Quebec City, Quebec – Lady Kookie Biscuiterie

Restaurant: Lady Kookie Biscuiterie
Cuisine: Desserts/Cookies/Bakery
Last visited:
November 9, 2011
Quebec City, QC (Old Montreal)
Address: 1, Rue St-Jean
Bus: Sainte-Foy / Cartier
Price Range: 
$10 or less

1: Poor 2: OK 3: Good 4: Very good 5: Excellent 6: FMF Must Try!

Food: 5
Service: 4
Ambiance: 3
Overall: 5
Additional comments:

  • Locally owned
  • Cookies only
  • Hand made cookies
  • Freshly baked in house
  • High qulaity ingredients
  • Lots of variety
  • No preservatives
  • All natural; all butter
  • Limited savoury crackers available
  • Organic Italian coffee/tea
  • Delivery in Quebec City only
  • Mon-Wed. 10am – 6pm
  • Thurs- Fri. 10am –  8pm
  • Saturday 10am – 6pm
  • Sunday 12pm-5pm

**Recommendations: Kookie, Dulce De Leche, Lady (Lychee, Rose & Cherry Macaron), Noix de Makadam (White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookie), Épicé (Spicy Cookie)

**Warning: This is a girly post.

It was Follow Me Foodie to Quebec City and one of my foodie adventures was exploring the city’s local food stores and shop owners. On behalf of Tourism Quebec City, we were arranged a foodie scavenger hunt and each person was assigned 1-2 items to bring back for an indoor picnic (since it was November). This is a really typical activity to do in the summer. The whole concept was very European too and it was hard to believe that I was still in Canada. Quebec City was almost like Paris’ “little sister”, and it was literally a taste of Europe outside of Europe.

The list of lunch items included meat, cheese, bread, salads, chocolates and cookies… so how did they know? As much as I love creton (a French-Canadian “pork paté”) and various patés (chicken liver mousse and cognac gelée shown above), how did they know which item to assign me? By the way, those patés were amazing and we found them at a local grocery store specializing in meats and cheese.

As for cheese, I love cheese! I would have been thrilled to be assigned cheese! But nope, that wasn’t in their plan. So what was left? Bread? Or salads?

Nope it wasn’t bread either, and I was pretty happy it wasn’t salads. I actually really like salads, but if I was going on a hunt for them in Quebec, I wouldn’t see salads as much of a Québécois specialty. Meat, cheese, and bread definitely… but none of those were my responsibility. So it was down to desserts! Chocolate or cookies?

Cookies!!! You should have seen my face light up and my eyes grow bigger as I saw my assignment! Really?! You put me in charge of “cookies”?! Well I’ve just won the lottery! So with a hop, jump and a skip I was off to see Lady Kookie Biscuiterie, also known as Pastry Chef Annie Champagne.

It was quite far away from the main strip of shops, maybe a 15-20 minute walk away from the centre (which I consider far… don’t laugh). I would actually consider it a hidden gem because it was located in a quieter residential neighbourhood.

If you’re a tourist and on foot, you would have to make it a point to visit because it wasn’t really around anything. Although it might be quite a walk from the centre, it was worth the exercise! And with all that cardio, it was deserving enough for at least a dozen cookies. I had to get enough energy to walk back right?

Aw! So cute! Okay so I had to ask them how they knew. It turns out that they did a little research and “Follow Me Foodie” or “Mijune” was destined for Lady Kookie Biscuiterie. I had to chuckle. It was fabulous! And I was honoured! I think my apron was a dead giveaway. If I didn’t know it was a cookie boutique, I would have thought it was a lingerie boutique, but there was definitely a theme that I was buying into.

The display was reminiscent of Ladurée, but instead of just macarons, it was a line up of cookies. I felt like I was shopping for jewellery, but much more affordable, although these cookies aren’t that affordable. They are labour intensive and the ingredients are high, so like most things of this nature, you are really paying for them.

They were all so pretty… and French! Well actually not really, but they were so dainty and classy. The cookies were incredibly innovative and original to Lady Kookie Biscuiterie and they were a mix of American, French and French-Canadian cookies. They weren’t your traditional old fashioned cookies, which I like as well, but these were elegant cookies with a lighter flare and made for a more sophisticated palate.

