Tales of the Cocktail 2012 in Vancouver (February 12 – February 14)

Tales of the Cocktail 2012

The world’s premier cocktail festival arrives in Vancouver, BC!

It’s the 10th Anniversary for Tales of the Cocktail! Love cocktails? Well obviously not that much if this is the first time you’ve heard of this event. If you haven’t bought your tickets, booked your days off, or even booked your hotel rooms, then you’re not very prepared and you better get on that! Or just buy your ticket and worry about it later, although the only thing you’ll be worrying about later is what excuse to use for not showing up to work on time, or even at all.

Tales of the Cocktail is the world’s premier cocktail festival which happens annually in New Orleans. Having been very successful last year, it will make its appearance in Vancouver for the second time. It truly is an honour to have them visit Vancouver and it says a lot about our cocktail scene. The city should be really proud, but then again we always are.

It’s a 4 day event from February 12 to February 15. Just in time for Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re hitched or single, this is an event where everyone is ready to mingle, so wedding rings off and let the fun begin! No, I’m totally kidding, but seriously I would take the days off work because your boss won’t want you there anyway… and you for sure won’t want to be there. Come one or come all, the events are all entertaining, and even if you don’t think so, I’m sure there will be someone you’ll find entertaining.

Apothéke in Manhattan, New York

I don’t want to make the event sound like it’s for rowdy college students, because it’s not. The festival is actually made for cocktail professionals and enthusiasts and it is open to the industry and public alike. It involves many of our local talented bartenders and mixologists, as well as many internationally recognized ones leading some of the workshops. With scheduled seminars, dinners, competitions and tasting rooms there are many events for ticket holders to attend throughout the day.

One of the cocktail workshops I’m looking forward to most is “Born to Mix“, where attendees learn about spirits and liqueurs from Dushan Zaric, who is one of New York’s cocktail masters. The course seems to really examine alcohol, help discover your profile, and apply it to mixing drinks. It’s all about the art and science behind the cocktail. Of course tasting the drinks is part of the process and I’m just hoping I can retain all the information… luckily the class is at 10:30am.

Tales of the Cocktail is essentially a 4 day celebration of the cocktail. All the events take place at The Fairmont Pacific Rim in downtown Vancouver and for more details and ticket info – see here.

**Please plan travel and accommodations wisely and party responsibly.


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