Scotch Eggs Recipe from Belcour Blue Mountain Preserves (Jamaica)

Follow Me Foodie to Belcour Blue Mountain Preserves in Jamaica

Oh! Watch your head!

And don’t get too close to the bees! They have 75 bee colonies here!

And definitely keep your distance from these. Scotch Bonnet Peppers… they taste great, but they hurt way more than a bee sting if you eat the whole pepper and its seeds. Trust me, I’ve experienced it by accident and it’s almost hospital pain.

But this! This is what I came for. This is what I came to see.

Imagine this being your backyard. And that… that is Robin and this is her backyard. And everything else I showed you is also her backyard. This lush jungle or captivating rainforest is called “Belcour” which is French for “beautiful heart” or “Beautiful court” and it’s tucked away in Jamaica’s Blue Mountains.

It’s an escape back to Follow Me Foodie in Jamaica and this experience is still a vivid memory. I was invited for lunch and a private tour of Robin’s home business, which is literally her home and business. It was a culinary taste of Jamaica at the very source. Having the opportunity to meet some of their local farmers and growers like Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, father and daughter owned and operated Europe in the Summer Cafe, and now Belcour Blue Mountain Preserves was rewarding to say the very least.

Belcour Blue Mountain Preserves is a husband and wife operation specializing in hand crafted Jamaican preserves, hot sauces and condiments. Almost all the ingredients besides the salt and pepper are grown in their backyard and I was honoured to be invited for lunch for a sample.

Robin graciously cooked and prepared a lovely Jamaican spread to showcase her house made sauces which included Guava preserves, Sorrel Chutney, Honey Jerk Hot Sauce, and Blue Mountain Honey just to name a few.

Although everything was delightful I must highlight at least one thing you could attempt at making at home. Even though it’s a British pub food, I decided to go with the Scotch Egg because the ingredients are easily available and it featured two of my favourite Belcour Preserves sauces – the Honey Mustard Pepper Sauce and the Honey Jerk Hot Sauce. The honey and scotch bonnet peppers used to make the sauces are produced and grown in her backyard (shown above).

Jamaican Scotch Eggs Recipe

Recipe courtesy of Belcour Preserves.


  • 12 hard boiled eggs, peeled
  • 3 lbs Jerk (pork) sausage or Polish turkey sausages for something healthier
  • 3 beaten eggs
  • 2 cups Panko breadcrumbs
  • **1 cup all purpose flour
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Oil for deep frying
  • Belcour Honey Mustard Pepper Sauce or Honey Jerk Hot Sauce


1. Hard boil the eggs and peel them.

2. Remove the skin off a few large sausages and mash them. Add salt and pepper or additional seasonings of your choice at this point if you wish. The more gourmet the sausage the better, in which case limit the seasoning.

3. Beat 3 eggs in a separate bowl.

4. Put Panko bread crumbs in one bowl and flour in another bowl.

5. Cover the hard boiled egg with sausage mixture. If it is giving you trouble add a little of the beaten raw egg mix to the meat. It takes a little patience and practice, but try to completely coat the boiled egg with the sausage mixture.

**You may dust the boiled egg lightly first with the flour, but you can omit this step if you can get the sausage meat to stick without it.

6. Dip the coated sausage egg in the beaten raw egg mixture and then roll it in panko until fully covered. Shake off the excess panko crumbs.

7.  In a large saucepan or deep fryer heat the oil about one inch deep and then fry the breaded eggs turning them once or twice until they are golden brown.

8. Place Scotch Eggs on paper towels to drain off excess oil. You can put them in the fridge and reheat them before serving if you’re making them ahead.

9. Slice the eggs in half and serve on a platter with a sprinkle of Belcour Honey Mustard Pepper Sauce or Belcour Honey Jerk Hot Sauce.

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  • Linda says:

    mmm this recipe looks delish! do you know if there are any locations in vancouver that make good scotch eggs?

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