This was cookie royalty. They’re hand made in house, all natural, with the finest ingredients, and I could just tell that each one was made with passion and heart. I didn’t even question if they would taste as good as they looked, and I just had a feeling that these could be some of the best cookies I’ve ever had to date. And I was right.

I know. It’s a bold statement. To say anything is “the best ever” is something I hate saying, but honestly, I haven’t had cookies quite like these. Yes, I bake cookies and I’ve had great cookies, but I literally savoured every crumb of almost each cookie, and I still remember all of them to this date.

I ended up bringing 22 cookies to share and I was determined to eat at least 11 of them.

On the table:

**Kookie Cookie – 5/6 (Excellent)

  • Finally a light chocolate chip cookie: less sweet and more nutritious with sunflower seeds, dried cherries and sesame seeds. You’ll love it! $1.65
  • This was beautiful! It wasn’t that old fashioned chocolate chip cookie (which I still love), but it was tender, soft and chewy with a melt in your mouth crumb and texture.
  • It wasn’t oily or very sweet and the chocolate chips weren’t hard, but creamy.
  • The sunflower seeds and sesame seeds on top added a slight crunch and nuttiness which I loved!
  • It wasn’t dry, but it was thin and tender and there was great chew and tartness from some dried cherries and every bite left me with something to explore.
  • Although “light” they didn’t taste necessarily “healthy”, but they were perfect chocolate chip cookies for a grown up tea party.

**Épicé (Spicy) Cookie4/6 (Very good)

  • Surprising. It tastes like chocolate, pecans and cinnamon when, suddenly, a little “spice” tickles your taste: cayenne pepper. Try without fail! $1.65
  • It was almost like gingerbread and the chocolate was of high quality cocoa so there was a nice bitterness and earthiness from perhaps espresso (?).
  • The little bits of pecans added texture and the warm spices of cinnamon was reminiscent of Christmas.
  • The cayenne was light, and it didn’t kick in until I waited and looked for it, but it was nice and gave a mild heat.

**Noix de Makadam (White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookie) – 6/6 (FMF Must Try!)

  • A white chocolate cookie, not trivial! The addition of lime zest creates a refreshing burst of flavor in your mouth. $1.65
  • Omg. Talk about taking white chocolate macadamia nut cookies to the next level! This was brilliant!
  • White chocolate macadamia nut cookies are one of my favourite cookies ever, and this was perhaps the best version I’ve had of it.
  • It was a tender light and soft cookie with soft white chocolate chunks and it wasn’t too sweet.
  • There were some whole crunchy Macadamia nuts and the drizzle of fresh lime glaze with the zest just brought the flavours to life!
  • The sweet and citrus contrast was so well balanced and unique.

Santé (Healthy) Cookie4/6 (Very good)

  • A cookie moist and delicious and … healthy, white sugar has been replaced with applesauce and brown sugar. $1.65
  • This would be my cookie for breakfast. I’m a fan of nuts, granola and dried fruit so I liked this!
  • It was almost like an oatmeal cookie and there are so many versions of this “healthy cookie” that it wasn’t particularly different, although very good!
  • I didn’t even know the sugar was replaced with applesauce and brown sugar.
  • It wasn’t “too healthy” where it tastes like cardboard, but I still felt healthy eating it.
  • It was almost like a chewy soft granola bar, or very moist oatmeal cookie, and it was loaded with plump and soft cranberries for tartness.
  • I expected some flax, and maybe even more nuts and seeds, but it was still great!

Krème de Marrons (Chestnut Cream) Cookies n/a

  • Discover the delicate flavor of chestnuts mashed with butter and sugar. A perfect match with dark chocolate. Chic, this cookie! $2.50
  • I didn’t get to try this one 🙁

**Dulce De Leche Cookie – 6/6 (FMF Must Try!)

  • I fell in love… literally something that tastes like heaven. This is pure delight caramel biscuit the hottest in town! $2.50
  • I like dulce de leche, but I don’t love it because I usually think it’s too sweet, but in this case, it was perfect!
  • The caramel filling wasn’t too sweet, but it was creamy and buttery and intense with flavour.
  • The cookies were soft and chewy and there was some salt to keep it balanced.
  • There were little candied toffee or butterscotch bits in the cookie as well, but they weren’t hard and didn’t stick to your teeth.

