Follow Me Foodie to Easter Dinners, Desserts and Events!

Delicious Easter Celebrations in Vancouver!

Follow Me Foodie to Easter Dinners, Desserts and Events!

Easter is just around the corner and it’s not just a holiday for families or kids. You might have grown out of the Easter Egg Hunt, but you never grow out of the Easter brunches, dinners, chocolates, desserts or celebrations. And if you did, then you just grew out of fun, so this year you’re going to get back into it because I’ve spotted some excellent Easter treats and events happening around town. If you missed my Foodie Friday segment on NEWS 1130AM radio this morning (11am every other Friday) here’s a quick recap.

“I don’t do the plastic Easter Eggs and I’m not 6.”

That’s okay and neither am I! Beta 5 Chocolates is a relatively new chocolate shop in Vancouver, BC. I’ve tried a few of their chocolates and they’re very good quality and made in small batches. They’ve got the science and the art and they work with ethically sourced ingredients and come up with really creative flavours for their chocolates and treats. For the Easter celebrations they’ve created an assortment of gourmet chocolate-covered Easter Eggs filled with sun-dried cherries, marcona almonds, fraser valley hazelnuts, pistachios, puffed cereals and house-made pretzel bites. Talk about fancy huh? I like! Shop their online store here.

BETA5 Chocolates – 413 Industrial Ave, Vancouver, BC, 604.669.3336

“I’ve never tried rabbit, but I’m curious to.”

Bistro Bistrot offers an excellent rabbit dish. It’s been a while since I’ve had it, but I’m looking forward to refreshing my memory and I hope nothing has changed. I mentioned in my Vancouver Food Trends for 2012 post that “Rabbit is the new chicken“, and really if you’ve never tried it, you would think it was chicken unless you knew the anatomy. The French bistro is a cozy, casual and sophisticated restaurant and the owners are also French. Since their signature rabbit dish comes with quite a bit of cream sauce I would suggest trying it with their house made baguette for dipping.

Bistro Bistrot – 1961 W 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC (Kitsilano)

“I’m looking for Easter gifts for kids and adults.”

Thomas Haas is hosting his 7th Annual Easter Egg Raffle benefiting the “Union Gospel Mission” in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside as well as the “North Shore Women’s Centre” in North Vancouver. Raffle tickets will be sold for $5 and 100% of the raffle ticket proceeds will be donated. These raffle tickets would make a great gift for anyone and of course he is also offering special Easter themed chocolates and treats at both his locations for all ages. The photo above and the one featuring this post (at the top) are the two Easter Egg centerpieces to be won for the raffle.

Thomas Haas Chocolates & Patisserie – 128, 998 Harbourside Dr, North Vancouver – 604.924.1847

Thomas Haas Chocolates & Patisserie – 2539 West Broadway, Vancouver – 604.736.1848

“Rabbits are cute, but they’re also delicious. I’d like to know it better than I already do.”

Le Gavroche is an intimate, cozy and hidden gem in downtown Vancouver offering traditional and modern French cuisine. On Easter Sunday they will be offering a 4 course rabbit dinner for $45. Yes, Bugs Bunny is cute and I respect those who think “rabbits are friends, and not food”… but just wait until you try one! It really is very good… *blush*

**Unfortunately, I was recently informed on April 2 that the 4 course rabbit dinner is no longer happening and instead they will be offering a Sunday Brunch – see here for the full menu.

Le Gavroche – 1616 Alberni St, Vancouver, BC (Robson Street/West End)

“I want the fun to last past Easter!”

Indulge n’ Dance isn’t really an Easter event, but it continues the celebration of all things sweet… and maybe even savoury eg: Candied Maple Bacon Cake Pops from Some Kind of Wonderful! It’s an after-dinner event on Saturday, April 14 at the W2 Media Cafe and Performance Centre at the Woodward’s Building in Gastown. Featuring some of Vancouver’s up and coming pastry makers it’s a great opportunity to be the first to try desserts that haven’t even hit the market yet. Meet new friends and also dance off the calories to some 80’s-90’s music… or laugh them off by watching those who think they can dance… I kid… unless you have dark humour. For more information see here.

I’m giving away 2 tickets to Indulge n’ Dance, check here for details!


  • Jayda Home says:

    haha…. Bruno and I still have an Easter Egg hunt every Easter Sunday. We went down to Thomas Haas yesterday to pick up all our Easter Eggs as well as an Easter Stollen (and a raffle tix). I’ll admit I also convinced Bruno (aka Easter bunny) to get me a few Cadbury Easter Creme Eggs since they were my favourite growing up. Can only eat 2 or 3 nowadays since they are so so sweet. Life’s too short not to act like a kid once in a while. …. plus who doesn’t like finding chocolate?

  • Linda says:

    happy early easter mijune! 🙂

    those cake pops with bacon look yummy!

  • Jayda Home says:

    We just discovered some pretty awesome macarons at this little cafe in White Rock called Elle’s. They order them in from truebow patisserie and they were really good……quite unexpected actually. The salted caramel were really fantastic. I don’t think truebow has a website so I’m not sure where else you can find them….. I have their card but it only lists a phone no. and email address.

  • Jayda Home says:

    Actually I read it wrong, it’s triebow.

  • Mijune says:

    @Jayda – Oh I don’t think I’ve heard of Elle’s! I will have to check it out! Thanks Jayda!! You would know a good macaron too 🙂

  • Mijune says:

    @Linda – Happy Easter to you too Linda!!

  • Jayda Home says:

    It is a lovely little spot…..hidden unfortunately so no one knows they are there. I think they are having a hard time…. but I love the food there….. I think it’s mostly organic and everything is homemade by the couple who run it. It’s only open for breakfast and lunch I think……
    I would also like to wish you a Happy Easter! Bruno and I have already picked up our necessities at Thierry and Thomas Haas …. so we are all set for an Easter Egg hunt….. ; ). Oh, I love this time of year!!!!

  • Avee says:

    Try the following – OR –
    Be prepared for your mouth to water as you gaze on their most yummy

    Elle’s at Hillcrest Mall in White Rock and well worth a visit, always a great choice
    of food and served with a smile. My favourite place for coffee and also lunch.

  • Mijune says:

    @Avee – thanks for the tips Avee!! Elle’s I haven’t heard of yet! Thanks!

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