My Apple Pie In-A-Jar Recap & A Sweet Thank You!

My Apple Pie In-A-Jar Recap & A Sweet Thank You!

From this…

… to THIS!


Phew! Is it over? Already? I feel like it happened so fast! It was not an easy task and I was brought back to memories of my “Batch Up Challenge” on Recipe to Riches… have I learned anything since then? Yes! But was it still a challenge? YES!

Just to quickly recap, but February is Apple Month! It’s an initiative to support our local Okanagan farmers and growers during a slower time of year. Therefore together with BC Tree Fruits, I have recreated and reproduced an apple version of my Canadian Pie In-A-Jar that was featured on Food Network Canada’s Recipe to Riches.

Not only that, but I was pleased to have Nature’s Path support my event once again by donating their NEW “Love Crunch” Premium Granola Apple Crumble! Free samples of the granola were given throughout the event and bags were available for purchase by donation with 100% proceeds going to Vancouver Food Bank! Apples and apple recipes were also provided by BC Tree Fruits.

Thank you so much to everyone who came out (even though it rained) and joined me at The Long Table at the Salty Tongue Cafe. This was my first ever public Apple Pie In-A-Jar sampling and it meant so much to have you support it even if it was just spreading the word or sending your wishes. For those that came down, it was so lovely to meet you in person and I was honoured to have you there!

A big shout out to the Salty Tongue Cafe staff, generous sponsors, friends and volunteers for being so helpful… without you I would have cried in a jar or baked in the kitchen wearing heels… actually never mind, I still did that second part.

Josh Boettcher @Jabbers19 – “Ohmygosh!!! Apple Pie In-A-Jar is not only brilliant, but absolutely#delicious @followmefoodie

Anita @PetiteFoodie – “Swung by Salty Tongue Cafe on my way to buy supplies for my party. Tried #FMFpie & it was delicious! @followmefoodie

BreandFX @BRANDFX – “Just devoured a scrumptious apple pie in-a-jar from @followmefoodie #FMFpie YUM”

Woosang Lee @woosang_lee – “Apple pie in a jar by @followmefoodie. Very delicious & thought it was an interesting take on a classic dessert.”

Danielle Buhler @Nelliebobellie – “Really loved @followmefoodie‘s apple pie in a jar today at @SaltyTongueCafe – the butter crunch on top was stellar 🙂 Great job, Mijune!”

CityFood Magazine @CityFood_mag – “@followmefoodie More in Pie-In-A-Jar than I expected. Jar looks small [sample sized jar], but feel like you’re eating whole slice of pie! Great idea, Mijune.”

Photo credit @YVRBro

Sean @YVRBCbro – “Just tried @followmefoodie #FMFPie at the @SaltyTongueCafe soooo good-just like mom couldn’t make!”

Gagan Singh @GregariousGagan – “@followmefoodie Thank you for hosting a sampling event for the pie in a jar! Love the cardamom flavour! Reminded me of India.”

Amanda Yeo @ayeo – “Mm apple-pie-in-a-jar. Awesome dessert Mijune! I especially loved the crunch on top. @followmefoodie

Ryan Chote @ryanchote – “Omgawd @followmefoodie‘s Pie-In-A-Jar is quite possibly the best tasting pie ever!”

Photo credit @YVRBro

The response was overwhelming and thanks for everyone’s support we ended up selling out of Apple Pie In-A-Jars in an hour! And equally as exciting was the requests for another tasting! So do I plan on having another tasting? Hopefully, but only if YOU want one! So let me know by leaving me a comment or sending me a tweet (@followmefoodie #FMFPie) so I can keep you updated on future tastings!

xo Mijune


  • Mij says:

    HUGE SUCCESS as usual!!! I love seeing so many ppl eating your Pie-In-A-Jar!!!

  • Hank Lewis says:


    Wish you could can it with proper preserves and ship it to me in Houston to reheat and try. Looks soooo yummy!


  • Laura says:

    That looks so delicious! Wish I could have come…next time!

  • Josh says:

    I’m so thankful I was able to go!! It was uniquely delicious!!

  • vivian says:

    So proud of you Mijune with the first launching of your apple pie in a jar! I wish I could have been there. Hope you will hold more tastings of your delectable homemade goodies!!

  • patti wan says:

    Those ingredients sound so delicious- I’d want to call it temptation in a jar , party in a jar …..!

  • Isabel says:

    Any chance you can set up an online order system for these?

  • Jane says:

    Thanks so much! It was very delicious! The butter crunch was amazing. I’m glad I could still make to the tasting despite the rain and time limit. Actually I would’ve liked a second cup you offered me, but I was being good. Lol.. :b
    Oh and thank you for the apples too!

  • Mijune says:

    @Mij – aww gahz!!! Thank you!!!

    @Hank Lewis – thanks hank!! Did you try the recipe? This is the apple version, but the pear version I really love too!

    @Laura – aw thanks Laura! I know you would have come if you could!

    @Josh – And I’m so thankful you came!! Thank You!!

    @vivian – aw viv!!! Thank you!! You’re such a role model for being an entrepreneur so I hope to follow suit 🙂

    @patti wan – “Temptation in a Jar”… omg you just inspired a whole new recipe for me!! Thank you!!

    @Isabel – that would be awesome!! I’m going to try my best to figure out something so that everyone can try it, but logistics are challenging.

    @Jane – If you come to my events, being good is indulging so don’t be shy next time!!! Eat 2 or 3 or 4+!!! Thank you for coming Jane!

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