**Princesse (Princess) Cookie – 5/6 (Excellent)

  • This cookie requires a long time to prepare. That’s why we call it our princess. It is delicious with the chocolate-hazelnut spread. Its a shortbread base with aromas of coffee, rolled pecans, cracks under the tooth. $2.50
  • I love hazelnuts and this one was full of them. It was almost like the cookie version of a Ferrero Rocher.
  • The cookie was buttery, drier and crumbly from so many toasted hazelnuts. There was a nice crunchiness to it, but it wasn’t hard.
  • The filling was of a fresh hazelnut and chocolate spread which tasted like Nutella to me.

Karottes (Carrot) Cookie – 4/6 (Very good)

  • This was achieved: our carrot cake cookie tastes 100% carrot cake. Just as soft and cheesy! $2.50
  • I love carrot cake and this was exactly that. A carrot cake in cookie form with a hint of cinnamon and I think nutmeg (?).
  • It was a soft and cakey cookie with real carrots and then in between was a fluffy cream cream cheese frosting made fresh in house.
  • Although I did love it, I also like carrot cakes with coconut and nuts in them, so I’m a bit biased. I also found this a bit pricey for the size.
  • Another amazing carrot cake I came across in Quebec City was at Laurie Raphaël  – see here (totally different levels though).

Koussin au Citron (Lemon Cushion) – 3.5/6 (Good-Very good)

  • Style “whoopie pie”. Lemon wish, it is the softer biscuit. One has the impression of biting into a cloud. Its yellow color makes us cheerful. $2.50
  • This was very good, but I would consider it quite pricey for what it was.
  • This was ultra airy and light, and it was incredibly squishy and cakey with a very fresh and bright lemon flavour and nice tartness.
  • It was filled with a creamy rich lemon curd and it was almost like a lemon meringue cupcake sandwich.
  • Again, very good, but I wouldn’t say you miss out by not trying it, although the texture was lovely!

Kébécois (Québécois) Cookie2/6 (Okay)

  • Real butter, real maple syrup, real maple flakes. Enjoy a Kébécois, it’s like being at the sugar shack, and more refined. $2.50
  • This was gorgeous, but way too sweet for my Vancouver-Canadian taste buds. This was definitely for the French Canadians since they tend to have sweeter palates.
  • It was incredibly sweet and almost like a sugary meringue and it melted in your mouth like a crispy sugary sandcastle.
  • The maple sugar frosting was intense and there was lots of maple flavour, but I just couldn’t enjoy it as much as I wanted to, because it was a bit “hurt your teeth” sweet.

**Lady Cookie 6/6 (FMF Must Try!)

  • Notice to all: what is a macaroon biscuit – change of scenery. White chocolate ganache flavored with dried cherries and lychee liqueur. $2.50
  • The lychee and rose flavour combination is an idea from Pierre Hermes (Mecca of macarons in Paris), but she did put her own twist to it with the cherries and white chocolate.
  • This was my favourite cookie of them all! Not because it was a macaron too, but just because I’ve never had anything like it! It was pricey for a macaron though.
  • It had almost all my listed qualities of a perfect Parisian macaron, with a couple bumps here and there it actually tasted better than it looked!
  • It was crisp on the outside and the inside was tender, moist and slightly chewy, but still melted away easily in my mouth.
  • There was a perfect balance of sugar and almonds and I could taste all the flavours in the description.
  • It was incredibly aromatic, fruity and slightly floral with the hint of rose water and the sour dried cherries gave the tartness to balance out the sweet.
  • Along with this one, the best macarons I’ve had to date were at Point G in Montreal, and in Vancouver it would be Soirette Macarons & Tea.

Photos from Lady Kookie Biscuiterie.

They also came in these small boxes which made great gifts, so I gifted them to myself. I took them back to the Fairmont Le Château Frontenac, where I had the pleasure of staying, and I had them as my…

… bedtime snack.

What’s your favourite cookie?

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  • Linda says:

    white chocolate macadamia is definitely my favorite.. i’m not really a fan of chocolate chocolate but give me white chocolate anyday! 🙂

    looking at all these amazing treats makes me want to fly there just to get them… i wonder how much it’ll be to ship? i tried looking through the site but its all in french! do you know anywhere in vancouver that sells similar cookies? i’m not sure anything is coming up in my head lol

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