5 Lucky Foods to Eat on Friday the 13th!

5 Lucky Foods to Eat on Friday the 13th!

“Black cats and voodoo dolls”… I bet you’ll be singing that for at least the next 15 minutes and driving the people around you crazy. I’m not really superstitious, but I can’t deny the day. Well I could because I’ve never written a post like this before, with the exception of my Chinese New Year post featuring “good fortune” foods – see here. Anyway it’s Friday the 13th and since I don’t encourage throwing salt (it’s such a waste) I’d rather turn your luck around by pointing out 5 lucky foods to eat.

The list doesn’t apply to the date specifically and they are considered good luck in general and especially during the New Year. This post is just for fun and if my suggestions don’t affect your luck then go back to throwing salt… or a party! Those benefit everyone. Personally I’m using the day as an excuse to go hunt for all 5 items and that’s always fun too.

1. Noodles

Many Asian cultures believe that noodles represent long life. They’re not meant to be cut or bitten half way, so make sure you slurp them in one go… hopefully you don’t choke, or that really defeats the purpose. The one above is the Bamboo-Charcoal Dark Miso Ramen from Motomachi Shokudo. It just happens to be black which I think is quite suitable for Friday the 13th. This is how it’s served everyday and it’s their signature ramen that I haven’t come across anywhere else in Vancouver yet. The broth is made with bamboo-charcoal powder and miso paste and although it might look unusual, it tastes great. The bamboo-charcoal powder is very healthy and it doesn’t taste burnt, bitter, or even very smoky. For more details see my post here.

2. Grapes

Spanish and Portuguese cultures share a tradition on New Years which is to eat 12 grapes at the stroke of midnight. One grape is eaten per chime which actually happens pretty quickly. So go eat some grapes… or drink some wine. It’s Friday… go drink some wine. The photo above is the House Special Assorted Sorbet I had at Raincity Grill. It was a seasonal dessert which showcased the Coronation grape and Ortega grape. For more details see my post here.

3. Pig

It’s one of my favourite animals… to eat. Really. If it’s chicken, pork, or beef I’m going to go for the oinker because it just carries so much flavour and is so versatile. The whole beast is edible and delicious and if I’m having any of the three animals head to tail, I would take the pig. I’m not keen on chicken feet or cowfoot which I’ve had here, but pig trotters… well now, that’s a different story. To see my head to tail whole hog dinner see here, and the above photo is the pulled pork chili or the Chain Gang Chili at Be’wiched Cafe. If you’re not too keen on the whole hog theme, then use the day as an excuse to eat bacon. Exactly. No excuse required.

I totally forgot to mention why it’s a lucky food though! I got too excited about the topic. The pig is lucky in many European and Asian cultures and it symbolizes wealth and prosperity. The fattiness of the pig is symbolic for bulking up the wallet and also being able to eat well. Ancient Chinese culture used to believe that “plumpness” was a sign of being able to eat and wealth (yes, contrary to what some may believe, Chinese people aren’t all skinny). Nowadays it’s pretty much the reverse in North American culture.

4. Lentils

This is for the vegetarians, even though my photo has a delicious duck confit on it. Lentils are round, and round foods are symbolic for coins which represents again wealth and prosperity. It’s an Italian tradition, but the photo above is from a French bistro. It’s the Canard Confit with crispy duck leg confit, du puy lentils, green beans and grain mustard jus from Les Faux Bourgeois. The lentils are secondary, but if you’re looking for a vegetarian dish there is also the Saag-Paneer with Punjabi Daal (Lentils) and Chapati at Vij’s. Lentils are very common in Indian cuisine and they’re also very good for you and help in digestion. Hawksworth once made a nice Confit Pork Shoulder with braised lentils, apple and walnut, but again the lentils were a bit secondary.

5. Black Eyed Peas

The hip hop group won’t bring you luck, but these will! Actually, I have no idea, but they are considered lucky in Jewish tradition. It’s another round food and if you want to be baller like the band (or Jewish people), then go invest in a bowl of these inexpensive beans. Outside of barbeque places, they are not as popular in Vancouver as they are in the South, so here’s an easy 3 ingredient and 4 step recipe to help you complete your Friday the 13th food experience.

Crunchy Black Eyed Peas Recipe


  • 1 cup of cooked and drained black eyed peas
  • Sea to Sky Garlic Rosemary Salt or Bacon Sea Salt to taste
  • 1 ½ tbsp olive oil


1. Preheat oven to 375°.

2. Boil dried black eyed peas in water for 15-20 minutes or until soft, but not mushy.

3. Toss peas in olive oil until coated and spread evenly on a sheet pan in a single layer.

4. Bake for 40 minutes or until crunchy and browned. Toss with finishing salt.

Note: You can substitute the salt for any seasoning of your choice. I went with the Sea to Sky Garlic Rosemary Sea Salt because I happened to have it in my gourmet foods box I was sent last month from Gourmet Foods Vancouver. It’s a new company that delivers a “gourmet-in-a-box” experience right to you door with locally produced foods and products. For more details you can check them out here!


  • LotusRapper says:

    Gee I didn’t even realize it’s Fri/13th today ! (I’m not superstitious). But Mijune you think maybe I should head down to Cartems and grab myself a maple bacon donut (has pork in it) just in case ???

  • Jayda Home says:

    I didn’t realize either. Darn! I’m not superstitious either (well….. maybe a little)….. but I like LR’s idea of grabbing a maple bacon donut at Cartems…… I’ll take any excuse!

  • Mijune says:

    @LR – lol I haven’t been to Cartems yet, but I’ve heard good things! I’m not keen on lining up for a donut, but if it’s less than 5-10 minutes I’m curious too!

    @Jayda – I’m with you!! I’m not… but when I know that it is “Friday 13th” I get a little cautious.. just a bit 😉

  • LotusRapper says:

    @Mijune – the two times I was there (weekday mid-morning) there were NO lineups 🙂 Maple bacon sells out before end of day, so if you want to get a taste of that you’d need to arrive earlier than later 😀

  • Linda says:

    there’s two locations for cartems donuts – the gastown location and also at their commissary kitchen on commercial and hastings where the woodland smokehouse is 🙂

    mmmm so what you’re saying is that if i make a meal of noodles with pork with a side of lentils and black eyed peas and then finish it off with grapes that i’ll be super duper lucky?! 🙂

  • LotusRapper says:

    @Linda – exactly. And right after that, can you buy me some lottery tickets ? 🙂

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