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Do you smell that?! No? Not yet? Well of course not because it’s not even time yet! May 18-21 is the first ever BBQ competition at the Cloverdale Rodeo and Country Fair! How exciting is this? If the rodeo wasn’t of interest to you before, then maybe this will change your mind, or at least hit your appetite… unless you’re vegetarian, but in that case you probably wouldn’t be reading this. Anyway, I’m excited! 25 teams featuring barbeque masters from all over North America will be taking part in a battle for the best BBQ. The event is presented by Well Seasoned and the winner will take home The Best BBQ title along with $10, 000 in cash prizes.

The competition begins on Saturday May 19 and it’s kicking off with a pie and chili contest! This is followed by a “Battle Bacon” contest. I’m going to insert the buy tickets link here, because I feel like the mentioning of BACON is all you needed to hear. Similar to Iron Chef, each team will be given 5lbs of BC Bacon to use as they wish. The idea is to showcase bacon as the main ingredient and the biggest challenge is to not eat it all before it has to be served. Teams have one hour before dishes will be submitted to judges… those lucky bastards… I mean judges! 😉

Sunday May 20 will be the big BBQ Competition day! Pork shoulder, beef brisket, chicken and ribs will be featured every hour and each section will be evaluated by judges certified by the Pacific Northwest BBQ Association. Yes, that kind of association does exists! I can only imagine their meatings!  Judges will be evaluating the food based on appearance, texture, taste and flavour. The food is rated on a scale of 1-10 by six different judges. After the teams have submitted their food to the judges, they will pass out samples to the public. Yes! That also means YOU get to try them! So come early and come with an appetite!

Date: May 18-21

Show Times:

Saturday May 19th
1:00 pm – Pie
2:00 pm – Chili
4:00 pm – BATTLE BACON

Sunday May 20th
11:00 am – Pork Shoulder
12:00 pm – Beef Brisket
1:00 pm – Chicken
2:00 pm – Ribs
5:00 pm – Awards

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