365 Days of Dining in Richmond, BC – Vote Mijune Pak of Follow Me Foodie ONCE A DAY until May 1st!

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Richmond’s 365 Days of Dining Campaign!

Please vote Mijune Pak of Follow Me Foodie ONCE A DAY until May 1st!

Alright guys! My oven mitts are off. I did a pathetic “campaign” for votes with this post, and now I’m kicking it to high gear. The competitive side of me has come out, but I still want to make this fun! C’mon guys! I got to do what I got to do to get the job done and literally get the job.

The support thus far is overwhelming and incredibly appreciated, but there is still more to be done. Chop chop! Slap chop! I feel like my supporters are trying harder than me, which isn’t fair so I need to try harder… like the lady that works hard for her money!

Simply put, I need your help. That’s it. I’ve written 980+ posts averaging 1500 words every single day for the last 2.5 years. Why? Because I love food that much. It’s more than a passion. This blog is a labour of love.

I am asking you to get everyone in on it! Please kindly ask your friends and family to vote for me in this 365 Days of Dining Campaign. It needs to be a daily routine until May 1. There is no “I” in “TEAM” and right now I need a team. Individually messaging people is not going to work. I need us to collectively work together.

There are 11 appetites I need to beat, and as much as this is friendly competition… we’re all in it to win it. Now come close. Shhh! Don’t share this with my competitors, but here’s my plan of attack.

Plan of Attack:

Short term goal (by Sunday April 29) : Third Place

Long term goal (by Tuesday May 1): First Place

Tweet: Vote for Mijune of @FollowMeFoodie ONCE A DAY until May 1 for @TourismRichmond’s #Richmond365 –> http://bit.ly/I8yWJ1 #TeamMijune

Facebook: Vote for Mijune of Follow Me Foodie ONCE A DAY until May 1 to be the city of Richmond’s food blogger –> http://bit.ly/I8yWJ1 #TeamMijune

This is ambitious, but I can’t say I gave it a full effort until I actually give it a full effort. Now 1, 2, 3 HEAVE! Let’s do this!!

A quick glimpse at what’s going on in the #TeamMijune Twitter world:

@thaaschocolates – Vote for @FollowMeFoodie in 365 Days of Dining Best Blogger Contest – you can vote ONCE A DAY until May 1! http://bit.ly/I8yWJ1

@CoffeeGeek – Mijune @followmefoodie is one of the best food bloggers in BC, and deserves this job – but needs your help! http://bit.ly/I8yWJ1

@bluecanoeresto – placed my vote today….she is local…honest.. passionate… name starts with an M, ends with ijune. Good luck http://bit.ly/I8yWJ1 #richmond365

@matthewcarberry – I’m not even Canadian, but I’m still voting for @followmefoodie for favorite food blogger.

@mini604 – Mijune @followmefoodie is one of the most dedicated food bloggers in #Vancouver. Vote for her here: http://bit.ly/I8yWJ1 #Richmond365

@lizceee – #FF to @followmefoodie who is seriously top notch food blogger AND super nice, in the running for #Richmond365 but #nothingcompares.

@Sales_Wright – Just placed my vote for #Richmond365 blogger. Kind of went without saying = @followmefoodie http://facebook.com/RichmondBC#TeamMijune

@youna__c – @followmefoodie congrats for making Top 12!! Ur one of my top food blogger lady crushes :DD #Richmond365

@PirateMeghan – Although I like the other blogs, still gotta vote for my fav foodie @followmefoodie for #Richmond365 http://bit.ly/I8yWJ1 #TeamMijune

@gastrofork – @followmefoodie congratulations on becoming a finalist for#Richmond365!! I couldnt think of anyone better suited for the position!!

@CityFood_mag – Good candidates, but I know that @followmefoodie will bring absolute integrity and her fierce palate to the job. And did I mention her two hollow legs?



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