Thank you for voting for me in the 365 Day of Dining Campaign!

Food makes me too happy to be sad and there’s so much more to explore!

Thank you for voting for me in the 365 Days of Dining Campaign!

The race is over, but the journey isn’t. Passions don’t die that easily or ever, so if it wasn’t this then it’ll be something else! Don’t be sad because I’m not sad. We gave it a solid effort and ran a good race, so no regrets. A congratulations and best of luck to Kelly, Melanie and Lindsay for making it to the final 3 in Tourism Richmond’s 365 Days of Dining Campaign. It was still an honour to be part of the top 12 bloggers and in the end someone had to go. So Que Sera Sera! Whatever will be will be.

Now for you. Oh gosh. I don’t even know where or how to start. I cannot thank you enough for your efforts in helping me throughout this campaign. I’m touched by your comments, words of encouragement and overwhelming support, and I wish I could just thank you each individually. If you leave me a comment or send me an e-mail I will! I feel nothing but lucky, overjoyed and honoured.

My sincerest thank you to everyone who voted, retweeted, reposted, scheduled tweets, changed their profile pics, approached random strangers, spammed their friends and family and even opened a Facebook account for me just so that they could vote. Uncle Tom, Uncle Tommy, loyal Follow Me Foodie commenter Bow… I’m talking to you guys about that last one. I hope you’ve at least reconnected with old friends.

On that note, thank goodness the voting is over! I forgot what it means to sleep (although I don’t really do much of that anyway). I seriously felt so bad for spamming all of you, but that “guilt” melted away quickly when I saw all of your efforts in voting and campaigning on my behalf. It was more embarrassing to sit back and watch others do my work! Shamelessly promoting people to vote for me was only uncomfortable in the beginning, and then it was just funny… maybe more for me than you. I honestly had fun. Thank you for being so understanding and patient and not unfollowing me on Twitter or defriending me on Faceboook. Or if you have, then I wouldn’t know until I try to message you anyway. Be prepared for that awkward moment.

So what else do we have to look forward to? Lots! As long as there’s food there will be something to eat, learn, discover and share. I mentioned yesterday that I was invited to join the BC Chefs’ Association’s Board of Directors (see my post here), so you can look forward to some public food events and reports back on culinary competitions.

I will also be heading to… get ready for this… New Orleans at the end of May (#FMFinNOLA)! So get ready to explore a food Mecca through the eyes and story of Follow Me Foodie. From Crawfish Étouffée to gumbo, po’ boys, Bananas Foster, beignets and more… seriously if you’re not drooling yet, then just wait until you see my report back! The city houses some of the best chefs in North America and I can’t wait to visit these culinary leaders. I’m planning to learn about the food, culture, history… and of course destroy the menus in that city. The dining scene there is incredibly inspiring and creative and I’ve been researching for months on their food scene. Although this 365 days campaign would have been exciting, what lies ahead will be too!

I couldn’t ask for better friends, family, and “internet friends”… (as I push up my taped together glasses). My heartfelt gratitude goes out to all of you… and that’s not only during this campaign, but just in general. Without your readership I wouldn’t have even made top 12! Out of 1500 from almost 30 countries baby! The doors are open and the air is fresh… so breathe in… and wait! Do I smell cookies?! Back to business tomorrow!

xoxo Mijune of Follow Me Foodie


  • LotusRapper says:

    I’m really really bummed out you didn’t clinch the Top 3. We demand a recount !!! 😉 It would have been great to see 365 Richmond through your lens (taped or not). But alas, our congratulations to the Top 3 winners for now, and may the best candidate amongst them win.

    In the meantime you will enjoy your new and exciting journey as board member for BCCA, so that’s another venue where they (and the general public) will benefit from your expertise and inputs !

    NOLA ….. oh man. You by any chance need a caddy guy to help you with your luggage etc ? 😉

  • Crispy Lechon says:

    I still think you are the best candidate for the job. Anyway, with all your food activities in and out of town it may be difficult for you to commit full time to the Richmond365 job, so I guess its not really a big loss. But we all tried..

  • Crystal says:

    Proud of you.

  • Bon says:

    Muah!!! My mouth is watering as I’m reading this post. Can’t wait for your New Orleans finds!!

  • Erin Schulte says:

    No Regrets! This simply allows bigger and better opportunities to come your way.

    Thank you for inspiring and encouraging me with your work each day! I appreciate it more than you know. It is just a matter of time before the biggest door opens for you! And I honestly hope that it is on THE FOOD CHANNEL! Would love to see you on TV regularly! Sending you tons of positive thoughts!


