Happy Valentine’s Day! Next vs. el Bulli Opening – Must see video for food lovers!

Photo credit: Francesc Guillamet – the exclusive photographer of El Bulli.

This is my love…

If you haven’t fallen in love yet, you will now.

Stuff like this is what inspires me to do what I do. This is what I live for.

Happy Valentine’s Day Food Lovers.


  • HELEN says:

    Reading your blog daily is my must do list. Thanks for sharing this : )

  • HELEN says:

    When will you start blog your dining experience in Hawaii ? Did you just come back? I am going this spring, hope to get some restaurants for suggestions. Thanks.

  • Laura says:

    Reading your blog so inspires me and my passion for food! I learn so much from you! Thank you!

  • chef j says:

    aloha mijune,
    i absolutely love the video you posted and hope to read more of your blogs. not sure if you’ll even read this comment, but i saw your current poll and would personally like to suggest that you visit chicago first and hawaii last. chicago’s food scene vastly outweighs that of hawaii. keep in mind, i am an aspiring chef who has worked in a few Michelin starred restaurants and was born/raised on the island of ‘Oahu. my list of places to eat in chicago include: alinea, next, schwa, moto, blackbird, graham elliott, L2O, and tru. my list of places to eat in hawaii is a joke compared to that. it’s not that i’m opposed to tourists visiting hawaii, or foodies writing reviews about hawaii’s food scene. it’s just that hawaii’s food scene seems to be divided right now between ‘foodies who actually know the values of sustainability/morality’ and ‘foodies who just want things to be cheap, taste ‘good’ (fatty, salty, etc.), and come w/ 2 scoops of rice, mac salad, and two bbqed proteins.’ farmers markets are slowly becoming a larger and larger part of the food culture, along with the ideals of the ‘local farm to table’ concept in select restaurants. however, i don’t think hawaii is completely there yet. i am currently trying my best to assist in this ‘grass roots’ movement and am hopeful to see a substantial change in the coming years. so, for now, my suggestion would be to let hawaii grow into a ‘foodie-friendly community’ first. otherwise, i’m afraid that other foodies, like yourself and i, might start ripping on my culture’s food, as do many people who haven’t been brought up here. most of which don’t realize that hawaii is not only place to eat local food, but it is an isolated island with a completely different culture/way of life/way of thinking from the mainland United States. many individuals in hawaii have been and/or are trying to assimilate to the mainland United States (i.e. about 93% of the food we eat here is imported), but there are those of us who want to turn it around.

    think about it and please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns regarding my comment. i would also like to add that this is in no way a personal attack against you. if anything, this comment should indicate the importance of your presence in the food scene.

    – chef j

    p.s. i also think that you missed some key restaurants in california’s bay area, peninsula, napa valley, and southern area. just to mention a few: manresa, meadowood, baume, benu, commis, sons and daughters, saison, coi, plum, station 1, quince, la folie, atelier crenn, ubuntu, and chez pannise. those are just to name a few…i could go on and on. california’s food scene is ridiculous.

  • Mijune says:

    @Helen – aww thank you so much for your kind comment!! I actually didn’t go to Hawaii! I’ve been before, but I do hope to make a revisit!! Lots of people always want dining suggestions for it!! If I think of anything I will report back on here! 🙂

    @Laura – you’re going to make me cry Laura!! Thank you so much for following this blog for so long!!!!! You’ve really seen it from the start!!

    @chef j – I always try to read and reply to every single comment!! Thank you for leaving such a long and detailed one!! Pleased to have you on my blog! I never know what chefs think of foodies and food bloggers etc.

    No offence taken at all to your comment! I loved it!! I understand what you’re saying completely. I’ve been to Hawaii on a few accounts, but I didn’t do the food scene justice. There’s a lot of Asian fusion stuff going, but i had some interesting local food here at one point….you know the whole roasted pork and ube etc etc… that was fun. Chicago is almost incomparable to Hawaii don’t you think? Chicago is on the level of New York. I personally have Chicago first on my list as well, but it’s nice to get a feel of where my readers travel to and want to see. And yes! I barely made a dent in Cali! There is so much good food there and San Francisco and Portland are fun places for me. I do love Napa too, but it can get a bit “touristy” and the novelty starts to wear off.

    I’d love to comment more, but I’m staring at a million “to-do’s” right now.. I do appreciate the great comment though and I hope it’s not the first/last 🙂

  • Ginger says:

    I had the privilege of eating at Next for their Childhood menu in November. Tickets are so hard to get, but we managed to find two on Craigslist for cost. A outgoing Chicago-ite had friends who couldn’t make it and they asked potential dinner dates to write a short essay on why they should be chosen, and they chose my husband and me! Our dinner experience at Next blew our minds. At one point, we started clapping at how amazing our dish was. Bravo! And unreal…

    Chicago is foodie paradise. While Vancouver is expensive for a good meal, a Michelin star restaurant in Chicago will run at a comparable price, but the difference in the two restaurants are night and day. We felt like robbers, having amazing experiences and meals at much less than what we’d pay in Vancouver (think Cin Cin vs. Next prices)! We also ate at Blackbird (Michelin star), had drinks at the Aviary and the Office (part of the Alinea group), Maude’s Liquor Bar (Bib Gourmand rated), and tried as heck to get into Girl and Goat but to no avail. There is always next time! We will go back, and yes, it’ll mostly be for the food.

    Chicago is a very cool city, with the best food, super friendly people – you’ll love it! The Chefs in Chicago seem to be the trend setters of the restaurant world.

  • Mijune says:

    @ginger – getting tickets at cost is great!! It pulls my heart strings when you want to clap after a meal! I’ve cried after one before lol. Yes Chicago is really on my “to-do” list this year! I really want to go!!! I can’t believe Vancouver is more expensive!! Wow! Aviary is on my list too and Girl and the Goat!!! Thanks for your wonderful comment and tips!

  • Hello Mijune,
    thank you for the photo credit BUT actually the photos should be credited to Francesc Guillamet who is the exclusive photographer of El Bulli.
    I’ve mentioned it at the end of the post, but perhaps it wasn’t clear….
    Would please change it, to give proper credit where it is due ?
    Thank you

  • Mijune says:

    @my castle in spain – thank you!! will do!

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