. you may not be able to tell, but I can. hahah. it’s okay! As you said, eating out is an enjoyment thing… eating healthy I prefer to do at home…. which rarely happens lol

    @kristi – lean turkey burgers!!! or chicken burgers! I’ve had some great ones! good point on asking them to omit oils or use less butter 🙂

    @Jayda Home – lol Jayda!! *blush*!! No admirers, but I am flattered by your thoughts! Gym and yoga I actually don’t do either, but running around restaurant to restaurant… you NAILED IT! 😉

    @LR – yes!! please add as many as you want! This is just a small selection I listed and I only touched upon Vancouver!

    @Lyndsay “The Kitchen Witch” from CHARMED – perfect!! I hope your son likes the list!


  • LotusRapper says:

    @Mijune: congee is pretty healthy, just go easy on those Chinese doughnuts (yao tiew/youtiao) 🙂

  • Mijune says:

    @LR – Absolutely! It’s cheap too! But for those who have never tried congee before, I don’t recommend them going alone for the first time lol. Where do you like our congee?

  • LotusRapper says:

    For me, good congee places are:

    – Congee Noodle House (Broadway) & Congee Noodle King (Kingsway)
    – Kwongchow Congee & Noodle House
    – Nancy Wonton House
    – Neptune Wonton House (only if I’m in area)

    I hear from my Richmond relatives that Michigan Noodle Shop is also good for congee, but I’ve never been.

  • Mijune says:

    @LR – I was just going to name Michigan Noodle Shop and you beat me too it. I can find the plain congee at Congee Noodle House a bit bland and I like when they cook it with pork bones 🙂 But i liked your suggestions!! thank you LR!

  • LotusRapper says:

    @Mijune …… we’re not *allowed* to order plain congee. My parents say they’re not worth the money cuz they can be made at home, so we *must* order congees that come with “liew” (stuff) …. LOL ! I see their point, though.

    My personal fave is HK boat-style congee (teng-tsai jook).

  • CoastalSprite says:

    As both a foodie and a health nut thanks for the recommendations!! 😀

  • May says:

    This post made me laugh. I love elastic pants anytime of the year to accommodate more food intake!

  • Sisley says:

    Love your blog! I am a total foodie as well. Check it out 🙂

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