  • LotusRapper says:

    Hey Crispy – check your emails ……

  • kimberlySKOW says:

    I really thought you would make it to the top 3, at least as one of the judges’ pick, had we not voted enough. Your writing and restaurant review style seemed better suited for what they’re looking for (or so I thought). Oh well, their loss! Congrats to the top 3.

    Onward and upwards! Cheers!

  • Putri says:

    I was really bummed that you didn’t make it to the top 3 as well. I was really looking forward to discovering 365 new-to-me places to eat in Richmond! Oh well. Can’t wait to read about New Orleans 🙂

  • Peter says:

    No lie, I thought you were the only legit food blogger in vancouver.. i heard there’s a lot of minor ones, but you’re in the major leagues.. I mean, how many other food bloggers made a “Shit Foodies Say” video and had it promoted via newspapers across Canada?

    I too look forward to seeing your posts about New Orleans.. specifically about any gumbo places.. (me love gumbo)

    btw.. Do you watch Top Chef Canada? I think you’d make a better judge/host than the one they have now.. 😉

  • Mijune says:

    @LotusRapper – lol you’re so supportive!! It will certainly be interesting sitting on this new board and I hope I can live up to your word and their words! Although it’s not a “job job”, it will be a commitment. I look forward to meeting you in person at one of the event!! Oh and you are no caddy, you are a friend!! (even know we’ve never met, but I feel like I know you after all these years) 🙂

    @Crispy Lechon – thank you SO much for trying!! On twitter, on this blog, seriously CL, you helped me a lot. You are another “friend” I have not met, but hope to at some point! 🙂

    @Crystal – aw thanks!!

    @Bon – thank you!! I am excited about NOLA!!!

    @Erin Schulte – wow!! What a rewarding comment to receive. I am honoured by your thoughts and hope that I can live up to the standard you have set for me!! i will keep searching for these doors. I’ll try hard! 🙂 xo

    @kimberlySKOW – thanks dear!! When all is said and done, I just wasn’t the fit for the campaign. But yes! onto other things because life goes on and there’s much eating to be done! Very sweet of you to leave a comment 🙂 xo

    @Putri – no worries! I will still be eating through Richmond and other cities as well!! Technically I’ve eaten through almost 1000 places on this blog… so if it’s not Richmond it will be all over! 🙂 I will report back on New Orleans and give you more things to look forward to! I promise! 🙂

    @Peter – *blush* *blush* *blush* wow what a comment!!! Far too kind!! Very sweet of you. I guess it wasn’t my time yet for this campaign, but I will try hard in other areas and when it happens it will happen. Or I hope lol. Until then, I’ll keep working harder and learning more. Thank you so much for being so supporting throughout this entire campaign and voting for me. I am so lucky to have readers like you and I look forward to our journey ahead… you guys make this blog what it is.

  • LotusRapper says:

    I think Guy Fieri (Triple D) raved about Parasol’s in N’Awlins.

    Yup ……

  • G says:

    I know this is awhile back already but just wanted to say, “They should have gone with you. ”

    I’ve read the blog of the winner for 365 days of dining and it is a very disappointing failed attempt at food reviews. I was expecting a food blog not a personal blog…it sort of turned out to be a personal interests/family & friends reunion blog.

    Your posts are always very thorough and detailed (with pricing, links, photos), with description thru the various senses of smell, touch, sight and taste and you always try items on the menu worth trying. Every visit to a restaurant is a great show’n tell and that’s how it should be. I see your love of food and your enthusiasm shows. I find the winner at times clueless to her food experience and actually less than prepared…I give her kudos for trying but I just don’t see her passion for food.

    Keep up the great work.

    And….Hopefully my cousin will one day open her restaurant for you to try. She makes an authentic bak kut teh and laksa…we’ve tried all around Vancouver (incl. Banana Leaf & Tropika) and most of them are either Singaporean style or fusioned.

    Btw, there’s also a place called Cafe Zen in Kits. Bennies, worth trying.

  • Mijune says:

    @g – Hi G! I am very humbled by your perspective and support for me and Follow Me Foodie. Thank you so much. I have met Lindsay in person and she is very nice and enthusiastic about food. However we each have our own way of conveying our culinary emotions, so I guess each to their own 🙂 The style of our blogs are very different for sure, but the benefit of having a blog is that we can include our personalities and personal stories. I am very thankful to have your readership and am glad I can give you what you are looking for when it comes to a food blog. If you have any suggestions for me I would love to hear them as well. I will continue to bring you more and learn more 🙂 I am always learning too. And yes! I need to make my way to Cafe Zen! I would love to try your cousin’s Bak Kut Teh too! I have a post on it from Malaysia Thank you again for taking the time to leave me a comment! 🙂

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