International Macaron Day! (Macarons in Vancouver, BC)

Happy International Macaron Day!

Today marks the first International Macaron Day in Vancouver! Originally known as “Le Jour du Macaron” it was actually a celebration that started  4-7 years ago (debatable) by Parisian pastry chef Pierre Hermé. It is now celebrated world wide, hence “international”, and Vancouver is in on the fun.

Pierre Hermé and Ladurée are the names to remember as the Mecca of macarons since they were the first to introduce the idea of innovative and gourmet macarons. Pierre Hermé came first, but both are world renowned.
If you don’t know what a macaron is yet, then you must be living under a rock… or sheltered by girly girls. Someone on Twitter once referred to them as “those stupid colourful cookies girls can’t stop taking pictures of” and I would say it’s more or less true. I don’t think they’re stupid though, they’re just the latest obsession in Vancouver for the last 2 years and counting. Anyways, today is the day we celebrate them because desserts are people too.

Just to set the record straight, these are not the American ones made from coconut which is a macaroon, but the macaron is a Parisian one made with almond flour. I wrote a post called “The Perfect Parisian Macaron” and what to look for when trying one, but that’s not what this day is really about.

Besides being a celebration, today is also about where the money goes. “______ Day”, be macarons, peanut butter, or car tires, can easily be seen as a way to promote sales, and while that’s always somewhat true (not a big deal, everyone has to make a living), I’m proud to say that some of Vancouver’s macaron makers and retailers are supporting the event by donating to a charity of their choice. Well if macarons aren’t worth celebrating alone, then maybe this will be the extra incentive! The following are some Parisian Macaron promotions happening around town as well as others that may or may not be participating, but might be worth checking out.

**To avoid disappointment arrive early while supplies last.

Happy International Macaron Day!

Soirette Macarons and Tea offers excellent macarons. Customers receive a free macaron although donations are welcome. Donations will be going to Make A Wish Foundation. They are also launching a new line of macaron based desserts today and a complimentary gift will be given with a purchase of a box of 12 macarons.

Photo of raspberry macaron (above) from Soirette.

French Made Baking will be celebrating with free macarons, however a donation of minimum $2 is appreciated (but it’s up to you) and all proceeds from macarons this day are going to the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. See details here.

Thierry Chocolaterie Patisserie & Cafe will be donating 10% of all macaron proceeds from today towards Growing Chefs! Chefs for Children’s Urban Agriculture. See details here.

Kitchening with Carly – Today is a big day for Carly. She was actually one of the dessert vendors we selected for Vancouver’s Foodie Feast last year and I’m so proud of her accomplishments. Starting today, all Urban Fare locations will be carrying her macarons. You can also meet Carly for a complimentary macaron today by visiting her at Shangri-La Urban Fare 11am-2pm and Yaletown Urban Fare at 3pm-7pm.

Photo from Delighted

Leonida’s Waterfront is offering 25% off their $2 macarons today and $.50 for each one sold is going to Ride to Conquer Cancer.

For other places offering macarons, but may or may not be participating in the promotions are…

CinCin Ristorante

Thomas Haas (Photo by Mary)

Bel Cafe

J’adore les Macarons

The Urban Tea Merchant

Stuart’s Bakery (Granville Island)

Ladurée in Manhattan, New York

Jean-Georges in Manhattan, New York

Bouchon Bakery in Yountville, California

Point G in Montreal, Quebec

Other (but not all) Parisian macarons in Metro Vancouver include: Ganache Patisserie, Kreation Artisan Cake, Saint Germain Bakery, Meinhardt Fine Foods, La Baguette et L’Echalot, Urban Fare, Paul Croteau Confections, Say See Bon Patisserie, Boulangerie Chopain, Chicco Cafe, Well Seasoned, Chef Kev, OrganicLives, and many others! If I missed one please leave a comment and I’ll add it.

Who makes your favourite Macaron?


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